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Now I don’t know about you but I have been around a bit and found at the top of the food chain a smarmy clipped accent cunt who nods, says the occasional well done then goes off and fucks you over.

Now to me Project Fear (very similar to other projects) is their get out of jail clause.

I am so familiar with the “I don’t agree with this but they are making us do this” shit (it didn’t work at Nuremburg) I think that they are shitting themselves about their own accountability if we opt out of Europe, they are scared of a parliament elected by the people for the people and answerable to the people, no more of this working in your interest and doing the best we can shit.

One of the claims was “if we leave the EU house prices will plummet”. Now maths is not my strong point, neither the treasuries either, but if I look at a map of the EU and its coverage, then take into account I can live anywhere I want, then look at the size of the UK, think well I can only live in a 12th of the former territory, why is less of a commodity cheaper than more?

Most of all stop using my money to shove pro EU crap through my front door! There must be some EU regulation on how much plasticised shit you can produce for a campaign.

What ever happened to fish and chips in newspaper? I think the EU killed that too.

Nominated by: Lord Benny

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  1. Beware! If we leave Europe it will mean the end of western civilization as we know it. The wrath of the Lord will be upon us. Our tiny island will be decimated by hurricanes, tsunamis and invading Russians. Think before you vote.

  2. Hamoron says “If you leave the eu, Muffley Merkel will sit on your face”. At least if we take back what Brussels has seven-eighths inched, we would have the right to …Diane Flabbott !!

  3. any one want to explain to me why under EU rules the state can not have controlling interest in any business but the French goverment have major holdings in Air France and EDF, which could sort of explaine why power costs so much in the UK despite the same vendor is selling it for less in France.

    • Or indeed Deutsch Bundesbahn/Siemens controlling huge chunks orf our railways (and charging higher fares than in Germany) – but because they are French/German and control the EU that is perfectly permissible.

    • The reason is we have cunts for “leaders” as do most other european countries the big difference is that their cunt “leaders” treat the eu like a toybox and only play with the toys that benefit them and if taken to task by say eu court or some other wanky organisation say fuck off no pay fine or just ignore rulings a la France. Our dear leaders drop pants bend over and scream deeper, harder talk dirty etc etc. Thus we are at the terminus (lower) of the shit rolling competition and that is why we are full of migrants, cunty dictates and engulfed in a tidal wave of eu effluent. Fuck the eu I wipe my arse on the treaty of Rome, Maastrict? fuck off; the problem with this referendum is will I be able to vote if I am sectioned? One hopes one can retain a tiny grip on sanity just long enough to use that pencil to mark a big fucking X on the get out option.

    • Simple. The French ignore EU rules that don’t suit them. They don;t say no, they just do nothing.
      There are more infringements outstanding against the French than all the other 27 EU nations added together.

      And you won’t read that in the MSM…

  4. As I said in one of my nominations yesterday, nobody in the Remain camp has so far given us an example of how our membership of the EU has benefitted the British people. All they ever do is throw doom laden predictions at us that are so ridiculous they couldn’t possibly be true.

      • You’re right, particularly the ‘little Englander’ one. But do you know what? I’ve started to take that as a compliment. I consider myself to be a patriot. And I am proud to be a little Englander. Y’see, if we take it off them and wear it as a badge of honour, they’ll get upset and throw a childish tantrum.

    • That’s because there aren’t any so they’re working on the basis that if you can’t kick the ball then you need to kick the man who’s got it…

      • My translator once kikcked the ball for pero, a dog I knew, then they shot him.
        I went down and picked pero up and put him in the dead pit with the other bodies, ( the ground was frozen we couldn’t dig anymore graves) .
        When I came back, I said” one day I will kick the ball for you Goran”

  5. So Cameron says leaving the EU could add £200 to my holiday! Worried…. Australia almost got a far right president, france is up on PNF ….ok changed my mind, cheap holidays and a nazi state im up for it!

  6. Just read a great one in the Daily Express. Apparently, Harriet Harperson was on the Sunday Politics being interviewed by Andrew Neil. He showed her photographs of seven of the top shitwipes in the EU, including Donald Tusk and Mario Draghi, and asked her to name them. She score 0 out of 7 That’s right, the thick, feminist fuckwit failed to get a single one right. All she could do was ask, “who are they”?

    Andrew Neil replied, “These are the people that you think should be running us. You don’t know who they are.”

    She then apparently accused Neil of picking the photos at random, with Neil then telling her who they were. As Isobel Oakeshott pointed out, it tells you all you need to know about the EU, and the Remain campaign. Cameron and Gideon must have been sat at home, screaming at their TV’s. Nobody has ever accused Harperson of being intelligent, but fuck me, if you’re going to campaign to have Britain enslaved by the EU, at least have the fucking decency to know who the slave masters are.

  7. precisely… and just who the fuck is jean-claude juncker? Does he have a wife called Muriel, and a goat as well? Is her French, German, Belgian, Netherlandish, or what? Buggered if I know. He has a face like a slapped arse. Fackin CANT!!

  8. Blair is getting a very strong nomination for a cunting. Today, he’s launched into a damage limitation exercise, because he knows what Chilcott has said about him in his long…long overdue report. He claims that he grossly misunderstood the forces who would seek to take advantage of a dictator being removed from power. That’s bullshit. Norman Schwarzkopf new EXACTLY what would happen when he was interviewed back in 1993. And Blair was warned what would happen by similar military experts. The arrogant cunt ignored them, thinking he knew better.

    There’s also the matter of equipment. Geoff Hoon, who was Secretary of State for Defence at the time, begged Blair in the build up to the invasion, to let the MOD buy vital equipment, such as ammunition, vehicles, uniforms, boots, body armour, etc. But Blair refused, because he wanted to be able to go to the UN and look like the good guy. That refusal to allow the MOD to buy body armour, cost one of my closest friends his life. He took a bullet to the heart in Basra, a bullet that to this day, I swear was meant for me. I came diagonally from my right and went across to the left directly in front of me. Had I been just six inches further forward, I would have stopped that bullet. And my friend wasn’t even the first, or the only British soldier to lose his life in that pointless war. There were too many.

    It sickens me that, ahead of the release of the Chilcott report, Blair is now trying to portray himself as a naïve leader, who acted with the best intentions. As with everything regarding Blair, that’s a lie. The truth is, Blair invaded Iraq because he wanted to look like a great statesman. A liberating hero, who brought freedom and democracy to Iraq. He wanted his Churchill moment, and NOTHING would stand in his way. Iraq was a war that DID NOT need to be fought. He was told that on numerous occasions, and he continually ignored the warnings. He didn’t give a fuck how many people died, including British military personnel.

    Blair is a lying, evil, genocidal bastard. He has a lot of blood on his filthy hands. Almost as much as Saddam Hussein. But at least Hussein didn’t try to hide what he was. The worse thing about Blair, is his greed. Since leaving Downing Street, he’s made millions from the deaths he’s caused, and he’s done it without once losing that permanent, rictus grin. He’s a traitor who should be in the Hague, answering for his crimes.

    • Also be interesting to know if Dr. David Kelly’s death gets a mention in Chilcot. Dodgy, very dodgy indeed.

      Bliar should indeed now pay the ultimate price. Maybe the sight of the gallows will wipe that stupid cheesy grin orf his face.

      • Until Blair came along, I didn’t have much time for conspiracy theories. But I could easily believe that Blair had Dr Kelly killed.

    • Blair….cunt of cunts.

      Be instrumental in the destruction and upheaval of the Middle East.

      Become Middle East peace envoy.

      Broker some oil, mining and reconstruction deals.

      Nice work if you can get it.


  9. I’m just waiting for the announcement that if we leave, there will be plagues of locusts, rivers will turn to blood and the arch angel Merkel will come for our first born sons.

    At what point do you think the population will figure out that the remain cunts getting 104% of the vote may point to the whole thing being rigged from the start?

    Look at Ireland. They voted the ‘wrong’ way and were told to vote again until they got it right.

    Mind you, if Tony ‘cunt face’ Blair says that Cameron is doing a good job leading the remain campaign you know that voting for Brexit is the only way to go.

  10. I think all ‘citizens’ should don Guy Fawkes mask and march into the offices ofour local MP’s whom are in the remain camp, when the cunts are having their ‘Constituent Surgeries’, armed with a Top Trumps of EU leaders (read: troughing cunts). If they can’t name at least half they should be carted off and hanged for treason.

    Harpy Harperson can go first.

    The Remain camp doom campaign is little more than smoke and mirrors, a big recession is just around the corner and they, as well as that beady eyed cunt Carney, know it is. This campaign is a good day to bury bad news and play the get out of jail card. The EU can’t sell its guilts, and the UK has too much debt to grow, but not enough margin on the balance sheet to sustain. Remain or leave, economic winter is coming, austerity was too little, too late. This is the end of the road for the can and those cunts know it.

    So thats the elephant in the room that they all avoiding.

    • Such a shame, that pretend democracy is the best we can hope for. I wish I was really thick, so all this would go over my head…..

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