Sadiq Khan


Sadiq Khan becoming Mayor of London tells us it’s all over, our capital city given away. I went shopping earlier and thought I was in eastern Europe until I got to the till.

Why the fuck we allowed people to die in two world wars to preserver “British values” then in 1945 immediately started giving the nation away not one cunt from LabCon has yet stood up in parliament and explained.

The British are now an endangered species.

Nominated by: Sixdog Vomit

Khan is a cunt.

Muslim mayor…..fuckin’ joke.

Cunt might have been born in London, but as the saying goes…..just because you were born in a stable doesn’t mean you’re a horse

Nominated by: JR Cuntley

Sadiq Khan is a cunt…

It’s going to be interesting when there is another terrorist attack on London: and they wheel out Khan as Mayor to make a statement… I wonder how he will do the ‘nothing to do with Islam’ and ‘we musn’t offend them’ bullshit? Because – rest assured – that is what the cunt will do…

That cunt, Khan, his Labour Council, and his toadying to every muslim and foreign cunt will do more long-term to damage to London than Hitler and his blitz ever did..

Nominated by: Norman

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  1. Laughing stock of the Western world is jolly old London.
    Tribal voting and practices better suited to a third world hell hole and the media gushes about this terrorist supporting scum bucket.
    The only bright point is that the Labour party is almost unelectable but as the repopulation of the UK continues, some of us have little to be cheerful for and fear for our children’s future.

    • Good points I truly honestly believe he was purposely planted to ease “migration and terrorist criticism”. I bet all the poofs saying how corbyn was the worse choice feel like bloody fucking idiots now. Sometimes you got to pick the the damaged tomato over the poisoned one, just saying.

      • I think he was planted by the eu so francois hollande would have someone as short as him to stand next to when he visited his third world Asian and African friends in London . at least khan doesn’t have the face of a puckered pigs arse like hollande .
        I bet hollande makes sure he is never left alone with Cameron as he knows Cameron likes little piglets.

    • Fellow cunts…I feel I must stand up for this pillar of liberal thinking.
      Have you not heard imams are refusing to recite the Muslim prayer for the three vile scumbag London bridge terrorists…and people say the Muslim community are not tackling the problem head on …
      Sadiq , i think the time to appease is over…i won’t go into detail as to why.. there is no need…take the fingers out of ears … we have had enough .

  2. The only thing that cunt will do is ramp up council tax to build the 50,000 new houses needed in the capital each year. Houses earmarked for muslim filth, benefit breeders and illegal immigrants.

    If he had any balls he would be vowing to catch and deport the 1,000,000 + illegals currently camped out in sheds and spare rooms in the capital and solving the housing shortage that way.

    Surely, even a thick, jihadi supporter like Khan must be able to see that?

    • good comment odin .
      yesterday I rang the labour scumbag o.b.e. recipient Claire kober but of course got a lacky who turned out to be the typical cocky assuming narrow-minded thick attitude ridden young black London female -who I found beyond annoying-when I said I didn’t live in London or visit it ever -she was shocked as like most London blacks she probably has never left the city all her life unless she was going abroad and then they act like they assume everyone knows visits and loves London-sadly because of her and her type most whte English have never visited London and most of the remainder avoid it like the foreign plague it is -I used to think of it as in England and our capital up until about the time blair came to power-now I consider it less English than anywhere in Australia or new Zealand for example -which is sad as I only live 28 mins from kingscross but haven’t been for a visit to London since about 1985 .
      anyway the cow was so cocky and thick and assuming and refused to be polite or answer a single question or be helpful in any way -she wouldn’t even tell me why kober had a obe and told me to google it .
      some blacks are fine and even impressive but most especially the ones blair paid London weighting to and gave 3 times our pupil funding in cambs and got them the best teachers and gave them the right to housing and to buy it subsidised and then gave them more fast trains and tube trains and crossrails and buses and everything else at the expense of the rest of the uk-these blacks who never leave London ever -except the brave few who go to luton or brum or Bristol to be in their exclusive black ghettos -but most never leave ever and they assume they are superior -not foreign and scroungers and scum and anti white and anti English and incapable of providing for themselves without every unfair advantage going -all at our expense .
      I had 3 African lodgers -all were fine as they didn’t live in a ghetto they lived in cambs and in my house and many blacks are fine of course-but in London especially the ghetto mentality is in half the London population -you never see blacks in most towns or villages or anywhere rural as these area are not black ghettos and that cocky London black ghetto attitude to whites and non Londoners makes me so angry-i tried to tell the dimwit off but you feel guilty correcting or disagreeing with someone who has never evolved fully and worse has a superior attitude.
      like I said many blacks are fine and even many Asians-but only the ones who don’t have the ghetto mind-set -sadly I see these London black scum on tv and always think they are the lowest of the low -well as bad as footy thugs and skinheads and elitist snobs .
      she was so thick I had to explain everything to her about 3 times and I even had to resort to asking the obvious -like do you know Claire kober your boss has an obe ? eventually she said not just yes but had to add arrogantly of course .
      I don’t know if I am managing to express what I wanted to or not-but hopefully someone will say on reading this-I know exactly what you are talking about ?
      the labour cow Claire kober is partly responsible for the epidemic in housing fraud amongst foreigners mostly in London so it is a pertinent point I am making.
      on bbc1’s council house crackdown on edgeware roadin central London a block of flats had 75% of its occupants illegally sub-letting all at tax payer expense -mostly foreigners of course-very few are punished and most can and/or do become millionaires through sub letting fraud and right to buy-right to buy fraud in fact rocketed up by 40 % according to the govt -so god knows how bad the real figures are .

      • My mum lives in a really small village in Suffolk & they’ve just had their first black family move in. I couldn’t believe this when she told me but apparently they play really loud music until all hours, now bear in mind the average age group in this village is about 60 years old. Anyway, the neighbour who is recovering from cancer politely asked them to turn their music down & their response was to tell her to “f**k off you white trash scum”!! You seriously could not make it up.

  3. But Dodgy Dave should be cunted in tandem with Khan. Just a couple of weeks ago, during the campaigning for London Mayor, Cameron was accusing Khan of being a terrorist sympathiser, an enabler of extremists, unfit to hold public office, and condemning the people Khan chose to share a platform with. And yet, yesterday Cameron goes out campaigning alongside Khan and describes him as a “proud muslim”.

    Just shows what a hypocritical and opportunistic two-faced cunt Cameron is.

    Although to be fair, I guess this turn of events does give credence to Cameron’s concern about the kind of people Khan is willing to share a platform with…

  4. 18 women sexually assaulted at music festival in Darmstadt, Pakistani asylum-seekers arrested.

    If you’re German, and reading this, have the guts to ditch “alte schächtel Merkel”, and pull the rug out from under useless CUNTS in Brussels. Please, bitte!!

    I have NO probs with “peace, friendship and brotherly love”, but like everybody else, I am violently allergic to being fucked-over by faceless, self-elected wankers in Brussels who couldn’t organise a piss-up in a Polish distillery (so-called Polish Spirit being…140 degrees proof !!)

    • “asylum seekers” there’s that word again in order to be seeking asylum their has to be a war in the first fucking place. These migrants… No Savages rapeugees is what they are! They can’t even talk to women properly they just grab arse and start slapping them if they don’t get what they want.

  5. Agreed, he is a complete and utter sack of shit, goat herding, cum guzzling cunt and is paving the way for a Jihadi Prime Minister and how long before the Muslim brotherhood cunts breed their way into our royal family and we will be shouting long live king mohammed. Cunts all of em

  6. I agree with Mr Sixdog, the British are an endangered species. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problems with SOME of the rest of the EU coming to where I live. After all, some of us go and live in Spain, for example, so it would be a bit churlish to complain. And if they pay their taxes, don’t scrounge off benefits, (like some of the ‘real’ British cunts do even!), then no problem what so ever, there always needs to be some integration in our day and age.
    However, when it feels like you live in fucking Krakow, and your local Tesco sounds like the local Polish community center, and you feel like YOUR the minority, there is something VERY fucking wrong.

    • I don’t have a problem with anyone coming to live here down to their race, colour or creed. What I do have issues with is uncontrolled mass immigration when a different race or creed can occupy whole areas and turn it into the same shithole they say they wanted to ger away from.

      My biggest problem is not with those who came my issues is with those who were elected to act in the best interests of the country and its people and royally fucked us over for what can only of been poilitical reasons which are to be seen in every western nation.

      Looked at in contect mass uncontrolled immigration can be nothing less than a globalist one world government tool to alter the demographics of the west and level us down towards third world lving standards.

      When you come home and find your garden full of sheep shitting everywhere it’s pointless taking it out on the sheep, you go find the shepherd point out the error of his ways and make sure he is left in no doubt to get the cunting sheep out of the garden.

      Apologies for rambling on here but I am frustrated with how easily we are fooled. Undoing what has been done to this nation is not possible without resorting to the level of IS.

      Khan at least is what we see him to be, the rest of the cunts that sold us out are hiding in plain sight living well off our taxes and laughing in our faces.

      May the cunts all rot in hell.

      • It’s no longer “immigration”…the more I think about it, “invasion” would seem to be the correct term, as it involves total lack of any desire to assimilate, and the idea that THEY will just impose their customs on us.

        • thats becuse we are a bunch of infedels, what has western civilisation ever done! (we dont even know the pleasures a goat can give)

  7. best case senario, piggy dave invites his old mate Jihadi Khan to parliment to show him how its done, mr Khan turns up suitibly attired in his finest Afghan vest and detonates it right in the middle of them! Win Win situation all round and hopefully a bit of sanity will prevail after it.

    • Why would Sadi1q do that? One day he will be sitting in there running the country under Islamic law.

  8. It could be worse- here in the States the cunts managed to elect a Muslim President not once but twice.

    And if the stammering idiot in the White House is not really a closeted Muzzie, then he holds the absolute record for the number of times one can stick their tongue up the ass of Mohammed.

  9. He was an utter cunt on that debate last night, basically calling anyone who didn’t agree with his views either a racist or a ‘hate monger’.

    Here’s a tip you muslim appeasing twat:

    If you really want to ‘stop hate’, stop calling everyone a racist when you know damn well they’re not. The hate is coming from YOU.

    Ya cunt.

  10. Sadcunt Khan – yet another outsider taking over here. This country is officially now fucked we the English will be made to leave next lets hope we get the fuck out of the EU tommorow, otherwise this country is finished once and for all

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