Nicola Sturgeon [8]


While we are on the subject of the EU I would like to nominate that fucking wart hog Nicola Sturgeon. Now I know that she/he has already been nominated before (a lot) but I felt that she has shown herself to be an even bigger cunt than I had first thought.

Is it not so overwhelmingly obvious to everyone that she is so terrified of giving up her chance to sit on the highly paid board of European commissioners and riding that gravy train long into the night that she has threatened us with another Scottish independence vote so that the people of Scotland can remain in?

Now she says that the people of said country (most of which can’t read or write anyway) have overwhelmingly voted to remain????? 62% is hardly what I would call overwhelming is it you fucking porridge wog? What about the 38%?

I appreciate that mathematics is not a strong point north of the border but come on! 4 in 10 people want to get out, that’s almost half of them. This rant is pretty pointless anyway because personally they can fuck off anyway bunch of useless cunts.

Nominated by: Mike Hunt

50 thoughts on “Nicola Sturgeon [8]

  1. Wow you’re so on the mark here, zenophobic cunts. You can go cry about Iceland too. Bunch of babies.

    • Yeah, all 17 million of us are xenophobic. At least try and spell the word correctly if you’re going to call names, cunt.

      • ‘xenophobia’ is a fear of foreigners. I’m not afraid of foreigners, I just don’t want freeloading foreigners living off my taxes.

        And that makes me a pragmatist not a xenophobe – or a racist either for that matter…

    • Oh dear Billy. You see, where the leftard, fuckwit cunts went wrong is in assuming that anyone who voted out is a knuckle dragging, uncultured xenophobe.

      I don’t hate foriegners at all. Just freeloading Muslims….. and the EU.

      And for your information, I speak three European languages fluently, all three of my wives were European and my son is half Icelandic.

      I am a director of a highly successful consultancy and live in a large house in the poshest part of London.

      I am pretty sure there are rakes of OUT voters just like me.

      The silent majority of intelligent, professional adults who don’t spit the dummy when they don’t get their own way.

      That must be really difficult for leftards to swallow……And I hope they choke on it.

    • Billy Bellend certainly lives up to his name… Cry about Iceland? A Porridge Wog perchance?

  2. Best leader for Scotland, – Soon we can also cut ties with rUK.

    She is deffinately NOT worthy of any cunting by guff cunts south of the border.

    • I’m on your side. The sooner Scotland fucks off the better.
      Should take them about a week to discover they do not have an economically viable nation without English money…

      … and that’s only because they’re a bit slow up there!

  3. I have been reading this site for a while and never commented but due to the aforementioned fishflapcuntsick Sturgeon I now feel compelled.

    To whinge and moan about losing the majority vote is one thing; to try and sidle up to the EU for the “good of Scotland” when you’re actually just trying to feather your own nest makes you a CUNT.

  4. I would like to cunt the Manc-chavs who abused the American on the tram.

    Telling a darker completed man to go home whilst throwing beer, swearing loudly and upsetting everyone else who is just trying to get to work.

    Unlike these cunts who are probably just back from a dog fight after forgetting where they’d parked their stolen mopeds when mugging a granny.

    Surely deserve a cunting?!

  5. Are you Scottish cunts absolutely blind to the perils of the EU or what????? Personally I can’t wait until you fucking haggis munching, kilt wearing,sheep fucking, porridge wombles to have your spoil brat tantrum throwing way and vote to leave Britain. Then when the farcical European Union crumbles into oblivion hopefully they will take those sweaty socks with them ….. The smile on my face will be from ear to ear when the jocks come crawling back again and we tell them to fuck off!!! Monumental bunch of CUNTS

    • I would like to answer this part on behalf of my “so called” CUNTtrymen (Are you Scottish cunts absolutely blind to the perils of the EU) AYE;)

    • They have absolutely fuck all agricultural, mineral, industrial, or commercial appeal which is why we allow them to tag along with England and even give them the fucking Barnett Formula and NOW Devo Max! Ungrateful CUNTS!

      The only things they have going for them are a finite oil supply (which has a limited, unpredictable, variable value) and their culture which is also finite because all it consists of are things of no value such as haggis, whiskey, headbutts, ginger pubes and bagpipes (which sound fucking wank btw).

      The only reason anybody gives a fuck or knows about them is because they are (sadly) attached to us like some parasitic bug. Good fucking riddance.

      (I actually have Scottish friends and relatives who I love very much!) #NotAllJocksAreCunts

  6. I feel I must nominate that William Oliver Healey cunt. Just who the fuck is this absolute belter???? After doing a small amount of background research I have discovered that he claims to be an English Democrat activist?????? Listen Billy boy if your so into democracy why don’t you let it take its course rather than whinging like a soppy cunt and moaning that leave voters hijacked your petition…….CUNT

    • To be fair – and that’s not too common for me – Healey’s petition has been hijacked by remainiac cunts for a purpose it was never intended for. It was tabled well before the referendum in an attempt to define the level of support for Brexit that would make it a clear mandate for the government.

      An example is 40,000 signature from residents of the Vatican City ( who aren’t eligible to vote anyway ) out of a population of around 600! The electoral commission is investigating this level of fraud!

      Ona similar subject, my counter petition is STILL awaiting ‘consideration’ and I’ll bet it never sees the light of day!

  7. Fuckin Jimmy Krankies ugly sister, wind bag. Silly hair. We voted to LEAVE THE eu, get over it, if Scotland stay in the EU and Jimmy Krankie gets her way, the Scottish people will be really happy that she’s given the thumbs up for 500 million Europeans to flood Scotland!

  8. Wee (smells of piss) Nicki deserves some credit. She is pushing the boundaries of cuntitude to new limits. Scotland now has one of the leading cunts in the world. Now we all appreciate that the Scots have long strived for ultimate cuntishness for many centuries but I believe this we haggis muffed arm chewer may accomplish ultimate cuntitude.

  9. If you type anything that horrid krankie says into Google translate, it comes up as “I hate the English.”
    Did you see that SNP MEP CNT pleading with those cunts in Brussels not to cut Scotland loose with brexit? What a girl.

    • She’s the first minister of Scotland so it’s only right she stands up for her own country to be fair. If only we had some English politicians that would do the same for us…

      • Refreshing to see an elected member attempting to do something for her country. If only our wanky useless cunts would do the same.

  10. Hopefully she will lead the jocks to independence. Let them stay in the EU. Good fuckin riddance. Just don’t expect to keep using the English pound as your currency, don’t expect to have any representation in the English Parliament, let your own economy support you if it is capable, just fuck off and stand on your own two feet without the assistance of England you ungrateful bunch of cunts.

  11. She only wants to stay in the EU so if she does get independence for Jockistan there will be 450 million people financing her 2 bob country once the English no longer finance it.

  12. The wee bawbag needs to set her tartan vibrator to stun and give us a couple of days break from her non stop whingeing

    • It’s not a tartan vibrator she uses on herself…’s a Thermos flask…..

      • Reminds me of the Wilt film…
        “Do they really make tartan dildos?”
        “That’s my Thermos, Inspector”.

  13. I’ve posted the fact before, that all she wants is to go down in history as the one that gave Scotland it’s independance from England (Britain) at all costs. I believe that 62% of those in Scotlandthat voted ‘remain’ , are actually only 40% of those eligible to vote. Now I’ve no time for anyone voicing an opinion that didn’t vote, however, if the ballot paper on the EU vote stated … ‘remain in the EU without the rest of the UK’ …. I think the 62% remain result would have been far less. Supposing it was nearer 50 / 50, she certainly wouldn’t be pulling the ( Cunt) stunt that she is by ignoring Westminster and heading off to Brussels crying foul. 1.6 million voted to ‘remain’ …. 2 million voted to remain part of the UK, less than two years ago …. in a ‘once in a lifetime’ (according to her) vote.
    She says she’s ‘protecting Scotlands interests’ at the moment. Is she fuck. If she were, she’d be down in Westminster taking notes. Who the fuck would try and remain in, or try to re-join a crumbling EU.
    Would she dare take the Euro …. Would she really want to have the only mainland border between Schengen controlled EU Scotland and the rest of mainland UK, a recipe for getting every waif and stray coming into Scotland and then head south into England. Fuck me, has she not seen Calais on the television.
    She says that Scotland deserves another independence referendum as things have changed dramatically ( the UK out of the EU ). I’d say by the same token, her 62% voted to remain in an EU that had the UK for a member, that’s now (dramatically) changed, shouldn’t she offer Scotland another EU referendum first ?
    Sorry ….. very long winded …. but basically, she’s a cake and eat it Cunt.

  14. Looks like she didn’t get very far with the EU, so I can’t imagine her calling a referendum any time soon.

  15. It turns out that the political party who had the biggest amount of leave voters North of the border was errr the SNP. You know the folks who really believe in ‘independence’ which also includes freedom from the EU. Sturgeon is now aware that around 1/3 of her support can’t see the EU far enough which is why she has stopped short of using this as a pretext for demanding a second referendum. Notice that despite all the noise she is making she hasnt actually called for this. She has called for ‘negotiations’ , ‘talks’ and ‘discussion’ certainly but she aint calling for an actual referendum. We know why.
    Sorry for that piece of actual analysis which goes against the you know, simple bigotry and ‘porridge wog’ level of intellect some on here are only capable of. Hope it didnt hurt your brains too much.

    • Btw Ruth Davidsons conservatives were the reason Edinburgh delivered the biggest remain vote in a Scottish constituency, not the Nats. Things are more complex then many people think.

  16. HAHAHA! im scottish and i love this site, i just have one question. if this horrible wee cunt gets her way and Scotland goes independent, is there anyone in England got a room to rent?

  17. England and Scotland have a symbiotic relationship, yep we love aiming banter at each other and sometimes we can do it with venom but I certainly wouldn’t want it to end up in real hostility.

    Personally I would prefer them to stay in the union but not against their will. However I also believe Scotland in the EU would be much diminished as a nation and wonder if the Scots have looked 20 years ahead to what Nicola would sell them into.

    • The will of the Scottish people was decided two years ago. We value and cherish our union with England, Wales and N Ireland. Fact.

    • I’d prefer it if the jocks fucked off once and for all, and took that cunt Andy Murray with them too.

      • Agreed that Andy Murray is DEFINATELY a cunt of the highest order. Is there, or has there ever been a more boring cunt in the history of sport. I personally would rather watch the grass in my back garden grow than listen to that monotone fucking shitcunt drone on.

  18. Wow the fish face wankstained blemonge is at it again ! Just think if she had got her way 2 years ago and gained independence the porridge eating cunts would not be in the EU anymore anyway. But oh no just because it wasn’t her that decided to remove Scotland from the EU but the rest of the UK ( mainly the English ) the sour faced cunt has to stir up trouble and make it even more apparent that she truly hates the English with a Passion !
    If this cunt truly believes that Scotland’s future is in the EU then that’s fine but please do the rest of us a favour and have your fucking independence referendum now before you try and gain readmission into the EU as we don’t want to be your backup if you don’t get what you want

  19. As an English cunt living north of the border and ex servicemen I’d hate to see Scotland chip off from the UK, at least they provide some income and cultural kinship.

    It would however be worth it to see the cunt actually have to govern for once rather than simply revelling in being the braveheartesque peoples champion calling out westminsters evils, and embarrassing herself on uninvited jollys to Europe.

    It’s easy to be a hero when you don’t actually make any economic or fiscal decisions of your own.

    She could start by addressing Scotland’s 9million quid deficit to the UK each year, rather than wedging her stuntmans knee facial features onto the news at least bi-weekly to moan about, essentially, fuck all.

    I fuking hate the poisonous little cunt more than that arch cunt British hating bully victim Salmond, at least he tried to divide the nation based on his own twisted and exaggerated opionions, Sturgeon is just in it to go down in the history books.

    And by down, I mean well down, I pray the mealy mouthed little scrubber gets her way, I guarantee the jocks will vote the same as the first time, then this facile wanking sock will hopefully whirl away down the plug hole of history, to dwell in the same sewer system of hated somewhat famous cunts as the likes of jade goody, Gary glitter and both Allan’s (Keith and his vacuous and multi talentless daughter)

  20. Shes got a face like a smashed fucking crab and sounds like sooty getting arsefucked with a pineapple. Scottish screaming handbag playing cunt.

  21. While I agree the thin lipped constipated shit filled cunt needs a regular cunting as she is determined to break up the UK and cunt over the Scottish just because she cunt fisted herself with Alex Salmons shit filled head while watching Braveheart and now wants to be William cunting Wallace even if it means everyone gets cunted in the process, as an Englishman, I have to say in general the Scottish are a rather charming bunch of cunts and I hope they don’t leave the UK and see though that poisonous rat faced cunt Nicuntla Sturgcunt

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