The BBC are monumental cunts…

Apparently that load of mockney shite, NeverEnders, had a scene recently which ‘showed the true meaning of Islam…’ Which basically means they churned out all the ‘They’re quite nice really’ and ‘Islam is the religion of peace, Ebony and Ivory’ fucking bullshit…

First of all, why is up to these cunts to spread this crap? Second, TV shows should not be used to spread social propaganda… Third, what the fuck do these IS cunts have to do to make these apologist cunts wake up? Drop a fucking atomic bomb?! Behead the Queen?! The mind fucking boggles!

Any excuse maker or apologist for these fuckers is as bad as IS themselves… And these BBC cunts should be wiped out with them…

Nominated by: Norman

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  1. I’m starting to understand why islam is being pushed to the forefront at first I didn’t want to believe it but now its hard to ignore. A few years ago me and my friend were talking about how feminists, liberals and whatever other PC party were pushing for acceptance of not only homosexuality, but transexuals, gay marriage.
    He then stated if this was achieved(and it has been recently) that paedophila would be next and islam is very open to concept of paedophilla the child buggering cunts. The leftist powers to be also want migration to go off without a hitch so they are making islam look good(Is that even possible? they even hate those who give them freedom and free welfare lol) recently calais port closed after migrant rapist storm it!

    • I just don’t understand why Guardianazis are in love with Islam and, especially, Islamism. Both the religion and the political philosophy seem in direct contradiction to what “progressive” twats claim to stand for. Race definitely trumps gender for these cunts; as evidence I offer every article on the events in Cologne by self-proclaimed “feminists.”

      Personally, I’m an extremist libertarian. Do what the fuck you like so long as everyone involved is over 18 and no animals are harmed.

      • It is baffling, Guardiannazi’s can’t think for themselve CMC they need the advice of some dumb inbred journalist who is a bigger cunt then they are. Its group think group cunt at its finest, its black and white thinking for bellends. These cunts like to argue for the sake of arguing just to sound like psudeo intellectuals who know better they don’t have a honest opinion or ideal and when they do the mod delete their response because it goes against guardians biased article.

  2. “TV shows should not be used to spread social propaganda… ”

    That is what TV was invented for, pushing social propoganda.
    It started with War Of The Worlds on radio, progressed to movie theatres during the wars and is now that fucking box in your front room that everyone is glued to like sheep.
    If I was single I would not even own a TV, Mrs Boaby watches that fucking thing everyday, I would rather read a book or post shit on ISACUNT 😀

  3. Thankfully I never watch it….or any other ‘soaps’ come to that!

    It doesn’t surprise me that sort of peaceful coexistence nonsense was churned out on it though after all islum IS of a religion of piss!

    • The latest ludicrous plot involves Kat the slapper finding out she had a son that she never knew about… Now, I know she’s a thick shagbag, but surely anyone would know how many kids popped out of them? Not in this pile of shite though… And of course said Slater bastard son will be a psycho/rapist/bad news etc…

      And Danny Dyer is a monumental cunt….

  4. Eastenders is a cunt,
    It does not even reflect the shithole that is the East end, the East End is full of Muslims of all races and Bangladeshis, and some cunts I don’t even know who the fuck they are, Kebab/Chicken shops everywhere and if you get on a Train it stinks of curry as I don’t think a lot of those proper (not westernised) Indians use deodorant. The icing on the cake is that they have road signs and street names in foreign languages Thats really gonna help the cunts integrate. The cultural divide is widening more than ever and this country will be even more unrecognisable in 10 years from now, this is coming from a mixed race cunt so all you white cunts must be even more pissed off than I am. When you factor in this cunt of a government and all the other shit that is going its another reason why the UK is a cunt. Glad I live in Notting Hill, but even that is full of Yank/Aussie rich snooty cunts who kill the community. What a piece of cunt.

    • Liverpool FC at the moment has too many crap cunts, fucking loads of cunts not good enough to wear the socks let alone the shirt. Klopp has gotta chop some of these cunts. Fuck the money we’ll lose (we got a load of cash off them Chelsea and Barcelona cunts anyways) we have to rebuild after the crap thats gone on the last 5 years.

      • At least the Pool are putting up a fight and Klopp puts his heart and soul into it… We’ve got Van Gaal: an arrogant, uncompromising blunt instrument of a buffoon, who does not get how Manchester United are supposed to play and would struggle to even raise a smile if Kate Upton jumped out of his birthday cake in the buff… LFC have their problems, but MUFC are fucked and everyone who has been complicit in the rape of the club (Glazers, Woodward, Arnold, that Judas cunt Ferguson) should be removed, and the manager and most of the shower of shite that masquerade as players can fuck off too…

        • I agree Norman, I am annoyed with some of the shit players we have thats all. Although I have never liked Man U (I am sure you don’t like LFC) I can’t understand how a manager of Louis Van Gaal’s calibre and the money he’s spent has a team playing so shit. I can’t decide who are playing more shit LFC or Man U? You need shot of that Van Gaal and Fellaini (dirty cunt), Ashley (diving cunt) young, and you need to tell that cunt Rooney to accept £50,000 a week or fuck off. Overtime I see Ryan Giggs on the bench he looks like a cunt who thinking to himself “How the fuck did I land this job, I haven’t got a fucking clue what I’m doing”.

  5. It’s rumoured that there’s going to be a storyline where “traditional” muslim men set up a grooming ring since there’s no shortage of thick as pig-shit young white girls in Walford.

    • True… I can’t count how many times they’ve done the ‘Orrible Uncle Arry/Archie/Ernie gave me a lollipop and said I wuz is special gal, and then ‘e waped me!’ storyline… There’s been more incest in Walford than in Ancient Rome and Kentucky put together…

    • Yes, but with it being the BBC, all the “traditional” muslim men will be white converts, who were all convicted paedo’s before they converted to Islam.

  6. The worst thing about Neverenders is it’s either stay in and watch that shit or go outside and get drenched – because the British Weather is a cunt.

    Ah, the Great British Weather – you never know what’s going happen from one day to the next!

    Except you do, because the “Great British Weather” is a load of utter crap. Just look at the “winter” we’ve had this time around, week upon week of mild, depressing weather with constant rain, gales and hardly a flake of snow in sight. And with the forecasts showing much the same depressing, predictable dross for the coming weeks this winter could go down as one of the mildest and wettest ever. Most laughably of all the cunts who present the weather forecasts on the telly insist on calling this predictable crap “changeable”, while in reality the only changeable thing about it is which storm is going to bring the next load of rain and gales in off the Atlantic.

    And there’s nothing “British” about it – most of this dross we call British weather comes off the bloody Atlantic, as I said, which means depressingly mild winters and depressingly cold summers. “Seasons” are pretty meaningless in some ways, since most of the time the weather follows the same pattern, with southwesterly winds bringing bland, damp weather whether it’s July or January, with the occasional gale or flood event thrown in.

    Most annoyingly of all those undeserving cunts in the US get to enjoy some proper snow events, but as the storm system that generates the snow over there comes here what does that mean for us – of course, rain and gales sweeping in off the pissing Atlantic, which may be enough to make that little cunt John Hammond get over-excited but makes me feel bored to death.

    So, “British” weather. Boring, predictable, samey and oh-so depressing, the Great British Weather never fails to disappoint anyone who doesn’t like mild, wet and windy sweeping in off the pissing Atlantic. Which I assume is anyone who has a heart and a brain.

  7. If it had featured the true meaning of Islam, a 14 year old boy would have been raped by an ISIS terrorist, before being murdered by being thrown off a tall building for being gay. The terrorist gets to walk away with a pat on the back. Meanwhile, A 9 year old girl is forcibly married to a 53 year old male and a 21 year old Muslim shouts “ALLAHU AKBAR” before murdering several dozen innocent people, by blowing himself up in the centre of a shopping mall. Out in the square, Ian Beale and Phil Mitchell are beheaded for the crime of “Being Cockney Without a Licence”.

    Whilst that’s happening, some peaceful Muslims are stoning a woman to death for standing too close to a man she’s never met before, and a Church is demolished. In other parts of Walford, gangs of Muslims are raping teenage white girls, while the police and social services look the other way. There, that’s true Islam.

    On a brighter note, it’s been revealed that two young female officers serving with the SRR (Special Reconnaissance Regiment) have managed to shoot their way out of an ISIS checkpoint in Iraq whilst on ops with the SAS. Apparently, they left a number of ISIS terrorists. So, no virgins for them to rape in their heaven. Instead, they’ll be taking it up the arse, because when a Muslim is killed by a woman, they go to hell.

    • That should read, “left a number of ISIS terrorists DEAD”! Ihate my shite typing skills.

    • They may have escaped Izal but I bet those shysters at pil and the like are already warming up for the “(sub)yooman rites” claims. I suppose the charges will include dangerous driving, speeding, not shouting a warning before shooting, using lead in bullets instead of approved “green” ammunition etc…
      As for Deadenders, surely there comes a time to put it out of its misery? After all, it is miserable enough for us (well I have never been drawn to the menace of programmes liable to “reduce, retard and rot the brain” (h/t judge Dredd) or soaps as they are known).

    • Here is an interesting little fact.

      All ammunition and explosives have some gelatine content.

      Gelatine is derived from pigs.

      Guess what. None of those muslim pieces of shit who blow themselves up or get shot are going to heaven.

      Hail Satan goat fuckers!!

      • All explosives are derived from gelatine you say? Citation needed. I looked it up and I can’t find any evidence of that.

        • Didn’t mean glycerine? If so all of us on e cigs are going to go sky high sooner or later, no wonder they’ve been exploding recently ( although only a complete retard would ‘try it out on a different battery’ – and then it blew his teeth out, what a complete stupid cunt). I quite like menthol missen.

          • I stand corrected by Arsebiscuit.

            You’re right, it is glycerin.

            I bow to your greater knowledge sir.

          • No problem, Titslapper corrected me for mixing up Lennon’s sons, senior moment got the better of me, and losing the pub quiz, cheating fuckers…

  8. Realistic gritty soap set in the East end, what part of the East end has that many white people left in it? I’ve seen a few episodes and no one says cunt. Caunts!!

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