Jean Claude Juncker [2]

Jean-Claude Juncker

Most of the unelected scum at the top of the EU are anti-British, but Juncker is the worst one. A couple of days ago, he made a comment about the EU not welcoming deserters. Well, in the same piece about the German economy going tits up if we leave, there was also an interesting few paragraphs about exports between Britain and Germany. It turns out that we’re actually quite important to Germany. Last year, they exported £70 billion worth of goods to Britain. The only countries who receive more are the USA, China and France. And this is just one country in a very large world.Now, one of the few things the Remainians have told the truth about, is that our exit from the EU will bring about a period of economic uncertainty. However, it will not be anywhere near as bad as Cameron and Osborne would like us to believe. Trade agreements will have to be renegotiated, but they will be BRITISH negotiators acting in BRITISH interests, instead of by foreigners. Ultimately, we will thrive.

The reason that pricks like Juncker, Tusk and Schultz are mouthing off, is because they’re becoming increasingly nervous. Their jobs depend on the UK voting to stay in the EU, but instead of trying to sweet talk us, or use facts and logic, they’ve chosen to use threats and insults. Then again, they’re as short on facts as they are on logic. Nobody in the remain camp has so far given a truthful example of how the EU has benefitted us. An out vote will bring about the end of the EU, and their highly paid, cushy, unelected jobs. As I said, that scares them, because it means they lose their undeserved positions of power. In a strange way, they’ve actually managed to prove Boris right when he made his Nazi reference. Although, he also referenced Napoleon and the Roman Empire in that speech, the media chose to ignore those parts of it though.

I don’t think that we will, but I will love it if we vote to leave on the 23rd June. For one thing, my birthday is on the 30th of June and it would be the best present ever. More importantly though, scum like Juncker, Tusk, Schultz, Merkel and hopefully Cameron will lose their respective positions of power. Without those positions, they are nothing. Especially Juncker, who will crawl inside a bottle and never come back out.

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  1. The way the Islamophile, Imam-cock-sucking media are handling things, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if there’s a decisive swing towards Brexit on the day…and I’m hoping for a very Happy Birthday for QDMG !! The Indy’s seriously loopy coverage today was puke-inducing, particularly as it involved Leicester, where I lived for quite a few years. Thanks to their badly fucked-up Labour council (racism is only “white on black”, you know the sort of crap, all nurtured by that steaming great turd Vaz), and that the Indian population was 30 per cent when I left (1994), they are having problems with reality…

    • After the recent voting fraud in austria I wouldn’t be surprised if the vote was rigged from the get go and 99% percent of migrants and ethnic borns in general are voting stay. This vote was unfair from the start the leave made logical sense bloody years ago but we are too valuable a assett to the corrupt EU cunts.
      Blackmail Deceit and Lies:A EU Love Story, 50 Shades of EU, A modest proposal in screwing over every european nation in history LOL

  2. Is it wrong to say that this cunt, and most of the current politicians are going to oversee the end of western civilisation? I was hoping to be long gone by the time it was truly fucked, but I think things are speeding up a bit.

    • Things ARE speeding up, thanks to Merkel’s open invite to all those ‘refugees’. Most of those fuckers are as much refugees as I am Buck Rogers. I read somewhere that 2060 will be the year that the indigenous population of the UK, and Europe become a minority. If I’m still alive, I’ll be 86/87 by then. I’m hoping I’m not still alive. I’ve told my children to up sticks and move close to our family in Texas.

      • Remember that old expression “better dead than red”?
        The reply from the political class is “dead it is then, peasants”
        Bloodstained murdering social engineering obsessed cunts, every last one of them…

  3. I am very concerned about what is being allowed to happen in the West in general, we are led by idiots determined to press the self-destruct button – it would be OK if it just affected the individuals that are making all the shit decisions but it affects all of us who don’t want, for example, the mass immigration that the EU is so in love with. Sadly these idiots are rich and will not suffer the consequences of their ridiculous decisions (same as all the idiotic luvvies living in their very secure mansions). We will lose democracy if we’re not very careful – such as it is in the EU anyway.

    I am voting to leave the EU, we don’t need it, it’s anti-democratic, it is worst for the poorest in our society and I agree that we will be more than fine without it.

  4. We traded with our neighbours for centuries before the eu arrived, we had perfectly ok relations with most of them (apart from one or two wars / invasions and other regrettable moments), and the amount of time the eu has existed is but the briefest botty-burp in the history of the universe. I shall continue to enjoy wine from abroad, port, sherry, music (my raison d’être, pardon my Elbonian!!), cognac. and johnny-foreigner food, which I even cook myself! As for “Peace in our time”, eff all to do with the eu, a lot more to do with a certain red button… I don’t think that after Hiroshima and Nagasaki even the most deranged fanatic would seriously want to let rip with that…. I’m sure Vlad the Putin wouldn’t, and I think Kim the overgrown toddler Fat-Boy Mong II would be removed to a “safe place” by saner people in NK, if there were any serious indications…

    The eu is simply well beyond its sell-by date. As the Austrian author Robert Musil said of the Austro-Hungarian empire:

    “It perished of its own unutterability”

    ’nuff said…we simply do not need it. Juncker, Old Mother Merkel and Windbag Kinnock can just go orf hand in hand into some shite-stinking district of Brussels.

  5. The parents of that kid who managed to circumnavigate numerous fences and other perimeter boundaries before being able to gain access into the gorilla enclosure at Cincinatti Zoo deserve a fucking good cunting and no mistake.
    Because of their piss poor parenting and total lack of supervision, a magnificent animal doing nothing more than following its instincts is now dead… those lazy cunts should now be made to dig the hole to bury the fucker in, all 30 stones of him! Cunts.

      • Are you saying you don’t like merica? Are you saying you don’t like freedom? lol but honestly speaking bit torn on the issue for starters this was partly the zoo’s fault.

        Also this is the parents fault for being negligent . Then theres the whole arguement that zoo’s are evil corporations who kill more wildlife then save and animals are prisoners. I’m actually against the use of zoo’s but thats my opinion

  6. The thing is QDM, I think that the population (indigenous English) do remember a time when the EU didn’t stick it’s socialist oar in at every level and they long for that time to return. The return of National pride, of identity and the right to tell politically correct knob jockeys to go and suck some muslim cock if they love their jihadi pets so much, without fear of being locked away on trumped-up race hate charges.

    The Eurocrats are shitting themselves in case Brexit does happen. Because the thing about cultural marxists cunts, like all socialist bellends is that they hate being cut off from other people’s money. In this case English money, which we throw their way by the container load just for the privilege of being told what to do by the kind of people who you couldn’t trust to organise a shit in a toilet.

    Picture if you will, a five year old throwing a shit fit because they have been denied an ice cream. That is exactly the same response you can expect from the far left leaning Eurocrats if we vote to leave…….only slightly less articulate.

    I for one do not believe the polls stating that the remain campaign is streets ahead. If you view the online polls from all of the major newspapers all of them are around 70% leave.
    Therefore we are being greased up and bent over ready for a major reeming in the form of systematic vote rigging to remain.

    If the government of the UK have chosen to royally fuck the electorate for their own gain, then I have this for you:

    “whenever the legislators endeavor to take away and destroy the property of the people, or to reduce them to slavery under arbitrary power, they [the officials of government] put themselves into a state of war with the people, who are thereupon absolved from any further obedience”.

    You have been warned.

    • Socialism usually turns into State Capitalism fairly quickly anyway, because the “better people” who run the show believe that they deserve a more indulgent lifestyle than their farmyard animals as a reward for the Utopia they have created. Replace one class system with another…

  7. David Cameron is a cunt, Cameron recently has hailed Labour’s Sadiq Khan as a “proud Muslim” and “a proud Brit” as he shared a platform with the London Mayor at an EU Remain Rally. Mr Cameron congratulated Mr Khan on his victory in the Mayoral race, saying: “I’m proud to be here with the Labour mayor of London – on this vital, vital issue.”

    Take in to consideration that 8 weeks ago he said he was a potential terrorist. Staying in the EU must be really important to Cameron, if he’s willing to ally with terrorists. He claimed “more than half a million jobs” in London depended on the UK’s membership of the EU, adding: “A vote for Remain means jobs and opportunities.”

    Yes but it also means the EU will still be overseen by mongs… like you David, Fuck off Dave you thick camp cunt!

  8. Juncker has drink problems, he’s nicknamed ‘Drunker’ in the EU corridors. He’s more dangerous than Yeltsin ever was as he’s not realised he could be a liability instead of an asset. Threatening & menacing, with nothing to back it up…let’s hope he doesn’t piss Russia off much more.

  9. My birthday IS the 23rd June. My head says ‘stay’, but my heart says ‘leave’.
    Personally, I’m fucked off with living in a ‘foreign’ country. I’m thinking about going to Poland, as it must be fucking empty by now, what with every cunt coming here.

  10. I can’t wait to be a bystander at the inevitable revolution, and hope to see the people who are selling us down the river tried for treason. How dumb are they ?

  11. Who do you mean Baron von Junkers 88 Iron Cross & Cunts Cross…..who did his Dad fight for in WW2?

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