NHS Beancounters


NHS Beancounters are cunts.

When my husband (Daddy Bear) started chemo the treatment he received had to be made by the pharmacy and used within a set time, this was fine he was in and out in a few hours each day Seven days a week each Three weeks, then some bright spark decided to centralise operations which meant making the treatment miles away at another hospital,then sending it out in taxis, which meant a waiting room of very sick people spending up to six hours a day waiting for treatment .

This was supposed to be a money saving measure, the nurses and doctors thought it was bollocks (I think that’s the medical term). The bastards that make these decisions should descend from their ivorys towers now and then to see what’s really going on.

Rant over.

Noninated by: Mummy Bear

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  1. NHS Beancunters.

    It’s all the thin edge of a very thin wedge Mummy Bear.


    They get off by shoving their abacus up your arse and thrusting it in and out until you agree to take it. Bastards! These particular beancunters came up with the following: Close our A&E and farm it out to the neighbouring hospital, close our baby unit and ditto, build us a new £63,000,000 120 bed hospital, close our 480 bed existing hospital, sell off the now vacant plot, and through some blackmagicary beancunting charge us £473,000,000 through PPPiifuckuppery financing twatmongering paper shuffling for said new horsepissal. I kid you not. £HALF A BILLION! CUNTS! The beancunters now take two of those afore mentioned shit stained abaci and using them like a rubbing board sandwich toss themselves off over their spredsheets.

    They are beyond Cunting, they are warpdrivecunts and there’s no catching them.

    • If one does have the unfortunate experience of needed the NHS, good as their medical staff are, be prepared to be reduced to numerical status, rather like The Prisoner.
      I’ve just had a very expensive mailshot about quitting fags, a bit late as I’ve been toking on the e cigs quite happily since crimbo. Followed the next day by an invitation to attend the asthma clinic (I don’t have fecking asthma, it’s the bloody fags you see!).
      I cancelled all the inhaler prescriptions a year ago and told them I didn’t need them and it might save them a few quid, not that you get any thanks for a bit of economic housekeeping. I now have to do a telephone appointment for the phantom asthma, maybe I’ll have to cough loudly, or exhale down a virtual fucking spirometer. Anything that saves any actual contact with patients does seem de riguer these days.
      Mind you, they were bloody good doing my cataracts, both within 4 weeks which was brilliant.
      The guys and gals on the front line are fucking saints, the cunts in the back office are incompetent twats and an unnecessary burden on the entire system. It’s no wonder the docs are all emigrating in the face of further demoralisation, accountancy driven targets and fictitious budgets.
      Hope Daddy Bear has come out of it reasonably well.

      • Thanks for that Mr Biscuit, chemo didn’t work he’s not very well but this site gives him a good laugh which is why I post on it, he cries laughing at some of the comments.

  2. Maria Sharapova is a cunt…
    The highest paid sportswoman in the world dropping such a monumental bollock by ignoring warnings about banned substances and carrying on taking the fucking things really is a very stupid cunt…

    I’d shag her senseless though….

      • Grunty cunt with an attitude problem….all those performance enhancing drugs she was taking, cheating cunt.

    • This Sharapova cunt has always bern a cheat. All that screeching and squawking designed to put the other player off.She single handedly ruined womens tennis for me . Glad to see the back. Btw all those who forgave or overlooked her cheating on the court cause she has a vagina are cunts as well.

      • Should’ve known really… Dodgy types, these Russians… And I am surprised that an opponent or umpire at Wimbledon never said, ‘Shut the fuck up.. Nobody else makes these noises, and the crowd are always being told to be quiet, so shut your trap…’

        It was pretty stupid… Nobody else kicks or hits a ball and goes ‘Arrrrgh!’ at the top of their voice like they’re having a very difficult shit… Spot on about it trying to put off opposing players… The daft mare should have taken an E instead… Then she’d go onto centre court all mellow…

        • 90% of athletes cheat it has nothing to do with race or gender they all do it. They should either ban it outright or legalise it cause this will keep happening. Doping has been commonplace since the early 1900’s

  3. The Legendary Sir George Martin has died. Usual nominations please
    Chuck Berry
    Little Richard
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    Brigette Bardot
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    • He sure is, he will be sadly missed. Him (GS) ,norman smith, Pete Best and Stuart Sutcliffe are of course considered collectively the 5th beatle but history wise this title is more aptly put to george martin and norman smith IMO. They both had a enormous impact on their sound and arrangements. Btw you have to wait for the reset before you drop your noms. That way it makes it easier for dio and people aren’t all doing the same mucking the thread up trying to beat the bullet

  4. George Martin, Norman Smith, Ken Scott and Geoff Emerick were great at their jobs and proper recording men… They did their work well and never went in for all that ‘producer as superstar’ bullshit, like that Phil Spector cunt and those useless cunts, Fatcunt Slim, Timbaland and Mark Ronson do today… A good producer is worth his weight in gold… Lknow The Stone Roses are going to resurface soon, but I hope they have worked with John Leckie again…

  5. The moment public services are run as businesses the rot starts. Yes, they can all do with thinning down and being more accountable with their cash. However, I’m not sure the best way to do this is to massively expand the management whilst reducing the frontline staff. But maybe I’m just being resistant to change.

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