Dynamo is a solid gold cunt. Little, weedy, boring as fuck, gormless, non-blinking shit-weasel.

It’s not fucking magic you cunt! It’s a fucking trick! You are not blessed with paranormal abilities. You just spent you early years being ignored by girls, your school lunch times with your favourite physics teacher playing Warhammer, then going home and wanking over your Magic Circle monthly news letter.

You are a cunt, and what sort of name is fucking “Dynamo”? At least David Blaine wasn’t so pretentious that he gave himself a wrestling name, and he was a very pretentious cunt in his own right.

Can you imagine the fanny that little cunt gets? Boils my blood.

Nominated by: Cunt O’MaCunto

39 thoughts on “Dynamo

  1. Shifty looking creep of a cunt,you’d never leave a kid alone with that one .supposedly he was bullied at school,i love it when celeb cunts say that and you think “yeh i can see why “. Was always a fan of Ian Brown ,but thought a bit less of him when i found out they are besties…remember Ian “its not where you’re from, it’s who your with……for the uneducated ,Ian Brown is the lead singer in the stone pistols…

    • I don’t know who this Dynamo cunt is,but can he disappear up his own arse? That would be a good trick!

  2. Course it’s not magic , that’s just what it’s called. He’s a magician and anyone who thinks it’s paranormal is a real brassbound cunt.
    He might be a cunt but he is fucking good and a mate of mine saw him close up with plenty of others and said it was unfathomable.
    So why is he a cunt ?, because he apparently gets totty? ,fucking good luck to him.

    Not much real entertainment about and he does the business better than most. He does look a bit skanky , I give you that but to my thinking he hasn’t actually done or said anything really cuntish.
    Do we have a decunting committee ? ..or once cunted never uncunted?

    • Fair do’s he’s not an outspoken cunt it’s just his mannerisms and seedy eyes that make him a cunt. His best friend growing up was his grandad ,now it’s him and his homies/homos acting like some street tuffs .nothing wrong with being a quiet guy ,just don’t act the bladdclatt when the cameras are there ,when as CUNTO says he probably spent lunchtimes with his physics teacher (male)…..as for uncunting maybe try googling Is Not A Cunt,but it will probably be full of “slebs” celebrating themselves again….

  3. I might be wrong but I thought David Blaine started all this Street Magic, now Dynamo and there is some guy called something O’Brien on the Telly. I quite like watching it and obviously it’s slight of hand etc and not ‘Magic’ but you have to admit they are good. I would like to see it in real life.

    • Have to agree I find Dynamo entertaining and he is one of the few cunts that actually lets people hit him.

  4. Never heard of the fucker and the chances of me paying money to see him are zero point zero.

    He looks like a fucking spic too, a robbing fucking spic.

    Fuck him and his ugly bitches.

  5. No idea who this cunt is but I gather he does card tricks. Good for him, now fuck off as there is serious cunting to be done.

    French president François Hollande says Britain cannot shirk its “responsibilities to France” post Brexit in respect of the cancerous cyst of so called humanity camped out in Calais.

    And just what responsibilities would those be you garlic flavour shit stain? Did Britain allow the vermin into France? Did Britain encourage them in any way? Was it us Brits who allowed the festering sacks of human excrement to form an illegal camp in Calais? Nay, nay and thrice nay you short arsed twat. I believe that is all down to the fucking French so the responsibility is all yours my old china. Now fuck off and get me a nice foie gras pasty you cunt.

    • Yeah I saw that, cheeky cunt!

      So you allow a mess to develop and fester in your country and yet it’s up to us to sort it out for you!?!

      Fuck me, is it 1939 again or summat?

    • Apparently we must be responsible because the goat fuckers in Calais all want to come here. This is the logic of the EU. It makes no sense and is illogical but that won’t stop cunts like Hollande spouting shit.
      I fully expect a march or demonstration shortly claiming Hollande is right and we should take all the cunts sharpish.
      We are out but still attached. The sooner that umbilical cord is cut the better. In the meantime fuck you Hollande you frog cunt.

  6. Apparently he made the all passengers on a circle line tube train disappear……just by reaching into his backpack……

    • When I was working in “The Smoke” I made all the passengers who got on at the White City Central Line stop disappear…I just said I was an immigration official and puff the whole carriage was emptier than Wayne Rooney’s head!

      P.S. “White City” has to be an oxymoron, surely? Have you ever been there?

      • I did that once .Emptied a carriage after twelve pints of Newcastle Brown, a bottle of cheap red wine and an enormous Lebanese meal. Neither of which have I ever ingested again.


  7. They should just ship the entire “jungle”,lock,stock and occupants,straight to Paris. It can only improve it.
    I once made the mistake of going to Paris. What a shithole. Went to La Pigalle,thought we’d somehow been transported to the slums of downtown Harare. Shifty wogs everywhere.
    Overpriced,stinking,dirty, run-down and full of fuckers pretending that they didn’t understand English.
    We’re not risking it next time.We’re going to London , Rule Britannia.

    • Maybe we could send the Great Dynaprendo there to make all the rapepugees disappear. If that works then it’s on to Brussels..

    • I was in Paris a week or so ago and can only agree with Mr Fiddler. Only there for 24 hours but saw enough goat molesters to last me a while.
      The French are cunts but the Parisians are complete and utter cunts.

      • I went to Paris in 75. Stayed with a bird in the Algerian quarter. Full of Arabs. Won’t have changed much since then at five kids per bint wife in between the odd goat session.

  8. Is he that paki cunt from the islamic republic of bradford? Does a few party tricks etc. Very good at bar mitzvahs apparently. Tells you to pick a card then chops your fucking head off. Goes down like a bomb.

  9. The missus has been going on for years about going to Paris, now the daughter is at it to .no fucking way am i .since i was a kid I’ve always thought it looks like a shithole ,every time i saw it on telly. Even the other day it was on and there were all these cunts queuing and staring at the Eiffel tower like zombies. If its a tower you want ,then get yer arses Blackpool…..and that fucking accent , sexy? Sounds like a deaf cunt spewing..

    • I nearly went to Blackpool once,but luckily I discovered that Tarby was appearing at some theatre there the same weekend. I didn’t think it was worth the risk.

    • It is a shit hole, full of cunts. French Cunts at that (And Africans selling mini towers underneath next to cunts in a gorilla suit extorting people for a photo) A complete shit hole.

      Probably deserving of a cunting in it own right.

      If cities can be cunted lets cunt Paris. As well as every cunt that loves its “Romance” when its really full of greaseball spivs.

  10. Esther McVey is a cunt… This former Cameron/Clegg coalition groupie is now wetting her knickers over remarks made by shadow chancellor, John McDonnell… Now, I am no fan of that IRA loving cunt, McDonnell, but he is absolutely right when he said McVey and her ilk are a stain on humanity and should be lynched… McVey is blubbing about ‘abuse’ and claiming that McDonnell is ‘bulllying’ her… This bitch is one to talk about bullying and victimisation… Considering the horrendous savagery she and that bald sadist, Duncan-Smith took part in as they gleefully terrorised the sick, the mentally ill, and the disabled… She is a stain on humanity, who preyed on the vulnerable and did so without a single care.. And as for lynching? He said that, not me… But let the punishment fit the crime…

    • And any touchy-feely twat who says ‘I don’t like McVey, but he shouldn’t say that… It’s not OK’ (Why do PC sacks of shite always say ‘It’s not OK!’?) is a complete and spineless cunt… It’s a bit like saying ‘I didn’t like that nasty Mr, Hilter…. But the Tommies shouldn’t have stormed Normandy and the boys in blue shouldn’t have bombed the shit out of Dresden… It’s just not OK…’
      Fucking snowflake cunts!

      • Fucking IRA, call themselves an army and load up on all them guns. When was the last time you seen them coward cunts exchange gunfire in a battle? Only time the guns came out was when a junkie or some innocent cunt who never wanted anything to do with the cunts was knee capped or shot in the back……and I’m no loyalist either ,but remember that mad cunt Michael Stone? Crazy cunt or what?

  11. Do I like Dynamo? Well, as another recently deceased magician cunt might have said:
    ‘Not a fucking lot!’

    • I know it’s an old one but,the best trick Paul Daniels pulled was Debbie McGhee… Still would today….

      • To quote the super sharp, incredibly funny Caroline Ahern as Mrs Merton who said ‘…so Debbie, tell us what first attracted you to the Millionaire Paul Daniels…’

      • Not sure but fuck it I’ll give her a go. I might even let her play me a tune on the old saveloy.

  12. McVey was quite right to make malingering cunts prove they are actually sick in order to claim their benefits. If the cunts are really sick what have they to be afraid of? Its ironic thar the spaz cunts say they want to be treated the same as everyone else but when it comes to it they want special treatment.

    I knew a bloke who swung the lead for years pretending to be mental but was he fuck. The cunt must have had 10s of 1000s of the social pretending to be agrophobic. He wasn’t so agrophobic he couldn’t get down the bookies or pub come giro day. The cunt got poetic justice as he actually did get sick and died.

    I know another cunt who is virtualy blind. Doesn’t lift a finger and the nash has paid for her a huge fuck off TV. She’s a nice enough lass, a bit thick but nice but you can’t tell me being blind excuses you from working, there must be loads of jobs blind cunts can do.

    Bottom line, the more idle cunts stop malingering and get some graft done the fewer immigrant cunts we would need. Cunts.

    • Have to agree with Mr Eggfart here. Someone had to do something to stop the Labour inspired welfare boom and it just happened to be her.
      You see these idle cunts everywhere at times of day when they should be working. How can it be right that if you are fit to work you seemingly have a choice not to and stay on the dole.
      Once you get offered a job and decline it then fuck your dole. There are plenty of jobs out there, just have a look and don’t think any job is beneath you.
      Accept there are genuine cases hence the medical check ups. Funny isn’t it that as soon as those checks started thousands came off the jam roll. Basically lead swingers who were going to get caught out.

    • People wonder why the country is full of migrants… the jobs that most of our ‘sickly’ population don’t want to do still need doing!

    • Thing is the genuine cases are just lumped in with the skivers and this has resulted in actual deaths and suicides….McVey didn’t give a fuck about that… I also fail to see how a failed TV presenter (and a Scouse bimbo cunt) has the right to decide who is and who isn’t deserving… It’s sad that those who are genuine get tarred with the same brush as the malingerers, and the actual system (judging a real person’s physical and mental state with a box ticking points score and daft questions like ‘Do you go to the pub?’ is ridiculous and Kafkaesque…

      McVey is still a cunt…

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