Banning Morrismen


Shrewsbury Folk Festival bans ‘blackface’ Morris dancers –

This from the BBC cunts. Blacked up morris dancing labelled as racially insensitive despite it going on for hundreds of years. The dancers look like white men who’ve been down the pit and then dressed in their gear, nothing like black people. But if course it’s caused mock outrage.


Nominated by: Alan Fistula

Blackface isn’t even that offensive, the Morris dancers have been doing this forever.
I say deport those who are offended! I bet the only person who complained was Diane Abbott and really who’s going miss her fat lardy arse?

Nominated by: Titslapper

42 thoughts on “Banning Morrismen

  1. Morris dancing is a cuntish thing to do, blacked up faces or not. The fact that some virtue signalling whores are offended by it redeems it slightly.

    What next, ban pictures of coal miners in case some African student thinks these men spent their lives toiling down the mines just to offend them years later?

    We celebrate black culture and black history whilst shunning our own culture and history like we a meant to be embarrassed by it.

    We are white people, from a land populated and civilised by white people and part of a continent of white people who have between us built the most advanced and civilised societies in the known history of the planet.

    We should be celebrating that not ignoring it in some sort of PC self loathing. All races have done evil in their history evil is universal not the sole property of the white race.

    If you don’t like white history, white culture and white traditions best fuck off out of the white homelands. Time for an inconvenient truth, the most advanced cultures in the known universe have been built by white men.

      • Major advancements in society are usually the work of civilized white folk.

        Wearing your jeans at half mast, rap music and reggae reggae sauce are no world beaters….

    • Morris dancing is a cuntish thing to do and is done by 100% cunts. However I am prepared to give it another chance if those cunts have the bollocks to stand up to the PC brigade and keep blacking up.
      The ban everything mob see racism in everything and anything when it clearly isn’t there. But don’t let the truth get in the way of a good victimjack.
      Lefty cunts can fuck off.

  2. I fucking love Saturdays because that is the day we get a new video from the Black Pigeon. This week he is talking about the jungle and how it was prophesied in a French book from 1973 called “the camp of the saints”.

    For anyone interested in reading, you can download the book in PDF format here;

    For those who are too lazy the video is here;

    The point is, the invasion of Europe by third world savages was foretold as far back as 1973 and the cause of the invasion was outlined perfectly as a failure of liberals to be able to defend liberal values and the attack on indigenous Western culture by a liberal elite. Case in point our morris dancing friends.

    This book should be on every school curriculum along with “1984” and “Brave new world”.

  3. When the Coyote uses ACME TNT to kill the Roadrunner and he gets blown up instead, do you think the attention whore offence police will be offended by old Wile . E being racist for being all burnt up and black after fucking up with his dynamite?

    And just as Alf Garnett, Steptoe, It Ain’t Half Hot Mum etc are now being erased from history or given a PC makeover, you can bet The League Of Gentlemen will soon vanish completely, because the offended by anything cunts will object to Papa Lazarou….

    And as for Fatty Abbott being offended, I though it was her momma in Tom & Jerry… ‘Aggghh! Thomas! Thomas!’

    • The lady you mention in Tom and Jerry had a greater grasp of the intricacies of political machinations than that self serving cunt Abbott.

      This is demonstrated by her actions in said fine documentary series.

      When the mouse was fucking about in her house she set the cat on him, that alone demonstrates she could identify and deploy the correct response to the mouslism threat to her territory, when said cat failed in its mission she then set about the pair the cunts with the biggest broom she could find. That demonstrates not only was she able to command but she was willing to get in their on the front line and do the fighting herself.

      Have her over Abbott or Theresa May any day

  4. Paul McCartney is a cunt…
    When asked about The Beatles ‘Get Back’ single and it’s eventually omitted verses about ‘Pakistanis taking all the people’s jobs’ and ‘ten Pakistanis living in a council flat’ Macca said it was a pisstake of ‘nasty’ Enoch Powell and more recently he called Powell a ‘nutter’… Well of course Macca can afford to be racially tolerant, as he will never have to live anywhere near places like Luton, Rochdale or Bradford… Also he denounces Powell and calls him a nutter, yet he works with that insane racist cunt, Kanye West and thinks it’s ‘cool’ that West uses the word ‘Nigger’ every 30 seconds… But of course Paulie says it as ‘The ‘N’ Word’… He makes out it’s great but he wont actually say it, will he? What a knob… No wonder George couldn’t stand the cunt…

    • Also, he thinks it’s great and ‘radical’ when that Kayne Kunt uses that word, but he put the mockers on The Beatles recording Lennon’s ‘Cold Turkey’… Cunt…

      • Paul McCartney is less musically relevant than the late Cilla Black now. George Harrison is the only one of the Beatles I have any respect left now, even Ringo has turned int oa right cunt, still wants the fame and fortune of being a beatle but doesn’t want any fan mail etc.

      • Always liked John Lennon’s alleged retort to the question….”was Ringo the best drummer around?”

        Lennon replied “he wasn’t even the best drummer in the Beatles”….

      • To be fair to Ringo, I think he was sick of mithering Scouse cunts pestering him for autographs and then putting them on eBAY…. Typical on the make Scouse bastards…

      • Your giving scousers too much credit, they would of scrawled Rino on the back of a benefits or probation letter and tried to flog that

  5. I live in Shrewsbury and saw the Morris Festival on the Square last year. When I saw the guys with black face I didn’t think “That’s so racist!” I though “Hello DAAAVE?!”

    Dumb cunts.

  6. I think Morris dancing should be banned as they are utter cunts….if you are black and get upset by a black painted face then you sir are also a count…. its got puck all to do with racism, but its all the excuse you need to play the victim and moan about it, just remember what proper racism is go back100 years and then you will see how good things are for you now….. now you have to actively look for reasons to bang your drum…. excuse the pun…. you fuckers would get yardage out of that……ypu see what I mean……cunts

    • I doubt many black people do get upset by this. It is the white middle class guardian reader cunts who get all worked up by this sort of thing.

      A similar thing goes on in Holland where Zwarte Piet (Black Pete) is the traditional side kick to Saint Nicholas. Zwarte Piet dates back to pagan times but is now unacceptable as black people might become offended.

      But the good news is the more of this sort of PC virtue signaling wank goes on the quicker normal people will wake up and kick the PC elites out.

      • June Sarpong is one such black cunt who cannot get over the fact that she is black and a woman to boot and has a persecution complex the size of Everest and enough chips on her shoulder to feed a Glasgow council estate for a year. The cunt thinks everything is about race and gender, you can’t get her away from it. And she is ugly as fuck too.

        Cunts like her give back cunts a bad name. Cunt.

      • The best description ever given of June Sarpong is ‘Pig faced and sandpaper voiced’.

        Sums her up nicely.

  7. I’d like to cunt the hajj.

    A bunch of delusional peaceful ones will go to this wankfest and end up throwing pebbles at a wall representing the made up Satan. 21st century and people go for this primitive bullshit. Just a few days ago a space probe started to orbit a planet millions of miles away.

    No fucking wonder there’s only been ONE Muslim Nobel science prize winner.

    • On the plus side, if they’re all busy going to stare at a stone in a black room, they’re not causing trouble anywhere else.
      Still, don’t be too hard on the stone throwing, Jews nod in front of a wall and they’ve produced shit loads of Nobel prize winners. There have been 3 Muslim science winners and hilariously 7 Muslim peace prize winners.

  8. Fuck me. Once again, the PC lunatic “ban everything” crew must be wanking into their socks. Banning Morrismen for having blacked up faces? What a load of cunt. That’s an ages old tradition. This PC cowshit has gone beyond last known reasoning. Just about everything has been affected one way or another. I can see it now in nursery schools singalong time…”Baa baa ethnically diverse sheep”, “Three visually impaired mice”, “TweedleSpecialNeeds and Tweedledee” and many more.

    Tradesmen have been busy laying some nice new “Released Into The Community Paving” outside BBC PC Bullshit Towers.
    For cunt’s sakes is there no commonsense left? The old Looney Tunes cartoons have been axed for being “too violent” and yet kids who are savvy enough can get access to taped beheadings and pistol executions, because that’s less shocking. These fucktarded liberals and unicorn saddlers need to fuck off.

  9. Being a bit of an old cunt I have been checking out old Black And White Minstrel videos on Youtube. It doesn’t seem possible that this programme was aired on the BBC.
    I remember my old man used to love it. I hated it – not because it was politically incorrect – but because it was shite.
    Those were the days!

  10. You are right it was shite, these days only blacks should play blacks, Indians play Indians etc, Ben Kingsley would be fucked. It’s got to the stage that LBGT people are up in arms if a non LBGT actor plays the part of someone who is LBGT. Now I always thought that the whole point of being an actor was being very good at pretending to be someone your not many lbgt actors spent years pretending they were straight on and off the screen the fraudulent cunts didn’t mind stealing the work from straight actors did you darlings?

    With the liberal lefty pc cunt logic two things become possible.

    1. No one will be able to be in a film unless they are playing themselves
    2. If an independence day like fleet of aliens ever show up in earth orbit it will be because they have seen star trek or some other sci-fi programme and are up in tentacles because human actors stiole their parts.

      • The Daleks will get annoyed, because the Black Dalek will get all the best parts… Let’s hope they really get upset and exterminate that Steven Moffatt cunt…

      • The black dalek always got the best part, shame they didn’t get Samuel L. Jackson to voice it as Jules from Pulp fiction………..

    • I play a great me. I’ve got the cunt bit down to a ‘T’.

      I struggle with my feminine side, but hey, if I grow a beard, who knows!

    • Although Boy George is a gargantuan cunt, at least he had the guts to admit he was a pillowbiter when it was very unfashionable to do so… Unlike that other doughnut punching cunt, George Michael, who fooled loads of thick as pigshit and gullible teenage girls into buying his Wham! crap… Because they thought he was a ladies man and didn’t know he used the tradesman’s entrance…

      Also the BBC and other ‘diversity’ cunts preach the ‘black actors for black roles’ bullshit, but they conveniently ignore that rule when it comes to white characters… See a black Friar Tuck (a black monk in medieval England?!) in BBC’s Robin Hood, a (now) black Hermione in Harry Potter, and that Denzel Washington cunt turning both Edward Woodward’s Equalizer and Yul Brynner’s Chris Adams as black as Newgate”s knocker… Hypocritical cunts…

      • Very true. I’ve heard that the typical racial-agenda bullshit has once again spilled over into Hollywoodwankland. They are remaking the Robin Hood story and apparently casting Jamie Foxx as Little John to what I’ve heard. What in the fuck? A black Little John? Fucks sakes.

        This whole racial PC bullshit has gone totally out of control. As for that BBC Robin Hood sack of liberal shit, that was twatting awful. The best version so far IMO is the 80’s Robin of Sherwood series. I liked the version with Patrick Bergin as well.

      • Robin Of Sherwood was ace… Even Ray Winstone was good in that… My favourite episodes were the ones with King John (Phil Davis)… And Bergin’s film pisses on that Kevin Costner pantomime, Robin Hood: Prince Of Cunts….

      • That series was excellent. I’ve got the lot on bluray. All the cast were really good. The third series with Jason Connery was good, but I prefer Michael Praed’s Robin. Phil Davis as King John was really good. Robert Addie was great as Guy of Gisburne. Prince of Thieves was an OTT pisstake. The yank accents were offputting for me. Still trying to work out where “Noddinghaym” is?

        The outtakes from Praed’s Robin are good. Looks like they had fun with strippers on location…

  11. It’s a lovely September day today. The sun is shining, the weather is warm but not hot, perfect for sitting out in the back garden with a drink and a couple of newspapers. But you know what, it isn’t a perfect day, because of one minor thing, and that is wasps. The little cunts are everywhere – wasps buzzing around my bins, wasps buzzing around the windows, wasps buzzing around the washing, everywhere there’s fucking wasps.

    Wasps – what do they actually do? Apart from sting people and scare skittish folk they seem to serve no purpose or function whatsoever. “Oh, that’s not fair!” says some twat in a beard, “wasps kill all the garden pests and play an important role in our ecosystem! We should love wasps!” he squawks from inside his beekeeper suit, repellent in hand. “Well, twat in a beard, my garden consists of a couple of lawns and a few dead shrubs, so what use are wasps to me?”, I reply, to be greeted by silence and vague mutterings and curses.

    So wasps are basically the delinquent hoodies of the insect world, doing sod all apart from hanging around where they’re not wanted and making people feel nervous – they even have bearded idiots of a left-leaning persuasion sticking up for them, just like your common chav.

    So there’s no escaping the little cunts, and until the real cold weather comes along they’ll be there, getting on my wick and costing me a fortune in Raid.

    Little cunts.

    • Get yourself one of those leccy tennis bat things. They’ll crisp the cunts up nicely and it makes for a bit of sport whilst defending your beer.

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