Pay pal still have a hundred quid of mine.

I won a couple of auctions and paid the cash, but pay pal refused to send the money onto the vendors and pocketed it themselves. When I complained the cunts said that in the small print there is a provision for them to withhold payments and keep the money for 6 months. So after 6 months I asked for the money back but the cunts said they had no records of any such transactions.

Robbing cunts!!

Nominated by: Fat Rich

15 thoughts on “PayPal

  1. Kylo Ren is a cunt.

    Those of you who have seen the new Star Wars film will know why.

  2. PayPal? It’s gone! Managed before, manage again.

    Cunts: there’s the door.

    Now fuck off.

    • Dunno, I asked that a while back, he penned some good cuntings and liked his motorbikes and fine watches so as far as i’m concerned I hope he returns.

      • Probably been arrested for critising Paypal

        I had some dealings with these shysters, had to but something or other using pisspal, all a bit of a pain adding cards, blah blah blah

        I few days later I noticed they had deducted 1 penny from my bank account, just to check it was a “legitimate bank account” and they would refund it if i put the 4 digit code in.

        What 4 digit code ? and how do I find this magic number ?

        Now it’s only a penny, but if a lot of people think it’s only a penny, it all adds up.

        Total cunts

  3. The Millionaires’s Gift Guide (or should I say the people who are on it) are cunts….
    Enter the world of luxury through the eyes of the planners and suppliers who help the super rich spend their money….

    These cunts and the cunts they suck up to and ‘advise’ are fucking offensive and they should all be put to death…

  4. Just watched Endeavour… A million times better than that Sherlock bollocks… No convoluted plots, no smartarse jiggery pokery, no mincing token poofters, no crap characters… Just a good detective story… It’s not often one can say this nowadays, but well done, ITV…

    • Bitcoin, LMFAO.
      You do realise that Bitcoin is the precursor to the totally digital currency that will be stored on your microchip?
      Bitcoin needs an internet connection to continually hash, tyhe digital TV switchover was about creating the smart grid, the TV transmitters now support packed bitstreams ( a wif-fi network).
      Each 8mhz of analogue bandwidth can transmit 40mbit/s (at QAM 256)
      This will be the smart grid, because TV transmitters cover 99.5% of every country on the planet, except North Korea, every country has adopted digital TV switchovers.
      The TV spectrum is from 400mhz – 800mhz, every 8mhz band can support 40mbit/s – thats a fucking huge wi-fi network.
      It will be used for smart meters and peoples microchips and of course bitcoin style digital currency.

      Do you think the digital TV switchover was about better quality TV and more channels? was it fuck.

      I worked in the industry so know that this is being implemented right now.

      It’s all been a con and microchipped people using the smart grid with bitcoin style currency, every transaction monitored.
      Good luck if you are self-employed, that accountant that helps you avoid tax will become obsolete!

      Yes, come on and say I am a conspiracy theorist, you bunch of ignorant cunts!

      • boaby step outside and piss into the wind and while you’re there listen to the background hum of sheep bleating. I’m with you, but no one wants to know, they’re not interested if it rocks their little ship; baa baa baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Is that an iceberg? Digital broadcasts are crap. DVD is one line behind betamax it’s all a con. If any cunt thinks to call boaby a cunt then lookee here:

        The thin edge of the wedge, but where ‘murika leads so we follow. Bah baa baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

        Bitcoin? Getting ready here:

        Etherial radio waves as folding negotiables? I think not. Hold some gold. Hold some silver. Keep your cupboards well stocked.


        Slowly, slowly catchy every little monkey.

        Bitcoin: …is a cunt!

        A Faraday cage : Cunts answer the internet of things.

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