Dosser shite


The Good Lord ordains that what marketh man is his shite. Animal shite – unless it’s bear or pig – is generally cope able with. The human kind, orf which yours truly has vast experience orf is orf a different order orf foulness. Indian shite and particularly that that fouls the streets orf Calcutta is beyond the pale. In the Western Desert (8th Army, Rommel, that show) a good soldier learned to identify his enemy by his waste – Iti, Kraut, Wog, Yank (lots orf Yank but never near any danger) all distinctive. Hippy shite stands oit from from me days in the 60s in the Producer dodge organising festivals, particularly when mixed, as it so orften was, with mud and psychotic substances. In short I know me shite.


Orf a different order orf magnitude is dosser shite as increasingly evidenced in London, Manchester and many a South Coast toine. A veritable tsunami orf the stuff is deluging our once great nation. Glossy, brown and bloated, the sticky mucous coated crap is stuffed full orf parasites and drug resistant viruses. Indeed consider where it has been and what has produced it. Now try and get it orf your shoes without getting it smeared all over your hands and clothes.

The feral cunts squeezing their arses oit over shopping centres, public streets and people’s front gardens think they have the right to borrow a rat arsed dog with sad soulful eyes (I always offer to put the fucker doine) or hire a fake sand sculpture and beg for my money. Must declare me interest here. Do a spot orf lay preaching at me local church and have regular occasion to shovel dosser shite (see photos) oit orf our front garden. Call the Council? Fuck orf. No other cunt will touch it.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

16 thoughts on “Dosser shite

  1. Cocaine Syringes in shit nice, who would do such a thing? peculiar bellends. We need more migrants because this is just wonderful a real shite bonanza, dosser shite eh?

      • German manufacturer lol good one but seriously these sick cunts are fucked in the head. The bellends who did this deserve death or castrastion the very least their faces rubbed in it.

        • To be fair to the crack head degenerate cunts what does one do with ones used syringes? Why not park them in some dosser turds. Keeps ones doss neat and presentable. Social dilemma sorted. (Home keeping advice as featured in Big Issue)

          • Neat and presentable? presentable all right you fall over not only are you stuck with diseased HIV+ hippy blood with a needle driven in your kneecap but also covered in hippy or Wog poop .

  2. I think we should thank HMG for closing public sanitation facilaties (especialy with our somewhat aged population) yet funding public sanitation projects in various countries that have, nuclear weapon programs and space exploration projects.
    Now to my shame I was recently poisened with an ice cream thing, served with lashings of cream on top, a shared treat with my lady.
    when it arrived I looked at it in horror and accepted her idea that if I dug through the cream I would be ok, well obviously not!
    2 miles into the walk home through a suposedly civalised country I developed problems so headed to a park (by that time with shit running down my legs)
    as to be expected there were no toilets! I ended up dashing behind a bush and squirting my are off, which wasnt that nice.
    I got home, washed my pants and trousers and showered off, then realised in my hurry to drop my trousers I allso dropped my wallet.
    I had to go back to the scene of the crime but no wallet, (fortunatly the night rain had removed most of the evidence)
    I had to cancel all my cards, get a new driving licence, tacho card, sub card, club card, costa card, europeen health card, wallet ect.
    in fact it was inconveinient embarassing and uncomfortable.
    Fucking cunty government cut backs bring back the bog! (allso I would like to cunt off the old chap who kept on trying to put mickey mouse coins in the pay to piss turnstile in victoria station, he should consider himself lucky I didnt stampede him on his fourth attempt)

    • Can I just say I am lactose intolerant, my body can’t handle milk products any more, milk in coffee fine, banofee pie grab a gas mask, whipped cream well i don’t touch it, the apple of my eye wanted that pudding a big stare and share, I did it for a bit of togetherness.
      She was of course a little anoyed that on my return home I did not see her but retired to the bathroom, first time I have as an adult turned round to someone and said sorry for the delay, I shit myself.
      She was supprisingly good about this, but that’s part of growing old.
      Im 46 so maybe those incontinence pad adverts I get in the RBL magazine have some standing.

      • “Never apologise. It’s a sign of weakness.” John Wayne as Capt Nathan Brittles in She Wore A Yellow Ribbon.

      • Oh, Benny. How you bring back fond memories of a first date where I discovered that a liter and a half of Cocio chocolate milk drink has incredibly explosive laxative effects.

        Happy days.

        • Happy days indeed. Organised a Hippy Fest in Brockley Park many moons ago. Let a Rasta Dude sell some cannabis brownies he had baked up as a concession. We put couples together in handcuffs and orf they went to get stoned under the tantric candle lanterns in the woods. Peace Love. Then screams and explosions in the night. The Rasta cunt had used laxative chocolate.
          No sign orf the wanker naturally. Made me excuses and left. Lost money orn that gig but luckily had not paid the musos. At least I learned why in the mid sixties we called cannabis “shit”. Life is one long journey orf enlightenment.

  3. You could probably dry those shits out and sell them as humanely sourced organic stock cubes in the local bullshit Deli’s in Notting Hill. Plenty of cunts there who would buy it.

  4. Rub thier noses in it and: “Naughty boy.” Thewn hoy them into the road till they learn. Worked with our dog.

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