Reality Stars


I would like to cunt “Reality Stars”

Every single one of them. Where the is it that having no talent apart from Getting your tits out, Sucking Cock (regardless of if your male or female) Being totally annoying, or just a diamond grade cunt – make you a star?

Secondly I would like to double cunt any any every person that got them there in the first place.

Should the RAF need some targets for practice – or fodder on the ground, send these cunts.

Nominated by: King Cunt

18 thoughts on “Reality Stars

  1. Cunt the fucker who invented the phrase, none of them are real and my arse has more star quality. Is the pic a compilation of these mongs? I honestly don’t recognise any of the sorry parade. The trouble is they them become celebrities far too soon. There is an obvious use for all that uranium depleted ammunition after all, and who’d really miss ’em?

  2. Society is being dumbed down by all this shit. ‘Reality tv’ (the irony), interior fucking design programmes, “Come be a Twat With Me”, the list goes on…
    Wasn’t like this when there were only 4 tv channels that you couldn’t record – because the content had to be good enough for people to make the effort to sit and watch it at the designated time.

    But now we get all this superficial shit on every tv channel and the message is basically – do what you want, watch shit, be shit and above all don’t give a shit.

    It’s almost as if somebody somewhere is trying to socially programme us all with this bilge. I mean, if people are suitablly distracted by tits, trinkets and trivia, then they won’t spend too much time worrying about what the fuck is actually going on… too busy getting thier areholes bleached and sharing their ‘issues’ on Twatbook… (thier abject depression with life accompanied of course by a stunning but grossly narcistic selfie that took over an hour to compose)…

    • I don’t personally mind half an hour of come spew with me, the narrator rips fuck out of all the lobotomised participants, he should get an Oscar.
      Smart Alec editing I know, but he makes me titter.

      • Fair comment – I bet some of them are gutted when they watch it back and realise what a cunt they’ve made of themselves!

  3. Richie Blackmore is a cunt…
    If he wants to go down memory lane and be a rock musician again, why doesn’t he do one last blow-out of a tour with Deep Purple, instead of this ‘Richie Blackmore and his band of musos do Deep Purple and Rainbow’? If Ian Gillan (or David Coverdale, for that matter) isn’t singing the stuff then what’s the fucking point? I know Jon Lord is no longer with us, but this could be the last chance for the classic Purple line-up to go out in a blaze of glory… But Blackmore is the sort of cunt that holds grudges for decades…

    Great guitarist though…

    • Jon Lord was a great keyboardist he learned it all from Graham Bond, not only was Lord the cofounder of Deep Purple but he was the bandleader early on. Jon Lord made a interview before he died with Ex-Yes Man Rick Wakeman or what some people like to call NO NO NO anything but Yes! just joking I love Yes. Blackmore is fucking great (though a egocentric) but so is Steve Morse and Tommy Bolin (died at 25 from overdose) the poor bastard didn’t get to live long enough to see that hard drugs are a stupid little game and a ugly lie I should know.

  4. Because arse-bandits are most likely to phone vote (at £2 a pop) for depraved fags, most of the reality crap is rancid with homosexual shit-eating child-fuckers

  5. I don’t think the RAF would be the best people to entrust with the task of dropping bombs, supplies or people……… or anything else in a prompt, scheduled manner……. except maybe a bollock.

  6. Reality Stars, or so called stars. Stick em all in a pit and invite all and sundry of us Joe Public to piss on em. I for one would dangle me tool over the side and take a good leak on the talentless fuckers. Let the pit fill up with stale piss and drown the fucking lot of em.

  7. I looked at the Mail online a couple of weeks ago. They had a story about who was going to into the celebrity big brother house. I only knew who a couple of them were. The rest I didn’t know, and didn’t WANT to know. Apparently, one of the American “celebrities” is a friend of a Kardashian. How the fuck does being friends with a fat, overexposed, under intelligent, bimbo like a Kardashian make you a celebrity?

    I was once an extra in an episode of Soldier Soldier. My big claim to fame though is that I was also an extra in a couple of episodes of Band of Brothers, does that make me a celebrity? NO, IT DOESN’T! It makes me a bloke who was on telly for about three minutes, and then went back to being a soldier. The worst of these shitbags, aren’t actually the “Reality TV Stars”, it’s the wannabes. Like that brain dead, vain cunt (forget his name. That’ll upset him), who keeps wanting the NHS to fund his plastic surgery because he wants to look like Joey Essex (Who? No, don’t tell me, I don’t want know. Seriously, if you tell me I will find where you live and shoot flaming arrows into your house).

    Then there’s that vulgar slut, Josie…Jodie Cunningham? Something like that. She’s so desperate for fame and fortune that she would literally suck a dead donkey’s cock, whilst tossing off two chimps, while being fucked from behind by a silverback gorilla. She actually manages to make Katie Price and Jodie Marsh look classy.

    I’ve never understood the modern obsession that most twenty/thirty something’s have with being “Reality” stars. Take the Apprentice for example. Now I’ll admit, the bloke who won the last series seemed alright, but the others on the show with him were complete and utter bell ends. I once watched five minutes of The Only Way is Essex AND Geordie Shore. I wish I hadn’t. I really…really wish I hadn’t. It isn’t even real, it’s obviously fucking scripted. And badly scripted at that. And the cast were all fucking morons.

    I haven’t bothered watching the one with those posh fuckers. What is the point of these shows? It’s lowest common denominator television. You have to be as thick as a bull elephant’s foreskin just to watch that bullshit all the way, on a regular basis. If you’re actually a fan, then you’re a fucking sad bastard with no capacity for individual thought. King Cunt is right, a couple of Brimstones from the RAF would be improve these “Reality” shows no end.

    • All these reality shows are pushing an agenda, the narcissist agenda.
      It’s all about ME, ME, ME, fuck everyone else, breeding a generation of empathy devoid cunts.
      Twitter, Facebook, Instagram are all tools to push this agenda.
      Like anyone gives a fuck what Joe Public Tweets or posts to Facebook/Instagram.
      But, like mind-controlled sheep, they think people want to know all this shit.
      They think the sun shines out of their arses, but unfortunately, they are just contributing to the State surveillance by posting everything they say/think & do.
      As Stewart Lee so succinctly put it:
      “Twitter is a mass government surveillance database staffed by gullible volunteers”

  8. Accidentally (I kid you not…) watched my first…and last episode of CBB this pm. Ought to be called CBT (and I’m not thinking Cognitive Behaviour Therapy here)…What a mind-numbing heap of complete toss. However, tomorrow is a new day, and I shall go out and watch some paint drying – infinitely more stimulating!

    • Now there’s a good idea! Celebrity Behavioural Therapy, that would be good fun. They are so fucking remedial they’d take it seriously. The winner could then spend a month in a secure unit for fruitcakes. Game on.

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