Jared Leto


Jared Leto is a cunt…

Most definitely the crappest Joker ever.. None of Cesar Romero’s flair and enthusiasm, none of Jack Nicholson’s talent, and none of Heath Ledger’s menace… Leto really is a shite Clown Prince Of Crime….

The rest of Suicide Squad is bollocks too… Deadshot is black (that Will Smith cunt, when Deadshot is white int the storied), that silly cow, Margot Robbie, acting (badly) like she’s in a Carry On film, and that talentless Delevigne slag, just being irritating as usual…

These DC films have really been shite…

Nominated by: Norman

26 thoughts on “Jared Leto

  1. That should say ‘Deadshot is white in the stories’… I probably typed it wrong (like a cunt!)…
    Leto is a cunt, and is more like a shite Marilyn Manson (who is shite anyway) than the Caped Crusader’s number one foe…. They should do a movie of ‘A Death In The Family’ (Batman 426-429), where Joker beats the fuck out of Robin with a crowbar and then blows the little fucker to smithereens with TNT…


  2. I’ve always thought DC was crap compaired to Marvel and it shows in the films. However I must say I’m becoming quite bored of both. And don’t they take themselves so fucking seriously? All dark and gritty. And long, very very very long. Fuck off you cunts! Comics are for kids, probably not particularly bright kids at that and films based on comics are no better. All action CGI wank fests have their place but it seems like that is all you get these days. How about the odd film for adults now and again?

    • Loved the Batman TV series when I was a lad… Meredith and Gorshin were the stars as Penguin and Riddler… Richard Donner’s Superman filims (with Gene Hackman and Terence Stamp) were good, but the RichardLester/Richard Pryor one was crap… And as for that new Superman/Batman shite? That stick insect as Wonder Woman? Once you’ve seen Lynda Carter, nothing else will do…

      I’d like a Marvel film where Black Widow gets her suit disintegrated by a ray-gun… Just the ticket, old boy…

      • I remember being really young sat in front of the telly and getting a strange sensation when i saw Lynda carter. mmmm…..

      • I recall my (then) six year old sister watching Wonder Woman, and saying, ‘Daddy, she’s trying to stop that tank!”
        To which, my dad replied,’She’ll bloody stop anything dressed like that!’ The dirty look my mum gave him was prieceless….

    • Both the DC and Marvel movies are simply just a cunting advert for the next movie which in turn is an advert for the next on and so fucking on.

  3. Have you ever seen the cunt in his “music” videos? Fancies himself as a bit of a rock star. Him ,his brother and the other moody cunts all mascara and lippy. Its funny when all these cunts play the rock star but just sing soppy love songs with a guitar riff…

  4. And where the fucking hell is that Lyse Doucet off bbc news supposed to come from? What is that fucking accent supposed to be? Anoying as fuck. Cunt.

  5. Detective Comics had a great run in the late 80s, with Judge Dredd writers, Grant and Wagner, writing the Batman stories and Norm Breyfogle doing the artwork… DC has been a load of wank for some time now though, and that ‘Gotham’ TV series is a steaming turd…..

    Naturally, the best ever Batman book was done by two Brits: Alan Moore and Brian Bolland’s epic ‘The Killing Joke…’

    Frank Miller, my arse…

  6. I would like to nominate “Historic England” (which is a government service “championing England’s heritage”) for a thorough cunting.

    Today “Historic England” have decided to celebrate ‘Queer History’ landmarks such that “England’s LGBTQ history is recorded and celebrated.”

    Fuck’s sake, it’s bad enough having the current crop of these sausage hiders and clam lickers shoving it in your face on every fucking meejah outlet possible without having to be bombarded with historical “alternative lifestyle” cunts!

    Look I have no issue with what floats anyone’s boat BUT…why the fuck does this warrant any kind of special attention? Just another excuse to piss away more UK tax dollars on pointless shite!

    Oh, and as you would expect, Auntie Beeb was all over this fucking story both on R5L (had its own 20min slot just before the 12 o’clock news) and was the top story on the UK main page of their website. Funnily enough no mention of the BLM violent riots (cos that’s what they are) in North Carolina anywhere.

    The BBC are utter cunts and are long overdue a serious cunting! Cunts!

    • …. and the headline story on BBC Radio 2 yesterday, was it … Syrian war, Calais migrants protesting riots, American elections, Labour leadership, UK politics, Black riots in Carolina…. No, …. it was Mary fucking Berry is sticking with BBC and not following The great British Cunt Off to Channel 4….. They obviously feel they’ve got one over on Channel 4 for the moment and have probably offered her a fuck off dirty back hander to stay, and the promise of a rival series …. which is fine until the Beeb will be obliged to release her salary, and then we’ll see how much of a Cunt they’re making of the Licence fee payers.

    • The BBC is full of these “alternative lifestyle” cunts so no surprise they keep shoving this pervery in our faces.
      Why do they feel the need to shout it from the rooftops. Don’t hear much news about white heterosexual married couples do you ? or a tv series about them. No, you keep wasting money on this poofs propaganda. You useless, wasteful bunch of cunts.

  7. I think the clamour for the recognition and advancement of gender fluidity ,(I think that’s what it’s called) will suddenly fizzle out when the followers of the religion of peace eventually take over

    • Actually most of the snackbarista secret love it up the Scott Ritter. As any blonde white guy who’s been to a Muslim country will tell you.

    • But wasn’t the Prophet Mohammed a child rapist? Don’t think he cared. Male or female,young or even pre-pubescent,he’d pork them. Inshallah.
      My true name is Jamie Oliver,I’m a well know chef. Track me down and feel free to stalk me and visit allahs’wrath upon my kaffir,mongy head.

  8. Samantha Power is a cunt. This rat faced pikey from is actually from O’iland , but represents the US at the UN. She constantly moans about the Russian wiping out the snackbar cockroaches. We all know that the US secretly supports the snackbar headchoppers and she’s fooling fooling no one. Maybe this old hag (protégée if the arch cunt and ugly evl old witch Madeleine Albright) could do us a favour and wear a burka so we don’t have to look at that knacker face any more. The white working class fully support Russian and Assad wiping out the the snaxkbar is filth . Btw the Russian foreign mister spokeswoman is a red hot vixen and recently challenged Power to answer some questions

    • I had to laugh at that Easter Island looking cunt John Kerry the other day. Fuck off you lying sack of shit. Do you really think we forgot what you yankee yehaw top Gun retards did on Saturday ?

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