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  1. I have less and less faith in humanity everyday cunts like this are the reason, both of these incestual retards look really butch too. Seems the mother is more guilty in this case but where do you even start?wow and her “supposed” daughter looks like fucking bart simpson! Yikes

    • Hold on, just to complete the picture here the mother had already been married to her son.

      This family is reversing evolution one family member at a time.

  2. Incest is common practice amongst the peace lovers along with paedophilia, bigamy, beastiality and fgm.

  3. I’d defy any one to commit incest if they had a sister like mine. Fucking horrible cow, I haven’t spoken to her for 20 odd years,never mind fuck her.

  4. Who are these cunts,tried to google them but no luck,i assum they have some sort of super power…….super cunts is it me or do they look like pikeys

    • I found them very boring, but they ate available to download on the old and young section of some channels.


  5. This will be the norm in ten years , this and many other deviant endeavors. Seriously , it will all fall under sexual fluidity where everything even fucking inanimate objects will become a sexual preference. (Tree fuckers pride marches through the forests) consider myself a bit of a perv ,but thats just wrong , realy realy wrong….

    • I wonder , what’s with the matching Superman shirts. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope just two super mega ugly deviant cunts….still got to laugh though…

  6. Believe it or not, there is a bright to this. While they’re busy tipping each other’s velvet, nobody else will have to face the trauma of having to fuck them. So they are at least saving those who are NOT blood relatives from possible PTSD.

  7. Well I’d shag the daughter and let the mother watch, but that’s as far as I’d go. If the mother started on the daughter, I’d be off sharpish.

  8. The 23rd of September is Bisexual Visibility Day. To quote them they “feel left out of the media, erased from historical narratives and excluded from LGBTQIA events (whatever that means).
    Back in the day you were either hetrosexual or poof/lezza. Now we have a sorts of of transgenders, Bisexuals and various other poofs and benders fighting each other for recognition , media space and financial support
    It’s getting a bit confusing for an old cunt like me – do you think we could have a national hetrosexual pride day.

    • I don’t see why the cunts have to display their ‘sexuality’ (some might say perversions) or how they get away with it… These freaks can shout about being doughnut punchers, bulldykes or ‘sexual fluidity do anything to anything’ cunts… But if I walked around with a placard that said ‘I Like Tits!’ on it there would be hell to pay and the offence police and feminazi would be out in force… Fucking double standards or what…. Nowt wrong with tits…

    • Great idea. In the end of the day these people are just perverts, no more and no less. Nothing wrong with being a pervert, but it isn’t something you should be proud of either and certainly nothing you should base your entire life on.

  9. What also bends my head is why do a lot of poove writers and directors have to put poovery in every piece of work they do? Like that Russell . T. Davies cunt… In Doctor Who he had that turd burglar, John Barrowman as a character who would fuck absolutely anything (except possibly a Dalek), pulled a gun out of his arse and made ‘nudge wink’ remarks to The Doc every five minutes…Same goes for Moffatt and that Sherlock shite… The modern Moriarty has to be an Irish pillowbiter, who makes ‘Hide the sausage’ remarks to Benedict Cuntberbatch’s Holmes at every opportunity… I mean, not every straight writer puts remarks about women and fucking in everything they put out, do they?….

  10. Ntokozo Qwabe, the nasty little cunt who caused a commotion a few months ago, by starting a protest at Oriel College demanding the removal of a statue of Cecil Rhodes. And again a few months later, when he refused to tip a waitress in a South African restaurant because she was white. My contempt for this distasteful little wanker is such that I cut and pasted his name from the DM article, rather than remember it, or write it down.

    Anyway, little Ntokozo has been at it again. This time, he led a protest at Cape Town University. It doesn’t say what the protest was about, probably the lack of black milk in the Uni’s cafeteria. He and his arsehole followers disrupted a law lecture and, when filmed on a camera phone by a white student, was seen to knock the phone from the student’s hand with a stick. Now I’m not a hard man, but if he’d done that to me, he’d be needing the services of the world’s finest neurologist. And a proctologist to retrieve the stick. He accused his victim of being guilty of “white apartheid colonial entitlement”.

    This little shit needs to be reigned in, right now. He’s not simply racist, his hatred of whites WILL one day see this pile of festering donkey bollocks go on to kill a white person. Or at the very least, inspire some brain dead cretin to kill a white person. His hypocrisy is fucking unbelievable. He doesn’t need a beating, he needs a bullet to the head, before someone innocent dies.

    • If the racist anti white cunt tries to come back into the UK he should be refused entry and told to fuck off. However we all know that will never happen

      • He’d need to find a white pilot to fly him,in fact scrub that, wasn’t it whitey who invented aviation? Just try ridding your world of the white man , there will be nothing left for you to do other than jumping up an down with a spear you little cunt of a mudflap . ever seen the African cunts who colour themselves in red shit? Even they don’t want to be black…..

    • And you wonder why white South Africans are armed to the teeth and have a shoot first ask questions later attitude? When you are surounded by dirty sambo cunts like him you had better be sure you know the business end of a gun.

      • It gets better and better. black Africans are moaning about Ghandi and demanding his statues be removed. (Apparently he is a racist as Rhodes. Go figure). God knows why with all the crap about “cultural appropriation” they keep moaning about. Culture? the only culture these pathetic pillocks have ever encountered was in a Yoghurt.
        I too am waiting for the day (oh so ruddy much) when somebody finally fills the cunt in and hope it gets to YouTube for a well deserved international cunting

    • All this at no expense to himself the little cunt.
      As I recall he was a Rhodes scholar then started complaining about the very man who enabled him to be where he was. Fucking ingrate.
      Without Rhodes and people like him this spiteful piece of shit would be shoe shining and then robbing people in his spare time.
      He bangs on about racism little understanding he is a massive racist himself. Like all of his ilk the white man is to blame for everything, never did anything good or helpful and oppresses the black race. Dianne Abbott springs to mind.
      The bloke is a cunt and the bullet referred to by Norman is well overdue.

      • A former colleagues husband joined plod many years ago. Anyway on one of the interminable sessions they had on ethnic matters they were told that only white people can be racist. He told the “trainer” this was bollocks as did others apparently.
        This was 30 years ago. Absolute bollocks then as it is now.

      • You’re right, he was on a scholarship. He justified his hypocrisy by claiming he was simply using money that had been stolen from his ancestors. Nobody thought to ask him to provide proof that Rhodes had stolen anything from his ancestors.

  11. I wanna nominate Alan Johnson. If we are being charitable he would be called “mediocrity” and If honest a “useless sack of shit”. This useless ex-postsorter, who left school with no qualifications, said recently he would fight a ” relentless campaign year after year to undermine Corbin’s leadership”. What planet does this count live on? Now Corbin’s is admittedly beyond useless, but not a cunt of cunt like Tony Blair, that Johnson represents. Johnson, like the rest of the Blair it cunts ,living in a 6 figure salary from our tax simply can’t believe the white working class despises Blair and New Labour as ponces that let in half of eastern Europe and countless Islamic wogs whilst crawling up the Yank’s arsehole to get in every war. If Corbin’s had any backbone he would sack this tosser immediately.

  12. Turns out the bitch has also married her son. He got the marriage annulled after two years citing incest as the reason. Two fucking years it took the dirty bastard to realise it was incest. Some people are made for each other.

    • Fuck me (no not you or your daughter you perverted old cunt) the whole family really do deserve each other.
      What was the husband up to or are they the same people.
      Cunts the lot of em.

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