Angela Eagle


I never thought the Labour Left could sink any lower until I watched Angela Eagle on Thursday’s ITV EU debate – but I was wrong.

This woman is a nasty, nasty, nasty, nasty piece of work.

And she has the cheek to accuse the Leave campaign of ‘engaging in a race to the bottom’ FFS! Labour already scraped the bottom of a very deep barrel when they found this one!

What worries me more is that there are a bunch of people in Wallasey who have been thick enough to vote for this cunt since 1996. Thank Christ I don’t live in Wallasey. If this is an indication of the mentality of the average British voter then we’re well and truly fucked!

Really, serious, full on NASTY bastard!

Nominated by: Dioclese

19 thoughts on “Angela Eagle

  1. Knew the name but not the face untill Thursday and what a fucking ugly face.
    Straight out the mould, opinionated,
    finger pointing lefty lesbo cunt.
    Took an instant hatred of this cunt.
    Who seriously wants this cunt representing them or speaking on their behalf?
    Another soap dodger, probably with bacterial vaginosis.

  2. My theory is that Labour promoted her in a desperate attempt to make Corbyn look halfway competent.

  3. Looks like a left wing harpy to me, no talent of her own so she wants to level everyone down so she gets a share of everyone else’s hard earned.

    She should be touting for business at a lorry park the scaggy cunt.

    • Another cunt who went to Oxford, who hates cunts who went to Oxford. Did I just describe the entire shadow cabinet?

  4. The three dykes in the remain campaign were like three venomous witches especially the cunt with the glasses. What a vindictive fucker she is. All three are fluent in the language of talking bollocks.

  5. Can I nominate the anti English press and foreign cunts who put total blame for football violence at our door. Fucking marseille frog fuckers attack English fans, Russian cunts come to a game armed with weapons, commando style headgear so not to be recognised on cctv, and attack us and it’s us who are accused of causing violence. It seems like it’s a badge of honour for these cunts to provoke or attack the English. Well history should tell them all that when it comes to a good old ruck the English will not sit back and take shit from anyone. We may have been fucked over by our politicians who have allowed this country to descend into a shit hole full of foreign scum who take what they can and slag us off when it suits them, but unlike these fuckers the majority of English do not have a yellow streak of piss for a backbone.

  6. Liberal Moslem Apologists are absolute Cunts recently another mass shooting in the states by another religion of peace poster boy killing 50 poofs at a gay pub in Orlando,FL.
    How is the lib media going to spin this one I wonder?
    It is unspinnable! I just can’t wait to see them try.
    I can’t wait to see the BBC or Channel 4 stuttering, trying to explain that Moslems don’t really hate homos and this is all somehow the fault of White people or anti-immigrationers. That’s the end of the politically correct narrative right there folks. Omar Mateen, an Afghani haji(migrant), just secured the election for Trump by carrying out the most deadly terrorist attack in America since 9/11.

    Samuel Jackson said he hoped the San Bernardino Shooters were White, Well the liberal media was hoping the same for this attack. I hope you enjoy the hell out of those 72 virgins Omar. You deserved it mate! Update: ISIS just took responsibility for the attack this just keeps getting better LOL

  7. Liberals use a points system in this case, so they will be busy doing the math to work out how to blame the right, tho some LBGT rainbow warrior has already laid the blame at Trumps door as he has fermented a toxic atmosphere of hate.

    The shooters father has already said he was not religious so I am guessing he was a Muslim Redneck targeting Hispanic Americans who thought he would get bonus points for taking some LBGT with him.

    Or maybe he just didn’t like disco……

    • I think its time now to tell all the Mufti Cunts and Immams to sort this out. If they are not prepared to get their own hands dirty sifting the good from the bad in their own camp, fuck them all off. Fucking demented cunts.

  8. I’m praying that DT gets in in the USA. Ironically, I think he is less dangerous than killary – for one thing, so many people will be keeping a very close eye on him.

    As for the klinton baggage, who said to DT recently “Delete your account”, I have only one thing to say to her:

    “Delete yourself, killary!”

    • Me too HB @ Trump really is a different kind of change a positive one, hilary cunton is “the new guy same as the old guy shite” she would be 4 obamas in one.

      She also would be on alot of talk shows being a celebrity whorelike obama, shes also a corporate shill definitely the worst kind of shill there is.

      Her presidency could actually put her various ongoing trials on hold also.

  9. Obama is a slimy little Cunt! Incredibly, the Planet of the Apes leader of America mourned the death of 50 unlucky poofs but guess what?! he didn’t say one bloody word about terrorism or islam not even one! Instead, the ridiculous primate blamed guns,..guns FFS!.
    He said this
    “This massacre is therefore a further reminder of how easy it is for someone to get their hands on a weapon that lets them shoot people..”(Thats what guns do!)This is totally incredibley mongy.

    What about Paris, you sneaky Black Cunthead? Those hajis got a higher score than this haji, and Paris has got the most restrictive gun laws in the whole fucking world. In Paris, they didn’t call for guns to be banned after the Paris massacre– because guns are already banned you dumb Mong.

  10. great nomination dioclese -judging by the number of comments -she may be due a de-selection ? lets all hope so.
    you summed her up perfectly dioclese nasty nasty nasty .
    she is just like snobby evil Emily Thornberry and man hater feminazi Yvette cooper and Gordon paedo brown who thinks even labour councillors who dare say the immigration word are bigoted -what a sick bunch of hate fuelled crazies-all anti democratic and all in fear and loathing of us-the white English working class.
    happy to do secret treacherous deals with snp to exploit us even more and happy to give out more titles in the house of lords than even the tories -the folk who vote for the likes of eagle must be sick in the head -lets pray they come to their senses after the referendum and de-select her.
    I think labour will be history after the referendum -as every party in the england is more democratic than labour ie :-ukip liberals greens and tories are all more democratic than the labour party-who love unions scots feminists gays muslims blacks and Londoners -but hate the working class white English .
    they don’t even support an English parliament or even evel and they love the Barnett formula -they hate anything even remotely democratic .

    • These days Labour and the unions are there to exploit the working class not support and represent them.
      It’s ironic that they’ve turned into the very people they were created to protect us from…

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