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  1. MG is the local MP for epsom, I received some greif in his constituency and my wife wrote him a letter about it. He said he wouldn’t help as we were not his constituents.
    When MG got involved in the Queens Memorial Garden at Holmbury I withdrew my support and company backing because from my first dealings with him I learnt my service meant fuck all to him so I would be fucked if I would contribute towards a valid cause that was going to allow a snide cunt like that take the glory.

  2. A couple of weeks ago I thought he was alright. But then he kicked BoJo in the nuts and denied us the most amusing PM in history. Not content with that he cunt punts AL by urging tactical voting for TM. What is this cunts problem? Does he want Brexit or not? 24 carat solid gold cunt with a cherry on the top and a sparkler up his arse.

      • Precisely old heart. Looks like it should be in a ring with Mick McManus. Actually name orf Sarah Vine (sister orf Tim) and Daily Mail columnist.

        • The odious Sarah Vine is NOT the sister of Tim & Jeremy. Their sister is the actress Sonya Vine.

          Agree that Sarah should be in the ring with Mick McManus – she does have a look of Steve Logan about her.

  3. Gove Bojo May Cameron AL, It is not rocket science they are all cunts, they are all politicians and puppets of a higher power,
    In out the end result will be the same, the only thing that the leave vote has done is caught them off guard as it was not expected by them or the powers that pull their strings,
    All that will happen is they need time to re think new ways of totally fucking you all in or out of Europe, when the haze of the political turmoil settles they will have sorted out some new and even more cunning ways of cutting services more austerity and keeping the banks and investors secure , look at the freeze that has already been imposed on investors having their right to withdraw removed.
    Realise this they wealthy and elitist wont loose if they do, well simple more Austerity. its all about how well connected they are as to how much of the shit they have to absorb, that’s being slung at them by their own, for political positioning to manoeuvre the more useful of the group of cunts into the positions the powers find more lucrative to their master plans.

  4. Great news. Wiminz can now serve as cannon fodder just as men have done for centuries.

  5. After his total self buggery since the referendum I am surprised he didn’t nominate himself.

    • Gove as a kiddy fiddler? Nothing would surprise me….

      Maybe the reptilian Gove now wants to be Tebbit to Theresa May’s Maggie? Nothing would surprise me there either…

      I have no doubt this slimy turd now has his eye on something else, now he’s been kicked out of the leadership race… If Gove had half a brain he would have teamed up with Boris (like they did with Brexit) and they’d have pissed the leadership battle… Was Gove’s betrayal of Boris a result of ridiculous delusion and self importance, or -as I said – part of a wider plan to get a Tebbit/Heseltine type role? Either way Gove is a complete weirdo looking cunt…

      • i think gove was worried that bojo was a fan of brexit ultra-lite – bojo always said the referendum should be used to force “better” concessions from the eu. shows what a cunt he is.
        whoever the new leader is had better get rid of tose cunts osborne and hammond, one to northern ireland and one to scotland

        • Andrea Leadsom Needs a proper Cunting !!

          In The New Leadership Race,
          Andrea Leadsom, well fuck her again and again and again, Then that will be 6 times she’s been qualified to of been fucked, and improve her ability to run a country by a fucked her of 2, if fact looking at the cunt im amazed someone fucked her 3 times already.
          Leadsom as it may give you credits when your talking bollucks down the Women’s Institute, and knitting baby booties club, having spawned future tory kids, will not make you a better leader, or improve your abilities to run a country.
          The leave campaign is over, serious statements are now required to qualify some confidence in UK politics, because being fucked 3 times gives you fuck all credit , it just means the daft fucker shagged you more than once.

  6. Well as they both voted for child benefit cuts being a mother didn’t seem to make a difference to Leadsom, if she was a mother or not. so now it does apparently.
    And as for May she missed so many votes only can presume she was on all fours still trying to get one in the oven.
    May as a front bencher missed so many votes, yea I would say a useless fucker as well.

    But looking at what they did vote for, all I can add is they are in a race of who is the biggest CUNT to be the next PM

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