BBC and the Muslims


The BBC are still cunts…

Headline on the news site? ‘Black Lives Matter protests stop cars and trams’

Which is basically a load of student knobheads and right-on cunts disrupting Metrolink services…. These BBC cunts obviously see this as more important than terrorism and murder…

The knife wielding psycho who caused so much damage in Russell Square is now -to the BBC – an official ‘non-story….’ First of all, they wouldn’t say that he was a Muslim Migrant (which he was/is)… Those gutless, bleeding heart cunts at the Beeb referred to the killer as a ‘Norwegian national of Somalian origin… A 19-year-old “Norwegian national of Somali origin?” Oh, you mean a Muslim immigrant? Just say it, you BBC cunts! Then the knife rampage by Somali Muslim in London now downgraded by the BBC to a “street attack”. .

And today there is no mention of the RusselLSquare carnage on the BBC site…

But ‘Black Lives Matter’? That’s different…The BBC should have a banner on their news website that says ‘White Lives Don’t!’ Because their total disregard and covering the facts about Russell Square proves that they don’t give a toss…

And someone should tell these BBC bastards that their precious ‘Black Lives Matter’ mob revel in the deaths of police officers…

Nominated by : Norman

32 thoughts on “BBC and the Muslims

  1. Top cunting, Norm. The depths of the BBC’s anglophobia are quite astounding especially given it is the British tax payer who funds them. Talk about biting the hand that feeds them.

  2. The BBC are swollen with cunts and this is a really good cunting of their skewed sense of priorities and leftie leaning bollocks . It needs a good purging top to bottom because the walking pissflaps that decide what and how news is presented on the national service are so PC and socialist biased that they must be hard put to stand properly.
    We do need to be told who the prissy little skidmarks are that make these decisions and why. Cunts.

    • The so called “talent” on ABBC (Anti British Broadcasting Corporation) are going to have their salaries published. Don’t see why the up their own left wing arses bunch of cunts behind the scenes should not have theirs published as well. I want to see where my tax goes.
      Can we also have (agreeing with Trouserbulges here) a list of people and their jobs but specifically who does make these decisions.
      They should be called to account. These decisions stink and pretty much reflect their own views and not the great unwashed.
      If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck then it’s a duck not a Norwegian national of Somali origin you bunch of cunts.

  3. Muslims and the BBC have a great deal in common.
    Blinkered,anachronistic,history denying, devious,anti-christian,anti-white,deaf to criticism,blinkered,paedophile-ridden and ,of course, distrusted by the majority of people who have to pick up the bill for their unwelcome presence.
    Either come into line with British values or fuck off.

  4. My two sources of “world news”are all Jazeera and BBC radio. I would hate to develop into an ignorant cunt by switching off ,but these two outlets really piss me off. if there is any truths coming from them,i end up missing it because I’m trying to work my way through the utter shite they come out with and decode the truth from the lying /brainwashed cunts….

    • Time for you to try RT
      if the US state dept, killary cunton and HMG hate it it’s got to be doing something right
      a delicious irony the other week when cunty beeb nicked a Going Underground interview with tory MP Crispin Blunt (foreign affairs select committee chairman) but clipped out the RT questioner

      • RT are very good, they rip the yanks to bits. I get most of my news from the internet, such as Breitbart, Spiked and info-wars. There are some good you tube channels too like Rebel Media. The only TV I can get is Sky news who are shocking.

        • My problem with internet news sites is that i don’t know who the owners are and what their agenda is. That’s why we all get pissed of with the BBC cunts. For years the BBC was the envy of the world because of it’s impartiality but now is just a celeb love fest wrapped up in a web of lies…BBC radio 4 are the biggest cunts…

          • There is no such thing as objective news. The BBC should be but we all know they are narative and agenda led. Best take the news from as wide a source as possible, listen to what others have to say and make up your own mind.

  5. Burka wearing Muslim women have now been allowed their own social networking site.

    It’s called……book…

  6. How about Sarah Gayton for a cunting. She is the stupid 41 year old cunt who is marrying a Syrian rapeugee she met in the Calais jungle. Said rapeugee is 17 years her junior and has just been granted a 5 year visa to stay here.
    She is obviously out of the same box as those soppy cunts who go for Thai brides and some Russian slag out of a catalogue. It’s always “the real thing” for about as long as it takes to get wed, obtain a uk passport then tell the soppy cunt to piss off.
    Doesn’t she understand we have enough of these bastards here already without having to legalise them in some sham arrangement.
    Give it a year max and she will be Grizzlies about being used. Daft cunt.

    • What is wrong with these mongs? How many stories in the tabloids about abdul/mishka doing a runner once the visa/passport whatever arrives. “He swore he/she loved me” how many times will our minds be bombarded with that statement from a growing chorus of stupid bloody women/men. Bet the latest cunt has about seven kids and two wives already. Why are all these bastards turning up here anyway? could their time be better spent protecting their womefolk and children?
      Fuck that not when there is the chance of a crack at a visa eh. Rot the fucking lot of them I say and the silly cunts who marry the bastards. I give up I really do; cannot be bothered I am just gonna stand by and watch the shitfest happen. Cunts one and all.

  7. doesn’t that stupid bitch in the picture realise that 99%+ of muslims are killed by other muslims
    what a cunt

  8. I would like to nominate Monarch Airlines for a cunting.

    It was rumoured that Monarch was about to fold but this has been pooh-pooed by Monarch saying they’re fine but have gone through a difficult period in the travel industry due to terrorist attacks, brexit and the plummeting pound.

    I would like to cunt Monarch Airlines, not for being a shite airline – which they are – but because the last two points of their “lack of profits” excuse above are completely untrue and unrelated to their shit business model.

    I will however accept that the number of people travelling may have been affected by terrorist atrocities caused by “peaceful” cunts.

  9. Beeb are a national joke and a disgrace to this country. Undemocratic, biased and totally agenda fuelled. The HQ for all poisonous distorted views and a factory for propaganda to thrive unchallenged.

    Once again it’s brainwashing and every protest these days, cuts straight to these fucking student South Wank Show hipster types, still pissed off over brexit because daddy’s gravy train pass has been devalued and at the heart of the matter, haven’t got a proper clue what they’re actually protesting for. Pack them off to Syria if they’re so passionate about their “cause”. They’d rapidly go off the idea I’d wager.

    Black Lives Matter…but White Lives Clearly Don’t. The hypocrisy from their warped ivory tower camp is unreal. Dressing up in surplus Bulgarian combat gear and disrupting public services when hard working folk are trying to earn a crust and go home whilst they bathe in their own SJW glory isn’t pioneering at all…it’s a cuntish ego trip. Fuck that.

  10. May I humbly suggest we recunt Bradley Wiggins. Turns out the cunt has taken drugs ‘for a medical condition. ‘ The condition is known as ‘pedallus slowus’ and the cunt is protesting like mad about his innocence, despite a doctor saying he has no idea why he took the drug.
    Will the cunt be stripped of his ridiculous knighthood and worse heavily cunted on here together with the cunt who suggested knighting the cunt?
    Plus he looks and talks like a cunt.

    • The worst cheaters in push biking are those cunts you see riding about on motorbikes. Call me old fashioned but that is just not fair. Cunts.

      • You would have to be on drugs to want to ride a bicycle fast, Cars are faster and take much less effort to press the go peddle, and cyclists are gay because they ride round with other lycra clad men in big groups at the weekend. KK that might be a stretch but I fear that wives will be filing for divorce in the near future. Just basing that on the one person I knew that would rather hang out with men than his wife, and he is divorced

        • I’m a cyclist who wears shorts and T-shirt and a windbreaker when it rains. It might sound petty but the thing I love most about cycling apart from being fit is over taking Lycra clad gayzers (MAMIL) and leaving them for dust…check out the prices of the garb they wear…don’t make em go faster

  11. # muslimlivesmatter?

    Don’t be so fucking stupid love. They matter even less to Muslims than they do to us!

    Have you never heard of ‘allah’s will’?

    Soppy cunt.

  12. It gets worse, now the local bbc news are reporting om a scheme in Reading where students who keep turning up late for school are given a bike to ride so they turn up on time, and if they do that for a qualifying period they get to keep the bike. FFS what cunt thought that was a good idea? AKA if you turn up on time, you get fuck all and the retard late comer gets a bike?

    • It’s the same all over. The worse you are the better you get treated. Pop out countless kids and the state will see you ok,house,benefits etc. Work hard and get taxed to fuck and generally get treated like a cunt.
      What does the Reading scheme say to kids ? Be a cunt and get a bike. Why would the majority not start turning up late or not at all. Perhaps constant truancy will earn them a nice all expenses paid holiday.
      One of my pet hates is tardiness and would expect a bollocking if I were late for an appointment not a pat on the back and a present.
      Going to hell in a handcart.

  13. You know I am so happy I don’t follow main stream media.
    The news is “classified” here chew on rumour and speculation.

  14. as a mamil ( work it out ) i must say i am a bit shocked about Wiggins, i’d always assumed he was clean and possibly he is. but saying he’d never had injections when he had and having them just before his toughest races looks dodgy, he did say that when he said he’d had no injections he meant ‘those’ injections EPO , blood transfusions etc, not sure i believe him but it could be true i suppose. pro cycling is too hard.

    • Huh,you think i don’t know what a MAMIL is ……well according to Google it’s a…ah fuck ! Just wait I’ll be back in a minute

      • Wiggins claimed his drug cheating only allowed him to compete on a level playing field due to him having asthma. Fine. Can I do loads of charlie on account of being a fat useless cunt? If he is so incapacitated by his asthma he should be in the spazolympics with the rest of the rejects. Cunt. Next…..

  15. The BBC is a typical ‘keep everyone happy organisation’ a woman presenting football, yes a woman…. Pretending to know about football… homosexual presenters, a northern who knows about London (matt Baker) someone with a wonky eye (Evan davis) someone with a disability, it’s all about ticking boxes, to be honest, no one gives a shit. I do get angry when the pretend Tranny Eddie Izzard goes on Question Time, the box the BBC tick for Izzard is the ‘has been unfunny irritating cunt ‘ box

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