David Cameron [18]


David Cameron is a cunt.

Cameron recently has hailed Labour’s Sadiq Khan as a “proud Muslim” and “a proud Brit” as he shared a platform with the London Mayor at an EU Remain Rally. Mr Cameron congratulated Mr Khan on his victory in the Mayoral race, saying: “I’m proud to be here with the Labour mayor of London – on this vital, vital issue.”

Take in to consideration that 8 weeks ago he said he was a potential terrorist. Staying in the EU must be really important to Cameron, if he’s willing to ally with terrorists. He claimed “more than half a million jobs” in London depended on the UK’s membership of the EU, adding: “A vote for Remain means jobs and opportunities.”

Yes but it also means the EU will still be overseen by mongs… like you David, Fuck off Dave you thick camp cunt!

Nominated by: Titslapper

37 thoughts on “David Cameron [18]

  1. Hopefully Dodgy Dave will be toast whichever way the referendum goes.

    Smug, entitled, lying, opportunistic, pig-fucking, two-faced cunt.

      • There was a cunt from Anerley
        Whose habits were most unmanly
        He walked down The Strand
        With a pig in each hand….

        Answers on the back of a rasher of bacon, please!!

    • It certainly looks that way. I’d give 1000-1 against Gidiot succeeding him.

      Remember the Gordon Brown ‘coronation’ when Bliar stepped down. These things never go well, do they …?

      • Yeah, according to a recent personal “likeability” poll, Gideot scored even worse than Corbyn with members of the public describing him as “shifty”, “creepy”, “oily”, “false” and “untrustworthy” (although of course we must remember that the polls also predicted Miliband in Downing Street last May…).

        Hard to know who will succeed Porky. If Remain prevails, my guess would be Theresa May. If Brexit prevails, it’s hard to know. I just can’t see Boris cutting it. IDS wouldn’t go for it a second time, and I can’t see the Tories uniting behind Gove. In fact, I’d be tempted to put money on Theresa May whatever the outcome.

        • Good grief – Teresa ‘Britain benefits from Sharia’ May? She should come to where I live near Dewsbury and Bradford to look at how these areas have benefitted…

          I voted Tory in the last general election and I feel such a fool now. Cameron has lied, back pedalled, and virtually (waiting until after the 23rd June debacle to use actually) sold us down the stinking EU river.

          Why don’t all politicians throw their towel into the disgraceful left of centre pit they all occupy and stop the pretence of trying to do the best thing for this country. I hate politics but the disgusting state of politics in this fucking country has made me political!!!

          • I’m not saying that I’d want Theresa May, I’m just saying that’s who I think the Tories are most likely to unite behind.

            I agree that Cameron has been the most useless, lightweight, mendacious cunt of a PM in living memory, but surely Lynton Crosby deserves much of the blame for infantilising and poisoning the nature of political campaigning in this country?

            It’s the Tories on both sides of the EU debate who are using tactics from the Lynton Crosby playbook – fear, smear, scaremongering, name-calling and shameless barefaced lies. The Tories leading both campaigns saw how these tactics managed to secure them a wafer-thin majority last May and now they foolishly believe that a combination of scaremongering, name-calling and lies is the ONLY way to win an argument. And of course no Tories on either side dare publicly accuse the other side of doing so for fear of discrediting Crosby’s tactics when it comes to his work for the Tories during the next General Election…

    • come off it fred west you were just as bad as oink oink Cameron. ok maybe you weren’t as evil as old piggers but you weren’t exactly an angel.
      why doesn’t this site have a page for Carla lane ? I have always hated her-she made bread -which is joint first with casualty as the worst ever programme on tv- both are as shit as Eldorado but sadly only Eldorado was scrapped – I find it astonishing that people are saying Carla lane was a genius .
      who agrees Charlie the nurse in casualty is the worst actor of all time on uk tv ? I would have bought a new law in and put Charlie and Carla in prison until they promised never to go near a tv studio again -slightly strayed of subject there -but I am nominating Carla lane the loony who had zero talent and who loved fluffy wuffy doggies and catties and blonde hair dye and the company of her luvvy scumbag pals -just like scumbag bridget bardo -blond thick and mad. .

  2. Nominated eighteen times, is this a record? He is undoubtedly a monumental cunt, the biggest this country has produced in decades.

    • so much of a lying little cunt that, in the very unfortunate event of us remaining in eu, the douchebag will probably be heading for a cushy little number in Brussels…

  3. arrogant vacuous half wit with complete contempt for the working class. Looking more like porky pig with each passing day.

    I wonder what brought about his recent Pauline conversion to the federalist cause ?, something went off on his last begging trip to our masters in Berlin

  4. There is only one terrorist organization to be scared of, and that’s the EU.
    David Cameron is a puppet for those cunts, he had 3 goals as Prime Minister:
    decimate the welfare system (achieved via Welfare Reform Act 2012)

    privatise the NHS (achieved via Health & Social Care Act 2012)

    Keep Britain and Scotland united and in Europe (will be finally achieved on June 23rd)

    He will then resign in a fake Tory leadership coup and start well paid consultancy work as a reward for selling out the British people.


    • I think you’re wrong on your last point.
      He’ll get a pay rise to go and work for the EU as a commissioner – just like the Kinnocks!

  5. Stephen Hawkin is a cunt. Constantly leaning to the left so that people will keep opening doors for him at Cambridge. Can’t wait for his battery to run out.

    • Hawkins constantly leans to the left because that is how his carer dumps him in the chair.

  6. All this talk of trade is a smokescreen, you don’t need a political union to trade.

    The question is simply, do you want to be a minor province in a German dominated EU ?, if so vote stay, if not, vote leave.

    • that was succinct andyc . another myth is if you want democracy you must hate Europe and want to be isolated -but almost all leavers are happy with Europe and so nothing will change except democracy will return -just like we had in 1990 and earlier -maybe they will even start showing white working class people on tv again too -just as they used to have in 1990 .maybe we can also have 1990’s comedy back on tv again and finally get shot of that fat ugly boring blob called dara obriain .
      vive la democracy or is it le democracy ? even if we leave -we will never be forgotten as we got the cunts speaking English finally haha -if we leave and they continue to use English in the eu as the official language it will be hilarious -and they should be grateful to us as we don’t charge for letting the primitive types like frenchies use our language -I think of it as charity -wont that be funny as the French not only hate us but they loathe the English language above all other things on earth and yet now they are forced to live with it in the eu and if we leave it will be even funnier to hear frogs trying to speak English in the eu to the others -all of whom speak perfect English-the French are uniquely the worst English speakers on earth except for scots of course.

  7. Nil Desperandum viz the Neverendum dear hearts. Might I suggest a little light reading such as CUNT by one Inga Muscio. The blurb goes as follows:

    An ancient title of respect for women, the word “cunt” long ago veered off this noble path. Inga Muscio traces the road from honor to expletive, giving women the motivation and tools to claim “cunt” as a positive and powerful force in their lives. In this fully revised edition, she explores, with candidness and humor, such traditional feminist issues as birth control, sexuality, jealousy between women, and prostitution with a fresh attitude for a new generation of women. Sending out a call for every woman to be the Cuntlovin’ Ruler of Her Sexual Universe, Muscio stands convention on its head by embracing all things cunt-related. This edition is fully revised with updated resources, a new foreword from sexual pioneer Betty Dodson, and a new afterword by the author. “Bright, sharp, empowering, long-lasting, useful, sexy….”—San Francisco Chronicle “… Cunt provides fertile ground for psychological growth.”—San Francisco Bay Guardian “Cunt does for feminism what smoothies did for high-fiber diets—it reinvents the oft-indigestible into something sweet and delicious.”—Bust Magazine

    • Seldom have I come across a picture of a cunt carrying a book called cunt written by said cunt. Saves a fucking whole load of time photoshopping it…

      What a cunt!

  8. Dear Limpers, I do hope the trip to the dentist wasn’t too grim, but, bugger me, it’s truly scary some of the shite they leave around as reading matter!!

    • Dentists are right bastards , I find them dishonest or something like they’re scamming me.
      Perhaps thats why they re all suicidal although to be honest I’d be suicidal too if I was staring at peoples mouths all day.

  9. I amm a die hard Thatcherite cunt and I fucking hate that cunt Cameron.He said a few months ago we would be fine outside of the EU and is now scaremongering us to death.He clearly has become obsessed with clinging on to power but has pissed over his core base of supporters in the most pious way possible.He is a traitor who is more a spin doctor than an actual leader much like his uber cunt predecessor Ted Heath.This campaign he has so manipulatively presided over shows that he only gives one shit and that is reserved for his traainwreck of a face.If we leave on 23rd June and that self righteous two faced cunt along with Gideon resign I will be one happy cunt!

    • Exactly QDM – Cameron even claimed that he “wasn’t ruling out” leading the Leave Campaign before he went off on his fake “renegotiations” charade. If the sky is really going to collapse and civilisation is going to end as the Remainers never tire of telling us, then how come Porky McHumpsnout was contemplating leading the Leave campaign and insisting that the UK could “thrive” outside the EU…? Duplicitous fucking cunt.

  10. I’ve given up listening to both sides as there is no coherent or cogent debate. And it doesn’t matter which way the vote goes. Fuck all will change overnite and nine tenths of fuck all will change at a glacial pace if at all. Sick of it. In or out of Europe our lives we’ll still be governed by cunts who know fuck-all about anything but politics.
    Phew…Glad I got that off my chest. The cunts.

    • There was some pro EU bollocks on the BBC tonight, some blue eyed , blond haired toddler and about how so much better his life would be in the EU

      My response was to poke my arse at the TV and let off the most enournous fart of biblical proportions, I strained every last sinew of my body to let that one out.

      Usually farting is frowned upon by Mrs C, but I got the thumbs up

  11. Only too right… there might be some truths out there, but they’ve been bloody well-concealed under a load of turbo-spinning rancid drivel from both sides.

    Wish the sodding vote were tomorrow, get it over and done with.

    Only to be followed by weeks (months?) of pointless analysis and predictions.

    As they used to say, “It’ll all be over by Christmas”… NOT

  12. If any of us vote any of the current lot of low life traitor cunts into power after what LabCon have shown us in the last few weeks we are the cunts.

  13. You have more chance of seeing Jimmy Savile presenting a Blue Peter Scout Jamboree special than me voting in the EU referendum.

    • Is that :
      (a) not voting to remain
      (b) not voting to leave
      (c) not voting at all ?

      Because if it’s (c) then don’t come moaning afterwards. No vote, no opinion, no say afterwards, no bitching about the outcome.

      You vote remain then you’re entitled to moan about Cameron & co not delivering on holding the EU to account.
      You vote leave you’re entitled to moan about the EU and why you left.
      You don’t vote at all then you’re saying “I don’t give a fuck if you shaft me because it’s OK with me that you do what you like!”

      Everyone should vote even if it’s just to spoil the ballot paper and register a protest vote. People died to get you the vote so it should mean something. Try living in Zimbabwe or some shithole banana republic where they’re not allowed to vote and see how they like it.

      • Yeah vote anyway I’m surprised how many bitch & moan about these cunts.

        When you actually have a moment to fight back and have your voice be heard.

        Yob’s and trollops say “Well I’m not gonna be bothered” FFS it takes 30 minutes of your time.

        If you’re in the dark about why a leave from EU is important. Educate yourself with that video I posted above for starters

  14. There is a statement that cunty Dave made to the Queen just before he assembled all the corrupt nations of the world together, and stuck them in a room to discuss the best way to deal with corruption, under the guise of an anti corruption summit.
    It is beyond any reason I can think of why he would state a country is ” Fantastically Corrupt” would that not imply that he was actually saying this is the country we can all make shady deals with and I think there’s a lot of opportunity for all of us elitists to make a shit load of cash out of it.
    Other wise if he had meant to discredit the particular country’s corruption surely the statement to HRH would of been ,,,,They are so unbelievably corrupt!
    But then it was conveniently caught on microphone for the media so it could alert all his mates and the like, that deals were imminent behind closed doors and the eyes of the media, so give him a ring….with your proposals and he will consider the most lucrative.

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