Shazia Mirza [2]


Shazia Mirza is a cunt. Same with those loose women cunts who laughed at her sick hot ISIS guy joke.

Referring to moslem girls fleeing to Syria, she said: ‘I’m not being frivolous but these ISIS men, as barbaric as they are, you have to admit, they are hot. I mean, some of them are.” This Hajess is a a bit of a sick cunt isn’t she? she then said “They are macho, they’re hairy, they’ve got guns. And these girls they’ve got are thinking “he’s a bit of alright”.

Not only should the stupid loose women show be off the air by now but Shazia Mirza should get a one way ticket to a ISIS bootcamp to bunk up with some hot ISIS terrorists.

Nominated by: TitSlapper

18 thoughts on “Shazia Mirza [2]

  1. Can’t wait for the 23rd of June. Come the 24th its open season on bag head cunts like Shazia Mirza.

  2. if you like greasy,sweaty coffee coloured wankers then crack on,always great when a po faced ugly mozzi bitch who should fuck off back to where she came from….ragheadf cunt

  3. A sand wog who thinks it’s ok to make those kind of jokes about ISIS. That’s a surprise. And that photo demonstrates perfectly whey muzzie women dress in bin bags. They are UGLY!

  4. Paddy Ashdown is due a nomination. Ably proving that Remain’s strategy is “If you can’t go for the ball, go for the player”, by calling pro-Brexit MP’s “tin pot, imitation Churchills”. He also made the laughable claim that the EU is “the world’s greatest single peace making organisation”. We all know that Pantsdown is a fully paid member of the Crackpot’s’R’us club, but he’s fucking excelling himself with this one.

    Peace making organisation? All it’s ever done is cause arguments, and steal vast amounts of money from richer member nations, and give it to the poorer member nations. Except it hasn’t always been enough. Greece is a basket case, desperately trying to avoid the drop to failed state. Spain and Italy are both in deep financial trouble. The Eastern European states are grumbling at the huge number of muslims they now have to deal with, thanks to that dowdy, fat Kraut, Merkel.

    If the EU were the benign, peace loving Utopia that Pantsdown tries to paint it as, EVERY nation on Earth would want to join. The fact is, the only people that the EU benefits, are those on the payroll. Particularly the likes of Juncker, Schulz, Tusk and all the other leeches at the top.

  5. Owen Jones is also due a cunting. Poor little Owen, he threw a hissy fit and stormed of Newsnight. Apparently, his dainty liberal sensibilities were offended by the nasty Newsnight team refusing to dwell on the fact that the victims of the MURDERING MUSLIM CUNT, were gay. Jones couldn’t believe it that people were more concerned that the attacker was a muslim, than they were that this was the worst attack against the LGBT community, ever. So, he ripped off his microphone and off he stormed. What a twat.

    The fact is Owen, there are some things that are far more relevant than a persons sexuality. This being yet another islam inspired attack being one of them. And the fact I have to explain that to you, Owen, speaks volumes about your IQ. It doesn’t matter that they were gay. They were, first and foremost, people. Human beings. And they were murdered by a hackneyed, hate filled, koran reading crackpot. THAT is what matters.

      • The cunt couldn’t bask in reflected sympathy, so had a strop. There there, stick to the BBC, they won’t treat you like that. Pillock.

  6. This hatchet-faced slag would think any man’s hot, it must be years since she had some dick. Keep the burqa on darlin’, it’s your only hope.

  7. I suppose you have to take what you can get when you look like Tutan Khamun, and your minge looks like Blofelds’ eye, courtesy of Fgm.

  8. I doubt that even some stinking murdering sand nigga who has been holed up in some desert hell hole for months would find that ugly cunt attractive. They normally prefer something a bit younger with no sexual past, that way they can’t be compered to a proper man. Cunts.

  9. This cunt looks like a Egyptian ancient ruler and probably smells like one!

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