Nicola Sturgeon [10]


Sturgeon’s off again and warrants another nomination. The Scottish Government (aka SNP) has today published a paper predicting Scottish GDP to be between £1.7bn and £11.2bn per year lower by 2030 as a result of Brexit. It is based on a whole load of studies carried out by the Project Fear brigade before the referendum that only a cunt would still believe in.

Here’s an idea to boost GDP, Crankie – how about stop whining and go and get some trade deals? How about make Scotland more attractive to inward investment by resigning? How about reversing the decline in Scotland’s educational system since the SNP got into power? How about reducing public sector jobs in favour of private sector jobs? And how about accepting that we voted as the UK and the result, therefore, applies equally to all parts of the UK?

Hard to let go of the teat though, eh?

Nominated by: Harry Axwound

41 thoughts on “Nicola Sturgeon [10]

  1. Can I take a moment out of your busy days to cunt all Islamic cunts who choose to wear the Burkini.
    In fact I’m cunting the Burkini itself.

    Now the Burkini was banned in lots of French seaside resorts.
    It was enforced by the police.
    The libtards got their leftie pants in a twist and decided that to ban this burka for swimming was an acronym to feminism.
    The left wing uk media kicked and screamed about how it was the first step towards nazism and now the ban has been over turned.

    So you have the media and feminists sticking up for Muslim rights. On principle.
    If these utter cunts, particularly feminist cunts took a moment to climb down off their very high horses, they might realise that Muslims are the biggest mysoginists on the face of the planet.
    Islamic ideals are about as far from feminism as you can get.

    The media cunts have dressed it up as being about freedom.
    “You can’t tell women what they can and can’t wear”
    The ban isn’t about dress.

    It’s about one simple thing that the media refuses to address….
    The pervasive encroachment on everyday life of Muslim religion.
    This has to be stopped.
    This is a line in the sand and will indicate which way we are going with this invasion.

    It’s a political game of football and if the Muslims win, they know it’s game on and sharia law is the next battleground.
    They will inevitably dress that up as something else ie- freedom, to get their way too.

    You Gotta hand it to the cunts.
    Studied our weaknesses to use against us.

    And while I’m at it- that cunt Muslim mayor Khan- his first action as mayor was to ban pics of birds in bikinis on London transport advertising.
    Dressed it up as protecting body issues of course.

    Turbo charged dangerous cunts the lot of them.

  2. The spread on the GDP prediction is fucking ridiculous…..who’s doing their books….. Joey Essex?

      • Whenever I see that essex cunt,I feel most uncomfortable. Is mental illness funny now?.He’s not in on the joke is he,bless him. That pile of wank Friends had the same effect on me. The film Shallow Grave is a more accurate portrayal of flat sharing.

      • When that smear of shite, Joey Essex, was all over the TV on The Queen’s 90th birthday, and spouting crap like ‘I luv ‘er, innit… She’s like my nan…’ I had the urge to drop an anvil on his face, then stick a giant TNT stick in his gob and then light it, Wile .E. Coyote style….

      • Shows what a shitheap Blighty has become… For the Silver Jubilee in 1977 there were sundry cunts on the television paying tribute… But most of them actually did something and knew what they were going on about…

        Fast forward to Old Liz at 90: and the man to go to is Joey Essex?!?! I’m no royalist, but fucking hell, the old girl deserves better than that…

  3. Old Belthazor looks a right smug cunt in that photo, I imagine its the same sort of look she would have when someone has shoved a razorblade encrusted club up her old dirtbox… right to the hilt. The cunt.

  4. There was an annoying whining noise in my car the other day, it went on for ages and I was getting more and more worried, I turned the radio down to see if I could get a better idea of where it was coming from, it was then I realised wee smells of piss Nicky was being interviewed on the radio.

  5. What a moaning cow of a woman. Thin lipped mare who only whines and bitches in between warning everyone about pointless shit. Imagine seeing that razorblade gob every morning as she demands a service.
    I would rather stick the old chap in a macerator than get near her sandpaper snatch.
    She cannot be cunted enough, Ugly, mouthy , repetitive, achingly boring and probably mings like a tramp’s Y fronts. Plus she is utterly fucking useless.

    • I don’t hate many people, but this treasonous bitch makes my piss boil, a master cunt of epic cuntishness.

      Media treat her with kid gloves, let her spout off utter bullshit with barely a word of challenge.

      I fucking hate the cunt.

      • She really is a massive cunt. Treacherous bitch.
        Why can’t we do a “Wallace” on her ?
        Arrest, sentence without trial as she is clearly guilty of utter jock cuntishness, then have her hung,drawn and quartered.

      • I fear if you presented her with her entrails, she would just say “that’s legal tender”

  6. If a Mohemmedain severed her head, odds on Sturgeon would still be moaning about something or other 24 hours later.

    You know what this means “Another referendum”

  7. Sturgeon is famous for having the worst personality in Scotland.

    As you can imagine, that’s up against some stiff competition.

  8. The Kranky Kunt claims all this will happen as a consequence of Brexit yet says the complete opposite will happen if Scotland was the leave its union with its biggest trading partner???? Stupid cunt.Thankfully the majority of us Scots aren’t falling for her shite.

    • I admire her dedication to the cause, but her instincts motives I strongly suspect are those of a NWO globalist who seeks to fool the Scots with promises of freedom when she will deliver them into greater bondage.

      • Indeed , her idea of ‘independence’ is to break up the UK and make Scotland a vassal state of the EU. She can fuck right off.

  9. She needs to watch/read some of Mark Blyth’s stuff. He’s a Scot, an orphan raised by his grandmother within the benefits system and is now a Professor or Economics at Brown University in the States.

    His take on Scotland wanting to break away from the UK and become an EU member state was this, to paraphrase: “So you want to leave a union which basically bankrolls you, looks after your interest and – like it or not – cares about you, to enter a union which will not give two shits about you nor care less because you won’t even register on their economic radar. Sounds like a crap deal to me.”

    I like Mark Blyth. It was a lot of his economic stuff (rather than immigration) which made my mind up to leave because the EU exists for the EU and it will fold sooner rather than later just as soon as France and Germany stop bankrolling one EU country’s economic collapse after the other, and all basically to keep former bankers like Juncker et. al. running the show, in power and minted!

    • Glad to hear that Sixdog.

      Any cunt who cracks one off over Krankie needs to seek help from a mental health professional or be euthanized.
      Cunt couldn’t give me a semi….

    • Just thinking about her naked would reduce a pornstar’s johnstone to a dribbling pimple and likely destroy his career.
      The ultimate screaming nightmare would to be front page in the tabloids in bed with her and Diane Abbott.

  10. Richard Branson needs a cunting. He recently off his bike (which I toasted with a couple of bott…err…glasses of Jack Daniels). To see the photos of him though, you’d think he’d been wounded fighting in Helmand. Take a fucking reality check, you bearded, tax dodging twat! You face planted from a bicycle, you did NOT take a fucking bullet. Trust me, if you had, you wouldn’t be in the mood for photos. Suck it up, you soft cunt.

  11. I read recently that her constituency is the worst in Scotland. Apparently, she only ever goes there to fulfil her legal obligation to hold surgeries, and she only goes with armed police. Unfortunately, the people who have to live in that alleged shit hole, like the rest of us, don’t get to see plod very often.

    The sad cunt has become obsessed with finding a way to use Brexit to hold a second ‘once in a lifetime’ independence referendum, rather than getting on with more important things, like, running Scotland. The job she gets paid more than the Prime Minister.

    Her biggest problem, apart from being an arrogant, Messianic cunt, is that the majority of Scots don’t want another ‘once in a lifetime’ independence referendum. They want her sort out the little things. Like Scotland’s £15 billion deficit.

    • From what I have been told, the hatred for Sturgeon in Scotland almost matches the hatred the Scottish had for Thatcher…The stupid corrosive dwarf is only obsessed about what she herself wants… Sturgeon wants an independent Scotland, and although the majority voted to stay in the United Kingdom, she chooses to ignore a democratic vote and result… That stinks of a dictator… If Hitler had a ventriloquist’s dummy, this horrible little gobshite would be ideal…. Fucking Wee Burney cunt…

      • Owen Smith is a thick cunt. He was interviewed by John Humphries on his radio show and despite all evidence to the contrary, he claimed the UK was heading into a recession because of Brexit.

        He also insulted the majority of voters by haughtily announcing that we didn’t what we were voting for. Which in Owenspeak, means we were too thick to know what we were voting. The problem Smith has there, apart from being a patronising cunt, is that we knew EXACTLY what we were voting for.

        I didn’t think Labour could come up with a candidate who was worse than Corbyn. The lesson there is, never underestimate Labour’s ability to find a leadership candidate even shittier than the current/previous one. Even the Welsh hate him.

      • Oh come on, we all know that Vote Leave = caveman shit-encrusted racist. Vote Stay = a lovely angel.

    • I bet that on the odd occasion a constituent actually gets to see her and talks about their problem, the response is “you’re no hatin’ the English enough!”.

  12. An utter CUNT of the highest order! Her constant whinging and victim mentality appeals mainly to two sectors of the Scottish population… the uneducated & unemployed thickos who are won over by a free sticker ‘fae’ their 10 yr old Fiat Punto from the SNP pop-up shop on the high street, and the Irish Republican immigrants of Glasgow, North Lanarkshire & West Dunbartonshire (highest concentrations of Irish Republicans in the UK) who like to live in the UK, like the health service, the quality of life and most importantly the benefits system, but who will still play the victim and be anti-British at every opportunity. Sturgeon, her crew of fiscally incompetent non-questioning MPs/MSPs, and her thicko, whinging, victim-mentality supporters are undoubtably the most deserved winners of a big fat Olympic gold medal in Sheers Cuntiness!

    • Ok so in the “Cunt Olympics” we have…

      Gold – Nicola Sturgeon
      Silver – Owen Smith
      Bronze – James Corden

      Yeah I’m happy with that. I’m assuming Jamie Oliver will be classed as disabled (disability of the tongue) in order to gain a podium place alongside Baroness Grey-Thompson in the “Cunt Paralympics”.

  13. If there is a Hell, I wonder if all Old Nick’s evil dwarves with pitchforks all look like Wee Burney Sturgeon? Being in the lake of fire is one thing, but having multitudes of Wee Burneys poking you and yapping on for all eternity? Now that really would be Hell…

    • I wonder about the whole hell thing, Lets say God exists, if we grant that then we have to buy into the fact he is omnipotent and knows every detail of your life before you are even conceived, so he lets your life unfold as he knows it would and then condemns you to hell?

      Then people say we shouldn’t question religion? We will know if wee Nicky ends up in Hell when Hell becomes part of the EU

      • Yes and its instructive to remember that her constituency has the highest concentration of ‘asian’ residents in Scotland. This would explain a rather tawdry and some would say ‘criminally corrupt’ episode a few years back when the sainted Nicola attempted to influence a court who were about to sentence one of her Asian constituents who had been convicted of fraud. Her letter to the court claiming the man was a decent hard working local businessman convieniently forgetting that he had been found out to be a thieving lying scumbag. She did this to ingratiate herself with the block votes of Glasgows asian community. Read about it on this link The corrupt bitch.

  14. Though she be small, and seemingly meek, she is a colossal, towering, monstrous carbuncle of a cunt. Please someone, anyone, shut this festering turd up.

  15. A pointless Scottish cunt who is determined to fuck up our exit from the nazi Shithole called the E.U. Has she got nothing better to do the unpatriotic cunt. Somebody please send the fucker a vibrator to give her something better to do than fuck up our lives. The whiney cocksucking cunt.

  16. Fat boy and jimmy lost their independence referendum ,even though they openly pedalled their racist bigoted views.your average sweaty is a racist English hating bigot wanker.The only thing these skirt wearing,pale,ginger cunts value more is the ability to scrounge off the English so they can support their wank economy.Shit country,shit people,shit weather,shit sports teams, shit history,shit politicians,shit leader.In short fuck off ,get your independence go bankrupt and whine like a stuck pig its all the English fault. Skirts with little purses on the front for men ! Gay as fuck

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