Rihanna [3]


I see Rihanna has just been awarded a lifetime achievement award at some fucking music awards or other.

I mean come on, she’s 28 for fucks sake. She deserves a lifetime achievement award, as much as I deserve a fucking peerage.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

45 thoughts on “Rihanna [3]

  1. The most miserable looking bitch ever .. All that money ,fame and adulation from her fellow cocksuckers and teeny fans, and not one smile ,ever….still ride it though….wearing a few condoms mind.

  2. “I see Rihanna has just been awarded a lifetime achievement award at some fucking music awards or other.”

    Yeah, it was the MOCO Awards (Music of Cunt Origin).

  3. I couldn’t give a fuck that she can’t actually sing. I’d give my left nut for a crack at that.

    • But she’d still be making that stupid sappy sad face at you, Is it still worth it mate? I suppose you could pull a chris brown and pop her one or a few gentle slaps at least.

      Whats really sick is after he KO’d her the crazy bitch still wanted to stay with him. It was only after her gold digging friends and family told her that she could drag his arse through court for a big fat check did it finally occur to her to dump him and the media attention too of course, might as well milk it

  4. Another cunt who doesn’t want to be seen as “just another sex object” and yet in videos and on stage shows off more of her ample ass than most of the Sky 900’s channels.

    One live gig she did she was wearing a set of hot pants so tight you could read the lips, both sets of them, and both like a pound of split liver!

    If she feels that strongly about being treated as “just another sex object” then maybe she should wear a “peaceful” pepper pot outfit, then her and Kanye West could job share. I mean with that gear on who the fuck could tell the difference!

  5. Lifetime achievement aged 28 what shite.
    My missus has big knickers she wears when she’s on, that are older than this cunt…
    Rihanna’s face does remind me of the gusset tho…

  6. I’m with Dick on this but draw the line at losing any gonads to date Rihanna or indeed any other fit female celebrities like Jennifer Aniston or Kate Beckinsale or…
    Hold on a minute, do I really need two testicles?

    • Losing ya bollocks adds around 12 years to your lifespan, I believe the exception to this rule is if you lose them in a fatal accident.

  7. Is fuck the arse off the lot of them.
    Pixie Lott, she’s another one who needs educating in the ways of righteousness.
    As long as she wore her heels.

  8. Rihanna is a fully paid up music business whore who fronts musical output written and performed by record company old men in suits. She would flash her beef curtains if required to and I fully expect her to do so when he career starts to flag.

  9. Please may I double cunt guy vaersterhopen or whatever his cunting name is, along with Martin Schultz, who are two of the multitude of EU presidents.

    I can’t be arsed to write about them because I don’t give a fuck what they have to say. Knowing what they are about, coupled with their eminently punchable faces is all the evidence I need.
    if you post a picture of them then you don’t need words.

    • Martin Schitz has apparently said today (again) that we will have to agree to the free movement of people in order to get into the single market. What part of the referendum result does this cunt not understand.
      Listen you thick, overpaid, unelected piece of shit we don’t want people here unless we say they can come in and as for the single market you need us more than we need you. Now fuck off there’s a good boy and keep your gob shut.
      Looks like any negotiations will be pretty short anyway.

      • Nice Johnson.
        Very well put.
        As mighty nige always said..
        No deal is better than the current one.

      • Well we dont get access to “single market” then.

        Now fuck of back to Merkel and take all your products with you

      • The cop on the door at Downing street should have been instructed to kick that cunt Schulz hard in the balls before arresting him for being a tyrannical little wanker. Fuck the EU.

  10. Slightly of topic it would appear that some of the charity workers at the Calaise jungle have been grassed up for sexually abusing some of the underage ‘children’ and availing themselves of the services of the cut price on-site prostitutes.
    Self righteous altruism is great but not as much fun as throwing a leg across a young soap dodger.

  11. i would like to cunt NUROFEN. How the fuck do they get away with it? they charge upwards of £2.50 a pack. you can buy supermarket brands for about 25p. they are exactly the same ! they have to be by law. also they have started this ‘ targeted pain ‘ bollocks. its nonsense. its just the same stuff in the packets and it doesnt ‘target’ pain arent they breaking some law? don’y buy it!

    • If it says 50mg or 1g paracetamol on the box then that is what you get .used to have this argument with the missus all the time .it wasn’t until a tart at her work told her the same that she stopped buying nurofen…..they do taste good though….

    • All branded drugs which can be bought generically are cunts. Always ask for the drug name and not the brand name because it’s usually much cheaper and does the same job. Worst offenders IMHO are, as well as Nurofen, the makers of Priton and Gaviscon amongst others. Pharmaceutical companies are cunts.

    • The “hard of understanding” will always be soon parted from their money.

      P.S. I’m sure the Aussies had these Nurofen cunts in court recently over that “targeted pain” bullshit. They had Nurofen Backache, Nurofen Period Pain, Nurofen Migraine, etc., except when the Aussie trading standards checked them they were indeed exactly the same tablets.

      O’course the owners tried to weasel out of this misleading packaging by explaining it as helping the (thick cunt) customer decide what type of pain they were currently experiencing. I.e. “Hmmm, now have I got a headache or a bad back? Maybe as a 65yr old male my ‘flow’ is a bit heavy this month?”

      I have no idea how the case went but they no doubt got away with it (following a good greasing of palms) and are now probably selling Nurofen Skippy Elixir of Life. Cunts!

      • Nurofen are good for the earache you get listening to rihanna. Just pop them in each ear hole …there you go ,just brought it back round to the tone deaf,nasal voiced,slutty ,sexy cunt… Bit weak huh?

      • It was Panadol, and they got shafted big time. They had to pay quite a fine to the Aussie equivalent of trading standards. They did, as you say, argue that they were making it clear which parts they could help, but their own adverts shafted them.

      • I prefer ‘Nurofen shitting through the eye of a needle’ or ‘Nurofen your missus has thrush again and your cock is covered in cheese’.

    • Dead right… The Doc refuses to give you any decent painkillers on prescription (even when you’re in sodding agony!) and they think Paracetamol is a solution to everything (when it is crap)… Then its 7 (fucking seven!) quid for a pack of Nurofen Plus, which stop pain but also constipate you to fuck…. Bastarding bollocks…

  12. A cunting for Nestles please (or Nestlé if you want to be poncy about it). Not content with acquiring major British confectionery brands, the fuckers have removed the Toffee Deluxe from what was Mackintosh’s Quality Street. They’ve ignored the old adage “If it ain’t broke, don’t mend it.” Bah fucking humbug. Christmas wrecking, meddling CUNTS!

  13. Gideon Osborne is a patronising cunt .Saying now that he wants the closest possible relationship with the EU post Brexit.He claims that Theresa May should remember that Britain did not vote for a “hard Brexit”.How the fuck does he know the motivation of the electorate when he misjudged us as idiots who would blindly believe his propoganda of financial armagedon which has proved to be complete bollocks.I really wish TM would release a statement saying that if she gave a toss what Gideon thought she wouldnt have sacked him.This cunt talked down the economy so much during the referendum that when the vote came in the economy took a temporary nosedive.Osborne should apply to be a PA to the snarling arrogant cunt Schultz.He would enjoy being his bitch.Say what you like about Cameron at least he is keeping his head low at the moment!

    • Gideon Osborne should shut the fuck up! His opinion on anything these days holds about as much water as a broken colander!

      Gideon you are indeed a cunt. Now fuck off back to the driveling realm of obscurity from whence you came!

      • He don’t half spout some diarrhoea: “hard Brexit”, “soft Brexit.” He’s got a face that screams CUNT! and you don’t even have to listen.

    • The one plus point is that the deluded cunt Osbourne could challenge May. If that happens, well there is a chance for BoJo to run again, and we can bin Calamity May and her Remainiac traitors and start some proper reform of the country.

  14. Pretty mild picture for Rihanna… Considering all the flashing the music industry trollop has got up to…

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