Sir Philip Dilley


Philip Cunt Dilley has been basking in the sun in Barbados whilst the people of the UK have been deluged and flooded out of their homes and livelihoods. “So what?” you ask. Well, I’ll tell you.

Dilley is the head of the Environment Agency. He earns £100,000 a year for a three day week part time job. Nice work if you can get it and Dilley certainly has! OK, so he’s been on holiday but should he have cut it short and returned home to take charge? More to the point should he have gone in the first place as it was already happening when he left?

Dilley thinks so. He emerged from his home in Marylebone to be greeted by a group of journalists apparently eager to hear about his trip to Barbados. “Did you have a nice holiday?” a reporter asked, while another following him questioned whether a beach was “the best place to be managing this crisis from”.

Dilley’s response? “I’ve been in very close contact with a whole number of people,” a tanned Sir Philip said as he walked down the road. “Everybody can’t be everywhere at the same time. I think we’ve been very effective and efficient in what we’ve been doing. There’s obviously some lessons to learn and we’ll follow those through.” One of those lessons might be not to fuck off on holiday during a crisis. Another might be to cut it short when a national crisis is in progress…

More surprisingly is that when he eventually went oop norf to survey the damage, the locals didn’t drown the fucker!

And that Liz Truss is a cunt too for not sacking him.

Nominated by: Dioclese

19 thoughts on “Sir Philip Dilley

    • She is one of those politicians who is so bland and full of overly sentimental generalized platitudes that she could fit in any party and no one would notice the difference.

  1. Reminds me of Callaghan and his crisis what crisis furore.I know he never actually said it but he may as well have.I mean if he had a business that flooded he wouldn`t be able to go on holiday would he.This cunt sums up the I am alright Jack mentality to a tee.

      • And Michael Caine never said ‘Not a lot of people know that…’

        Another famous one was “Ringo, the best drummer in the world? He wasn’t even the best drummer in The Beatles!’

        Everyone thinks it was John Lennon who said it, when in fact it was a quote from Jasper Carrot…

  2. Sir Philip Dilley what a fucking poof! ,vacationing when he should be fixing this flood mess. He should be fired immediately may I also point out barbados has alot of prostitutes and 14 yr old rentboys I’m sure he’s a nonce’ing poof, Let’s hope he gets aids and dies a painful death. His poof chief in staff is also defending him saying it’s really his fault and you know Sir Dilly Dalley will probably get a MBE for his outstanding work in noncery bloody royal cunts!

    • This Sir Philip Dilley cunt reminds me of the Mayor from Blazing Saddles…
      ‘Gentlemen, we’ve got to protect our phoney baloney jobs immediately! Harumph! Harumph!’

      And anyone called Liz Truss has to be a cunt…

  3. What also needs a triple plus cunting are those cunts who say mass migration is not a problem since only 5% of the UK is built upon

    There is a reason for that, it’s difficult to build there , like on mountains, flood plains etc

    but let’s tarmac over the green and pleasant land, just so we can be culturally enriched but a few million more people.

    Although where they live is of special scientific interest, so no houses near them


    • Couldn`t agree more AndyC. Funny irony is that the cunts that advocate this ,at least the ones I have met are by in large tree-hugging bastards who purport to be all for the environment.Well building over more land for immigrants means a bigger population ,more cars greater electrical usage more ,shops ,hospitals,schools and nursing homes all in the name of multiculturalism oh and we would have even less to produce as a country if we build over farmland.Thick hypocritical green left wing cunts!!!!

      • Wind farms are a good example of their stupidity, they claim the generate “free electricity”, but they don’t just pop up like mushrooms, they need a concrete base and steel it’s construction, which takes a lot of chemicals and electricity to make. Do they take more resources to build than they generate in their operational lifespan ?

        Same for electric cars, last time I looked a battery was full of a lot of nasty chemicals

        • Also with wind turbines they are only as good as the wind which is unpredictable at the best of times.The thing that pisses me off about automatic car drivers is the fucking pious attitude they have both about their self-righteousness in believing they are saving the planet when countries such as India and China are vastly increasing their nuclear power usage and also the way they always disregard the concerns of blind people.I have a friend who is blind and the amount of close calls he has had with them has been staggering.You can`t here the bloody things at all!But are all the left wing fuckers who supposedly care for everyone else`s welfare campaigning to change this? No they are too busy spouting about how fucking marvelous their car is at dinner parties boring the shit out of everyone and how it is the sort of car that Gandhi Martin Luther King or Nelson Mandela would have driven!My father used to have one in fact and he hated the other cunts who owned them and went on about it like they had a Nobel prize.Suffice to say he doesn`t own one anymore.

  4. Is there anyone here who goes by the name of Grumpy Old Cunt already? If not, can I claim it please? As a long time viewer and enjoyer of this place and about to retire, I will have more time to comment and nominate deserved cunts!

  5. Whilst Dilley is a clearly a right dickhead, in his defence I bet it was all his wife’s doing.

    Apparently the bitch insists on being addressed as ‘Lady Dilley’ and makes their servants call her Ma’am, like she’s the fucking Queen!

    Well if she’s that much of a laugh when she’s tanning her sour mug in Barbados, can you imagine the living nightmare if her luxury holiday was cut short?!?

    Actually, that’s no defence for the prick – he needs to grow a pair and earn his considerable fucking coin. But as usual, The Establishment has it all sewn up with their snouts firmly in the fucking trough – so no need to worry about what the masses say, do or think.

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