400 migrant brats


400 celebs and other do-gooders protested to allow at least 400 hundred “children” living in Calais Jungle Camp to come and live in the UK. Mainly because they have relatives living in the UK.

Now if they paused to think these do-gooders and celeb band wagon hangers on may realise each one of these cunts they allow in is justification for all their relatives to come and join them.

You cunts are not doing good you are fodder for the no borders commies that will use any justication to ignore the borders of nation states and in the process erode out culture and identity.

If these cunts don’t like France or any other country they passed through on the way to attempt entry on the UK they should fuck off home.

We have enough parasites of our own, fuck off you are not welcome. Happy clappy do-gooders may tell you this is the promised land but it ain’t and you are not going to welcomed.

Nominated by: Sixdog Vomit

400 hundred celebs, 400 kids. Do the math!

Take one each and then you can lecture me

Fucking hypocritical cunts…

Nominated by: Dioclese

44 thoughts on “400 migrant brats

  1. We should be exporting not importing the feral sods. Raising entitled spongers seems to be one of the few industries in which we lead the world. Send the fuckers to the far-east sweatshops where they can learn an honest trade, instead of landing here and then bringing in the rest of their tribe.
    Most of the “celebs” who want to bring the cunts in are probably kiddie-fiddlers looking for fresh meat.They’ll get a fright when the 12year old boy they ordered turns out to be 36 year old T.B-ridden Abdul.

    • Exactly thats another Yuge huge issue half of the so called children and teens are 30 and over they don’t even have proper identification to verify their age. Most of these migcunts idea of asking a women out is basically forced fondling and rape.

      These thick as shit islam protecting feminists are gonna get the rape culture they want to happen so desperately. Seriously this whole thing is being orchestrated by people like soros tony blair and his influential croonies also read about the arab summer and who funded that

      • I believe that you’re right.Only trouble is that I’m resigned to the fact that it’s too late. The present generation are gullible and soft.but. to be fair to them,they have been lied to and manipulated by the best.
        As far as I’m concerned. the turkeys can vote for Christmas if that’s what they want. I don’t really care.
        I believe that we have come to the end of the “Age” and the civilization that I know will no longer exist in 20-30 years time. The youth of today are welcome to the legacy that we’ve left them,and I hope that it brings them everything that they expect from the great multicultural experiment.

        • I believe there is some kind of medical test to establish age, something to do with x-rays. It isn’t accurate to the year but it will certainly show a 20 year old posing as a 16 year old.

          But you know what, it wouldn’t really matter as they will still say they are all desperate people and we have a moral duty to let them all in, regardless of how old they are.

          • If they can determine a rapist or murderer with DNA from a scraping of a fingernail off a cunt 15 years ago, they can determine mohammad and fatimas age.

            They are just too interested in who killed a cunt with a bat in 1960 than they are who is going to fuck up whats left of the normal gene pool in the next 30 years.

            The cunts

          • Easy test, check to see if the wisdom teeth have erupted. Usually begin to appear between ages of 17-21 so that is a start on aging the applicant. Full eruption of wisdom teeth mean the lying cunt is not a kid full stop, fuck off home.
            Many people in this benighted isle have taken poor refugee children into their homes to foster them (sweet) only to find the so called child attempting some bonding with their teenage daughter, stealing money, smoking and drinking and of course shaving twice a day to retain that youthful look. Dear God if there is a God why did you make so many people in this country CUNTS.

  2. Is that Jude Law and that Toby Whatsisname cunt in that photo?

    Aren’t they only over here the 2 months of the year they’re allowed to before they have to start paying blighty tax and fucking off to Yankland for the other 10 months?

    I imagine that they live in the US/Mexico border towns and help a few over the river and into their homes there so that they don’t miss out on feeling great about themselves. I doubt if they’d live in the privately patrolled areas of Hollywood…


    • They are paid shills, they aren’t doing this out of the kindness of their heart they all look like they have been pointed with a very expensive sharp stick and its going in their arse.

      Jude Law is a shite actor couldn’t act his way out of a paperbag he can act like smug stuck up twat though another actor who plays themselves

      • The only film I’ve seen him in was “Artificial Intelligence” where he played a plastic looking robot. Good casting…

  3. I don’t understand what these celbricunts don’t understand about the situation. What is it that they don’t get?

    • They just don’t care. Too busy tearing down the Western World to build their Utopian wank fantasy…

  4. If it’s celebrity involved it’s about him, the cunt. They all think they are special and should look good to each other but above all, get my name in every paper and TV programme possible in case people forget me.
    If I am in the news it might increase my chances of getting both a job and a new tenant for my dirtbox.
    A mate in the press once said that the it was believed that Victoria beckham would take a shit in Trafalgar square if it would get her on the front page of the Skegness Times.

    ..and she needs her cunting renewed and the braindead painted squeaking cunt she married.

  5. Won’t have a referendum purely on immigration policy will they? Go on you cunts give every adult of British heritage in the country the vote you should of given us back in the 1950’s.

    You won’t, you’ll hide behind flowery words and high “morals” and carry on with mass uncontrolled immigration until we no longer have a country left.

  6. Apparently remainers are going to hijack the proms to wave EU flags and show support for the EUSSR. Glad I won’t be there because I would end up nutting some cunt, especially if they kicked off during Land of Hope and Glory.

    These cunts are out to provoke now, it’s not about the vote anymore it is all about they didn’t get their own way and cannot accept it. These are the same cunts who think have a St Georges cross on display makes you a neo Nazi.

    I shall be buying a white wyvern to hang in my window, fuck the EU, fuck the unholy union with the welsh and scots permanently slagging off the English.

  7. In Sweden since the beginning of this year, the social services have been instructed that if an asylum seeker claims to be a child, if he visually looks to be under the age of 40, then he is to be treated as a child.

    Of course the authorities don’t believe that, it just helps them in their project to get more in and faster.
    They are worse than our cunts.

  8. It would interesting to have the government bring in a law stating that any celebrity demanding that a ‘refugee’ family, or just a child, be brought to the UK would be legally and financially responsible for the welfare and behaviour of said ‘refugee’. Including providing a home. It would also be interesting to see how many celebrities would still be calling Jude Law would fuck off quicker than Speedy Gonzales. And is that scruffy four eyed cunt behind him, the pretentious twat who thought he could take over as Captain Mainwaring?

    • Too right, QDM… Thes celebrity smears of shite expect people with far less income and houseroom than themselves to do something they’re not prepared to do… Jude Law is a wankstain…

        • That’s not the only thing she’s blown…Tay Tay (horrendous press/fancunt nickname) has done more blowing than Herb Alpert and hisTijuana Brass… She must use a lot of Goldspot or Polo Mints… Tom Hiddlescunt is a tosser for even getting roped in with the serial shagbag and her publicity games… Mind you, the Swiftwagon might have discovered old Tom was a poove…

    • Would be better if the government made it law that celebs wanting to invite in hordes of mother fuckers should go live with them for a year first. At least they would know exactly who they were inviting in.

      On the upside the war in Syria could be over in a few days, the Germans should start handing suitcases out to refugees so they can pack and fuck off home.

      • These cunts think they have a right to a platform just because they can pretend to be other people and say stuff other people have written for them.
        Apart from clear advertising for more work they just don’t get it do they ?
        Whether they like it or not the average person in this country doesn’t want more immigration, they want a darn sight less. We had a vote on it you fucking wankers. Wake up and take notice unless you don’t give a toss what people think about you (which you obviously do) you publicity whores.
        How about taking the immicunts to one of your houses abroad ? You won’t because (a) you are a hypocritical cunt, (b) you will find out they are disease ridden, (c) they will rob you blind , (d) when they are 25 (in about 1 years time if they claim to be 12 now) they will rape your maid and bugger you although the latter you will see as a bonus and (e) they will then blow you all up.
        Message here is put your money where your mouth is or fuck off. In fact just fuck off anyway.

  9. Aljaz Thingy off Strictly Cunt Dancing is a cunt…
    Pound to a penny the shit-smooth twat is already up Daisy Lowe’s tubes….
    Wish it was me instead of him, the cunt….

  10. Pep Guardiola is a cunt…
    For thinking that clown, Claudio Bravo is a great goalkeeper… Bravo’s performance took me back to the Derby games when Paddy Roche was in net for United…. This clown will cost City the title (I hope)…

    And Mark Clattenberg is a blind, bluenose, massive cunt….

      • Forgive my ignorance Norman, but what does the term “Bluenose” refer to? Footy is not my thing sadly…

        • I always thought Everton fans were called bluenoses, maybe it’s a term of endearment for city as they play in blue at home.

          On the subject of everton fans, are they just scousers in denial?

        • Bluenoses is a term for City fans… Also known as The Berties (after the cartoon character, Bertie Magoo The Bitter Blue)… Although I hate to say it, the Gorton Globetrotters did play well….

    • Paddy Roache. Now there was a cunt. Pretty much guaranteed 2 points for Arsenal in the 70s when that wanker was in goal.

  11. Ive just been looking at truckers being attacked at Calais on youtube and have concluded, aside from all the sponging they do, we don’t want these violent Muslim cunts in the country at all, they should napalm the jungle… its the problem of the French for letting these cunts into France in the first place….. no wonder you see truck driving jobs advertised everywhere now….fucking hell I thought pikes were cunts until I saw Calais migrants…… electrified trucks that’s what they need, fry the cunts when they try to climb into a truck

    • Just a couple of tanks would do the job (like the Chinese in 1989), but our Frog faced friends don’t even know what a tank is… Interesting to hear though that the Eastern Bloc countries (as was) may be planning their own collective version of Brexit (Bloxit?)… The likes of Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic etc still hate Germany with venom (can’t blame them for that), and they loathe Merkel even more… Apparently the ex-Iron Curtain mob see that Western Europe is fucked and now a breeding ground for muzzie savages, so they want to exit the EU to ‘preserve their on religious belief and identities’….

      As for our own green and (not so) pleasant, we should have armed guards and checkpoints all over Dover and at that Eurotunnel (which cunt gave the go-ahead for that?!)…. And if the twats act up,give it to ’em…. If the army did it in Ulster they can do it in this case… This muzzie/migrant lot are an even bigger threat than the Paddies… Even the IRA didn’t go around raping women and taking over whole towns (see Luton)….

      • I fear that soon enough a UK lorry driver will either be seriously injured or even killed by these cunts…. But even then nothing will probably be done… We’ll get all that ‘One bad apple’… Merkel doesn’t give a fuck if German women get attacked, and I dare say the UK top brass don’t give a damn about British lorry drivers… Only when the politicians or so-called ‘better classes’ get attacked will they care… The Yanks only got in a state over 9/11 because it was a business and financial area that got it… Had those planes crashed into a couple of tenements filled with ordinary people, there wouldn’t have been half as much fuss…

    • We can learn a lesson from South Africa on this. Don’t they have flame throwers under their cars to deter carjacking ?
      Should be law that as soon as truckers get to Calais they are entitled to use that equipment. A few fried peaceful people would make good news.

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