Justin Welby [5]

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That cunt the archbishop of Canterbury is now urging us to house Syrian refugees,however it must be self-contained and available for at least 12 months.

I asked Granny Fiddler if she fancied moving out of the granny-flat to make way for some peace-loving immigrants. Damn near finished the old trout off..started screaming about kiddie-fiddling sand niggers invading our green and pleasant land, and kicked my Afghan hound right up the arse.

I rang the good Archbishop to ask advice and he said to ”choke the racist old bag with a packet of Werther Originals” What a iobbie-jabbing,god-bothering true cunt.

Nominated by: Dick Fiddler

16 thoughts on “Justin Welby [5]

  1. Hehe, nice cunting. He’s a sanctimonious self-righteous cunt, who like all the other sanctimonious self-righteous cunts would rather see us take in immigrants with barbaric religious outlooks and who will eventually out-breed us and force us to adopt their fascist supremacist culture, than protect our own beleaguered tolerant and liberal people. If kindness leads to the subjugation of the indigenous population then we must stop being kind.

  2. Then he can fuck off to Syria to make room for a family. I’m sure he will get a warm welcome there, and will get to tell them about how great Christiantity is too. It’s a win win

  3. Why do people listen to the softly spoken but never the less deranged rants of this delusional maniac? He thinks there is a man who lives in the sky and has a load of mates who have wings and fly about blowing trumpets. FFS! How much more insane do you have to get before they lock you up?

    I have every sympathy with the mentally ill and their families but I seriously doubt giving them a big pointy hat and allowing them in the house of Lords is effective treatment.

  4. I’ll take notice of this fuckwit with the word CUNT running through him like a stick of rock when the KSA, or some other desert shithole, builds a Christian church. Until then weaselly small-minded apologists like Glibly can fuck right off.

  5. Probably too soon to Cunt of Murky Merkel as we don’t know for sure that the ongoing incident in Germany is IS=ISLAM related.

    Some Germans find it hard to believe that they would be a target for Islamic terror, after all they have welcomed refugees and pseudo refugees with open arms.

    Time ot print the Dummies guide to Islam in German?

    • I think these fuckers read “Islam’s guide to dummies-a guidebook for Jihadists on how soft the West is”.

  6. Breaking News. 3 shooters attack shopping center in Munich, 6 reported dead. I’ll give anyone 7 to 4 on that one of the shooters is called Mohamed.

    • Come on Merkel you fat little cunt, get out there and tell them you love them and to put their guns down

      • Another One? I just read about an attack not 20 hours ago now another one. I feel bad for the germans who campaigned against migration. Burqa merkel should be tortured for what shes done to europe and especially her own country.

        However alot of dumb cucked germans were inviting of migrants so hopefully they are the ones who died. Merkel has blood on her hands and welby is a bloody fucking retard

  7. As soon as the heads of the various Christian churches stop talking about the ways of Christ and start acting in accordance with the words of Christ they can fuck off. I have read the bible and not in one sermon does Jesus say create a large organisation in my name and gather as much wealth as you can. Oh and make sure you don’t spend the Wonga on the poor and homeless, spend it on gaudy robes and gold stuff all dedicated to me.

    These cunts believe in Jesus less than I do. Welby is a clueless cunt or a manipulative cunt exploiting suckers for cash and power, no matter what everything he does adds up to cunt.

  8. The Munich police are cunts, they’ve tweeted “Unfortunately, we’ve already recorded 6 dead people!” – is this a 16 year old intern who thinks they’re on Call of Duty or something. To be honest Social Media is mostly for cunts. The media love it because it supplies them with a constant stream of inane bollocks they can report on.

  9. Sounds like one of the shooters was called Kassam Haid, so probably not the far right then!

  10. Was google-ing “xyz is a cunt” and found this place to rant. Need to respectfully nominate all Yanks as cunts. The level of cuntostrity they display astounds me.

    I deal with these twats daily at work. They show an industrial grade calibre of fuckwittery. Nice enough people, but so insular that I’m astounded they even realise they know the world outside the good ‘ol US of A even exists.

    Just a few years ago we were in Spain at a market. Some dick head ‘merican was trying to convince the stall holder to accept dollars. An isolated incident, so I thought. Not so.

    Just got back from Venice where a local ciggie shop has a queue out the fucking door due to some gob shite yank trying to pay in $100 dollar bills. The shop keep was most accommodating and offered the git a good Euro/dollar exchange rate so he could buy some tabs. All this cunt did was whinge about the rate he got. FUCK RIGHT OFF AND BRING FUCKING EUROS NEXT TIME!. That’s what I thought and was exactly what the shop keeper said.

    Fucking Yanks. There is a world outside the inbread, racist shit hole you inhabit.

    • You should try living in Suffolk where the USAF cunts rent half the houses down your street and then fuck off to work at 5:30 in the morning. It’s been particularly good this week when its so hot you have to sleep with the windows open.

      Noisy inconsiderate cunts…

  11. Used to work as an executive for one of the big oil companies, before he saw
    the light, so then OILWELLBY became WELLBY, according to a well known
    satirical publication!

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