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  1. Oh no another one of those vile pictures, what will our resident troll do

        • “Would you fuck me I`d fuck me..I`d fuck me so hard” bet he says that a lot to the mirror.

      • Didn’t Vermintroll Cowardcunt say he was going to stick the head on you last night, LB? I’m sure that is a threat of physical violence. I know it’s an empty threat, but still….

  2. I wish to cunt the “invisible walkman”,
    The invisible walkman is a condition that effects many cunts, they normally have an upright stance an a bemused expression on their face as they go through day to day life totally oblivious to their surroundings.
    Prime example one of my neighbours who came home last night and reverse parked accross the back of my car which is in a parking space.
    This is going to involve me having to pay thm a visit and ask the embarrassed hubby to move the abandoned vehicle much to which he will comply yet again, and apologise.
    Where as it would be a lot simpler to slap her round the head with a cricket bat and shout “wake up!”
    Sad, but she is not the only one, I find them standing in shop doors looking inwards blocking the entrance, stationary in front of supermarket shelves, driving at you on the wrong side of the road and its not just women.
    What is going on?

  3. Troll cunt is now sending emails posing as Dio.

    Obviously thinks he’s fooling people. What a sad cunt.

  4. I hope that we can now get back to the serious business of cunting. What the fuck was all that shit about ? I dread to think how many deserving cases have escaped their fate,due to whatever that was all about last week.

    • Never say never the cunt could be back again I don’t doubt it, noms would be slow anyway with the cuntings because of dio’s absence.

      • The troll has been shitposting his shite on here for 5 or 6 days and none of his comments get moderated but my most recent comment does!, what set it off? what the fecking feck? thats a funny lil’ filter that is

        • There’s a reason why he’s permitted to stay (and it ain’t the one he thinks).

  5. Louise Minchin is part of the BBC Breakfast conspiracy to make sure we have our daily dose of PC along with the news in the morning, sadly the ITV alternative is even shitter..

    • The only thing ITV has going for it is that I’m not funding something that I don’t watch.

  6. I always had my suspicions that Loise Minchiin was a bloke in drag with that big square jaw, so it’s confusing when I see that picture of her because I always imagined her with a hairy chest and a pair of balls

      • Stealing a lady’s ID and pretending to be her and make her look bad (pretending to be Kath)? Nobody can claim any sort of moral high ground after such a creepy and sick stunt… There’s a list as long as your arm, but that alone shows where he is at…

        He also seemed upset (Boo Hoo!) about how Merkel was cunted… Well he can join the minority there, as most of Europe and her own people think she is a cunt.. And anyone who is a fan of Merkel? Well, again, that shows where he’s at…

        • Stealing Kaths’ Id was the worst offence for me. After that, he deserves every thing the prick gets.

          • Agreed, Gutstick… The cunt (deliberately and wrongly) accusing others of being nonces, yet nick’s a woman’s ID and name? In my book that is (in its own twisted way) preying on women… Totally despicable and very sick…

        • Are you saying our failed troll is also a failed tranny? The cunt fails at everything he tries it seems.

          The blog gimp

          • Thank you gentlemen for your galentary over the theft of my REAL name. It hasn’t been too troublesome as I have had A/ computer issues and B/ bigger fish to fry with the death of my sweet spaniel and the news my Dad has incurable cancer having never ever smoked in his life!
            If this person (and I use the term loosely) wanted to fuck me over I am afraid he failed miserably. I try to stay off the net most of the time these days as it’s just more trouble than it’s worth with pricks like that around. I have been insulted better by 5 year olds in the school playground when I used to teach . I know I shouldn’t but I sort of feel sorry for him, what a sad lonely life he must have to resort to this stuff. No one in life should only have looking forward to insulting a bunch of total strangers for their views to look forward to every day. It’s tragic and endemic of what is wrong with this country today.

  7. I think Vermintroll is mistaking bbq for spit roast, where he is the meat between two yewtree dodging uncles. Well, you are what you eat as they say.

  8. Bastian Schweinsteiger is a cunt… He’s obviously challenged or questioned Jose Mourinho’s authority as United manager, so he’s been fucked off to Old Trafford oblivion…. All these laughable ‘Mourinho should be put in prison’ and ‘Save Basti’ online and social media mongs are complete wankers… Mourinho will, hopefully, be another Tommy Doc: get rid of all the dead wood and Big I Am cunts who think they own the place…. Out of the team he inherited from O’ Farrell, Doc kept only Stepney, Buchan, and Sammy Mac… He fucked all the rest off… First on Jose’s list was that corrosive snake, Giggs, who backstabbed both Moyes and Van Gaal… And ‘Basti’ is obviously going the same way…

  9. The sad little internet troll
    Hates the world, cos his cock is so small
    It’s almost inverted
    And it makes him perverted
    But he’s harmless, cos he ain’t got no balls.

  10. Goodbye cruel world, I’m leaving you today…
    Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye…
    Goodbye all you people, there’s nothing you can say…
    To make me change my mind. Goodbye…

    Now please fuck off, little Dick. Being tiresome is hardly vengeance…

  11. Bollocks. We are Equal Opportunities cunters. Race or gender not a deciding factor. Taste the desperation in the air everyone…

    • Anyway, we are cunters, not contract killers. Also, I don’t try to contact cunts to harass them online. They have to go looking for it on this ‘secret’ site. Bellend…..

  12. Isn’t it funny, how trolls try to come across as as a bit dangerous, when you know it’s some spakker who lives with his mum, his only sexual experience that didn’t include kiddie porn on the internet, was spaffing on the underwear section of a grattan catalogue. Sad little unclespunk drinkers…..

    • What gets me is how oblivious he is to the fact that he is providing more amusement for us than irritation. How can anyone not see that? HOW?

    • He isn’t a troll mate! just a naughty naughty boy who needs a severe spanking. Trolls are usually funny or at least somewhat amusing this little bellend is not just a copy+paste and DOS(denial of service) cunthead

  13. Hmmm… lots of deletions happening…

    Troll trying to conceal evidence? Or…the shit about to hit the fan? Or both??

        • I knew it was rickie! actually I remember warning you dio that rickie would probably attack this site Plus not use his that you set up for him, but you probably left by then to notice it.

  14. Has that annoying little fucktard gone? Thank fuck, I’ve not bothered looking at this site for the last 5 days because of his anal fuckery.

    • All most odd, if you don’t like a site dont post on it. Move on

      I don’t like the guardian website (for example) , so I dont read it.

      Why waste your time annoying people who do enjoy a site ?

  15. Rio Ferdinand is some serious cunt. This guy has dealt the race card at every possible opportunity during his mediocre career, so where does he end up? Talking utter shit out of his lop sided mouth on the BBC (where else!) And what type of cunt wheres a suit for the world cup final with trainers. Wish he’d get murked.

  16. Is gimp boy no more? Fucking shame…….not.

    Cunters are a hardy species and failed trolls are just an irritation on the ring piece of life. That’s right tranny troll boy you are the internet equivalent of a haemorrhoid.

    Cunts co0me and go but cuntings are forever

  17. In other news uninsured drivers are cunts. The one who caused me considerable issues today is a total cunt

    • Bunch of cunts, should bring back the birch for them. The penalties for driving uninsured are fuck all, so it makes sound financial sense to a scumbag.

  18. T’other night the family were watching a brexit special on Goggle Box. Now much as I try to avoid that shite, lo-and-behold it was brexit and I gave it 5 minutes. Worst mistake of my life. Well, one of many.

    So the bit I saw was Susanna Reid (yes former BBC libralite now rubbing shoulders with that cunt above all cunts Piers Morgan) basically giving Nigel Farage “large” on the Β£350m “con” which won the leave vote (i.e. the bandwagon that remainers cling to “You said free ahndred an’ fifty milion for thee NHS!” – nope, we actually said Β£350m up the swanny that we could be using elsewhere *LIKE* the NHS, you excuse mongering loser cunts)!

    Farage had nothing to do with that (it was Boris and Pob spouting that shite) but even so, Susanna wouldn’t let it lie, even after Farage had answered the question 4 or 5 times. Yep, the good old BBC liberal lefty training kicking in there. Fuck me, it was some rant to keep Piers off the gob-shite sheet for 5 minutes!

    That’s the thing with the modern news reporters from the BBC, gormless fucktards but who are razor sharp on the Director General’s PC mandate: “Look guys, even if he is cutting off your head, please try – with your last blood filled gurgling breath – to say that you don’t think your death is terrorism related and not Muslim related even if they’re screaming ‘Allah Akbar’ in the background. Ok, we’re clear on that? Good. Ok next up, de-gendering the Olympics. Right we’re all having issues with men’s and women’s events being branded as such, soooo, we’re just going to call them ‘person’ events…. No Mr Yentob, we’ve already thought of the blind angle and if it’s a men’s race we’ll say ‘extra sausage’ and women’s we’ll slip in ‘front bottom’ and then that covers us for all the trans-gender angles too.”

    Louise may be from the BBC PC cunt mould but Susanna has to be a bigger cunt for selling out for the money but still thinking she can lord it over the rest of society with a lefty-liberal thinly veiled layer of contempt! Yeah Susanna, I bet you’re feeling the pain of the housing estates with you prime London gaff and weekend home in Swanage or somewhere equally posh-cuntish!

    Bring back Reginald Bosanquet, he wouldn’t have tolerated this liberal shite, and would have called a terrorist a terrorist. He’d probably be pro brexit too, not like the current sewer of pandering PC cunts!

  19. Thanks but you have provided plenty of evidence that you are a mindless impotent cunt. If you want to understand why you have problems with people and live in general go take a look in the mirror and you’ll find the reason looking back at you.

    • Did I miss old Doubledick? His posts are deleted so quick, if you blink you’ll miss them. What a legacy for the cunt.

      • He’s running out of proxies. Every time he uses a new one it gets added to the list and the comments vanish.
        He’s up to 114 at the moment and it gets harder with every new one…
        The programming was a lot of fun and it seems to be working! I love a challenge

        • If you have access to the htaccess file on the server you can deny nearly all proxied access with a few lines of code

          • Wonder where this little sicko actually lurks?
            Nicking a woman’s ID for ill purposes?… That shit should stick to him forever… It’s almost insane though… We know it isn’t Sir Limply, we know it isn’t Flaxen Saxon, and we know it isn’t Kath Gillen (well out of order, that… What a sicko!), yet he still insists on stealing/using their names long after he’s been sussed… And 114?! Talk about a labour of love, or should I say hate… It’s an obsession, and all that Bible stuff? Is there a Doctor in the house? Fuck me…

  20. What is a cunt is Caitlyn Jenner, the media insist on calling her erm her so for the sake of not wanting to be branded trans phobic (when I were a lad a tranny was a van where endless good time were to be had in the back) she didn’t like Gervais’s joke about women drivers at her expense.

    This “woman” has milked the hell out of her gender reassignment but now all of a sudden it’s a taboo subject?

    Gervais has made a living out of poor taste jokes and fatal accidents aren’t funny but Jenner’s problem isn’t related to the feelings of the deceased her problem is with Gervais mocking her gender (Girl Power?).

    You can be whatever sex you want to be Bruce, in my eyes you’ll never qualify as being female but like your choice to change genders that’s my choice.

    Your gender is questionable and open to opinion but as a human being you’re shit.

    • How the fuck did that rubbish drag act get away with that fatal accident that was his fault? Oh yeah, expensive lawyers…..cunt.

      • I wouldn’t be surprised, his wife, er, sorry “partner” used to be married to the bloke who got OJ off.

        That’s the beauty of the western legal system, you can get away with anything you like – so long as you’re minted!

    • Bruce Jenner was a total bastard, and he treated numerous women (and his scores of kids) like crap… Yet he now wants to be a women: one of those he showed such contempt and disregard for… I also heard he used to be handy with his fists with the ladies, now he is doing the ‘I’m a vulnerable woman’ routine?… What a complete freak of a cunt…

      There’s also no doubt this cunt plays the ‘But I’m a woman!’ Tranny Card to get sympathy and hope that everyone will forget his misdemeanours and shitty behaviour as Bruce Jenner… I think the twat is a manipulative abomination, who wouldn’t be out of place in a Victorian circus booth… Also, as you say, Sixdog, man or (fake) woman, it is a dreadful human being and a total cunt…

  21. Oh dear, I do hope the lithesome Barbara or “babs” as she is known to the local chavs, has set her vibrator to stun to drown out the sound of you nashing your gums

  22. A little something out there on the web. I make no comments as to its veracity:

    Rickie aka Dickie Doubleday aka Trent is an annoying little subhuman cunt from Norfolk (normal for Norfolk) who bangs on about smoking, hijacking various blogs by being nice then turning nasty. We have outed him in the past : His name is Richard Doubleday and he lives at Acrefield, Church Road Upton Norwich NR13 6AJ with a wife called Barbara. Poor cow! He’s been involved in a couple of failed businesses and presumably this inadequacy has driven him round the twist?

    Despite being outed, he continues to stick two fingers up. He’s blocked on many sites including this one, mine, Counting Cats, Longrider, Grandad and several others. We have a little group of troll watchers off blog to make sure we share info about cunts like this so they stay blocked!

    • Ah, Norfolk, eh? A member of the six finger is my brother my dad club….
      Thanks for that. Sir Limply…

      • As a resident of Norfolk myself I’d like to lay that particular stereotype to rest.
        But I can’t because it’s sort of true (Oo-Arr! Tractor! Git orf moi laaand etc). In places it’s like the Island of Dr Moreau blended with Redneck County USA, but Suffolk is even better.
        I wonder if Dicky-Boy would make me a cup of tea if I wandered over for a visit…

  23. I’m a Norfolk boy too, we are not all cunts, although I am originally from Scotland.
    I could always take a trip round to pay Dickie a visit and see how much of a real man he is.
    He’d probably shit himself and start crying if I confronted him man to man.
    I could even Periscope the incident πŸ™‚

    Oh, and Louise Minchin is indeed a cunt, I really hate her eyebrow look to camera trying to emulate Fiona Bruce.
    Minchin, you are not fit to wipe Queen Fiona’s arse, let alone present BBC Breakfast you fucking old moose

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