The SNP [3]

Newly elected SNP MPs at Houses of Parliament, Westminster

The SNP are fucking hypocrites. They insist on having a say in things that have absolutely nothing to do with them, but if the UK parliament insisted on having a say on matters that were solely Scottish, they’d be screaming blue murder. I reckon they’re causing trouble on this issue because they’re hoping that if they fuck up an important English/Welsh issue, then the English and Welsh will start to call for Scotland to be kicked out of the Union.

Last Scottish referendum should have been open to all the nations in the Union. Then the SNP would have had their ‘independence’. Even though they wanted to put themselves under the boot of the scum in Brussels. The thing is though, Scots Nats are so thick, they wouldn’t have had a clue how to run their cuntry. And no, that’s not a spelling mistake.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

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  1. Hugh Jackman is almost certainly a cunt. Although I haven’t had personal dealings with him, nor had a film ruined by his on-screen presence*, my mate Tino once saw him in an airport and he was doing the following (Hugh Jackman, not Tino):
    – wearing sunglasses (not only was he obviously indoors as he was in an airport, but the incident took place at night)
    – swearing on the phone in front of children as he issued demands to show how massively consequential he is
    – playing billy big bollocks by having removed himself from the wealthy bastard lounge to make the afore-mentioned phone call in front of the economy class and homeless loiterers
    – being Australian (possibly this isn’t his fault as he was born an Aussie but for fuck’s sake, he’s an actor! He could pretend to be Canadian or Danish surely?)

    This is what Tino had to say about him:
    “He wears sunglasses indoors, Sxxxxl. At night. At fucking night time. For the fucking sake of fuck. Who does that? At fucking night. What a massive bellend.
    And he swears loudly in the company of children. Fucking twat.
    We can’t disagree on this. I am definitely right on this issue.
    He is a cunting cunt.”

    * just had a look on imdb and I have seen him in two films, The Prestige, which was passable, and Australia which was a horrific pile of inner bum lining, and thus further proof that Tino was right and Hugh Jackman is a behemothic cunt.

    • I also do not know if Hugh Jackman is a cunt through any personal experience. I do, however, know that he was regularly cunted by the television series Scrubs. If, in the incestuous world of television, you are a person whom the producers feel the necessity to cunt each season on national and international broadcast, without fear of blowback, it may be that those who know you think you’re a cunt.

  2. Independence as long as they repatriate all the drunk drug addicted jock aggressive beggars littering up all the English mainline train and tube stations? they can also take back all the loud pub jocks singing the praises of how fantastic scotland is at the tops of their voices but firmly rooted in English pubs doing it, cunts ?? ?

    • There’s no room for the bastards up here unless the SNP have plans to employ Harry Clarke as a pilot. Good news however, I’ve heard there’s plenty of places opened up in Syria. Send the cunts over there and let them have an orange march through the streets. Get all the Rangers fans, they’re the xenophobic, SNP voting spastics that deserve a becoming tank fodder.

  3. Totally with all the cunts above.

    If I had, been given a vote, I would have given the Scottish cunts independence, especially as now the oil industry is (temporally?) fucked. Any bloke who wears a skirt is quite obviously a ‘Grande’ poof cunt.

    As for Welsh independence… obviously a complete joke. The cunts are already receiving huge EU bailouts because they have fuck all industry and have some of the largest areas of deprivation in Europe. Their big money spinner should be tourism, but the cunts make it quite clear they fucking hate everyone (especially the English).

    PS, obviously cannot leave a post about Welsh cunts without saying that they take sheep up the arse. Although, given the option of a Welsh woman or a cuddly, woolly animal it’s a no brainer. Barrrrr

  4. The Scottish Nazi Party are cunts of the first water. Not content with bleating how everything is the fault of the English or “Thatcha” (and usually both) they insist that they are the actual “Opposition” in Parliament. Clearly mathematics or at least the ability to count is far beyond the Porridge Wogs. As for Welsh Independence, look at the great job they have done so far with the “envy of the world”, the Welsh Death Service where even the welsh have learned to leg it into civilisation rather than the land of the sheep. They need to stop singing and start working.

  5. Och aye the noo, you London bastards

    stop bashing Scotland, you London queers, at least Scotland has haggis and buckfast
    what does london have? mosques, homosexuals,and gun toting “yoofs innit”
    were gonna be independent and london will change its name to londonistan

    • A minor point maybe but isn’t the Commotion Lotion/Coatbridge Table Wine from Devon? You folks might be tanking it all down, and I have to admit a fondness for the odd swig, but it is a curiously English beverage.

    • God some Scots really are deluded aren’t they?

      I’m not from London you daft cunt, and what’s more London isn’t even an English city any more, as you yourself alluded to in your Buckie-fuelled rant.

      On the matter of “independence”, what amuses me is how Scot Nats like to talk of “fighting” for independence, as if anyone in England gives a damn either way. But the reality is when Scotland does break away few people in England will give a toss.

      Alex Salmond wasn’t some modern-day Robert Bruce, forced to go into hiding in some wild highland redoubt lest an English army come along and gut him, and neither is Sturgeon. You Scots are not in any way “oppressed; you are free to leave the Union, so stop puffing yourselves up.

      • You make a few good points SW but is haggis and buckfast something to be proud of? just asking. Also you fail to understand this is a cunting site we cunt alot of different things this most certainly is not a anti-scottish site although time to time we take the piss outta this and that.

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