Killer Clowns


Killer Clowns need an absolute massive megaton of a cunting. What the fuck is that all about ?

A couple of them have been seen with knives and machetes ffs. A 30 year old was arrested in Norwich although with those inbred retards his mental age must be about 8. Grown men dressing up as clowns, jumping out on people putting the fear of God into them and in one case causing a woman to give birth prematurely. Absolute cunts,cunts,cunts.

Just hope one of them jumps out at me. From that moment he will really know the tears of a clown plus what life is like without teeth or bollocks.

If some inner city yute was out with a knife or machete he would be carted off sharpish. What’s the betting these cunts get off with a slap on the wrist as it’s all just a laugh. Well try laughing with a tube up your nose you fucking wankers.

Symptomatic of morons over here pathetically following crazes from over the pond. Trick or treat! That’s a subject for another cunting at another time I am sure.

Nominated by: Johnson

14 thoughts on “Killer Clowns

  1. My daughter is shit scared of them.
    Even though i told her they’re not real killers, she’s still broken down crying a couple of times.
    I know she should get a grip, but how big do these cunts feel scaring children?
    No matter how much i tell her it’s a joke, she’s been shit scared.
    But she’s getting better coz the info doing the rounds is that the police have caught them all apart from the boss clown.
    Coz that seemed to make her happy, i thought it best i leave the room to piss myself laughing…boss clown…
    Anyway i told her the clowns are a joke and its the Muslims in the street her and her friends should be scared of…….

    Fucking kids…….

  2. I think clown bashing should be the new Olympic sport,points awarded for artistic style and damage,E,G- smash said clown in mouth with a chair leg with nails sticking out and a sideways knee stampand a kick to the nards,i make that 15 points and if the cunt tries to sue that wound the be 20 points…a week of that no more killer clown craze…..stupid cunts get a fucking life

  3. you can hand in red noses to the boss clown beater and get an ice cream for every 5 or a football for a wig and floppy shoes.=,and if you really good a get a wig complete with head still in it you win the game and an exploding car

  4. Another of these pathetic American creations is “The Leavers Prom”
    An excuse for overweight,chavvy mingers to spend their dole money on their equally overweight,chavvy minging offspring. Talk about trying to polish a turd. The programme I saw, one Waynetta Slob had ordered a dress costing hundeds, but it didn’t fit her obese daughter when it was delivered. Hardly surprising it didn’t fit considering that you couldn’t have bent wire to map the porkers contours.
    There they were, beauty treatments,fitted gowns,hooves professionally buffed,hair styled and all to no avail. Still a bunch of fucking swamp monsters.
    The final straw was hiring limos to transport them to the prom….I’d have just herded them straight up the ramp into a cattle wagon.
    Where the money came from was never explained,nobody seemed to have a job.
    However, the biggest sin was leading me to believe that I was going to see a bunch of nubile 18 year old beauties casting off their St Trinians style uniforms,ready to join the real world. No worries on that count,most of them looked like they,d had more pricks than a pin-cushion…far from the innocents my imagination had conjured up. Jail-bait, no….Jail gang bosses more like.

  5. I see the bag snatcher has died in hospital after a citizens arrest,was he dressed as a clown?

  6. Firstly Clowns should be shot on sight. Then shot some more to make bloody sure! Then jumped on and hacked apart with cleaver and chainsaw.
    (It may be that I do not like clowns of any variety)…
    The only good clown is a Dead clown and the only thing better is a dying one who tells you where the nest is.
    I can only conclude that some libtard do-gooder released some into the wild and the vermin have gone feral. Rooting through bins looking for discarded food, custard pies and the like. The little gits have been able to breed once in the wild and nothing short of hunting them to extinction will protect Civilisation.

  7. Dressing up as a clown and scaring people is going out of your way to be a cunt. You deserve what you get the cunts.

  8. John wayne gacy dressed up as a clown,i think the pedaphile community have made it their uniform,they knock a me a fucking sick their cunts total cuntsssss.

  9. I’d honestly think of putting these immature cunts on the sex offenders register, hanging around children are lurking beside schools and following little kids all points to been a paedo in a clown mask or if these cunts are caught you can guarantee the cunt behind the clown mask will be on the dole or recipients of benefits – if this is the case I’d stop their dole money and benefits money.

  10. If I was the mayor these creepy clown fucks wouldn’t be breathing, I’d round up a right wing death sqaud and just start picking off clowns one by one Rodrigo Duterte style. No mercy ya silly juggalo clown cunts lol 🙂

    • Duterte would stand no messing with these cunts he would prob skin them alive and piss all over them and he would prob do it live on tv he would enjoy it as well duterte doesnt fuck around he takes no prisoners the clown fad would be over in less than 24 hrs .

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