Boycotting awards


I’m boycotting the American Black Film Festival, the Black Movie Awards and the MOBO Awards, the Black International Film Festival, the Black Reel Awards, etc, etc…. just not enough whites getting prizes at them.

I guess that makes me a big white racist.

Nominated by: Nickleby

Not enough blacks in the BAFTAs, Oscars, Golden Globes? What ever happened to the best gets the gong whatever colour, race, sexual persuasion or any other fucking criteria but ability?

It’s alright to exclude whites from the MOBOs and loads of others to boot, but not the other way around. Hypocrites make me sick – whatever colour their skin is.

Face it – you didn’t get an Oscar nomination because you weren’t fucking good enough.

Play the race card. Works every time. You don’t want to attend the ceremony? Fine. Just fuck right off, losers…!

Nominated by: Dioclese

35 thoughts on “Boycotting awards

  1. Will Smith, The Whole Smith Family, Spike Lee, Oprah, to name a few just dont realise. They are not disliked because they are black.

    Its because they are Cunts.

    Although now it does make them Black Cunts.

    The colour of the skin really is not the key factor, until they chose for it to be. Other nominees can be Will I am, Mo Farrah, Kanye West, and most new age rappers.

    • 50 Cent… Jay-Z, Puff Daddy/Diddy/Doddy, Snoop Dog/LIon/Twat/ Ice T, Dr. Dre…. All rappers… All ex-criminals and/or pimps and all cunts…

  2. IHAT, or the Iraq Historical Abuse Team need a serious and most urgent cunting. They are currently investigation a ridiculous 1500 alleged cases of abuse on Iraqi prisoners by British Army soldiers. That figure is not just ludicrous, it’s fucking bullshit. It suggests that British soldiers were routinely abusing prisoners, which is not just an outright lie, it’s an insult.

    It’s true that a tiny minority of squaddies abused prisoners, but not 1500. One of the worst things about this, is the way in which serving and former soldiers are being treated. The way I’ve heard it, people are being door stepped and handed letters telling them they’re being investigated or treated as a witness.

    Somewhat insidiously I think, the people doing this are former police officers who, allegedly, are introducing themselves by using their former rank, thereby implying that they are serving police officers. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that comes under the offence of “Impersonating a Police Officer”. Worse still, some of them are taking the opportunity to question these serving or former soldiers on their doorsteps, without a lawyer. It’s also been alleged that some of these twats are threatening arrest if their target refuses to answer their questions.

    The problem is, a lot of the men and women being targeted are suffering from mental health issues, meaning they’re in a vulnerable position, and are not in a position to answer questions without a lawyer present. This is not being taken into account by those doing the door stepping, especially the more aggressive ones. In my opinion though, anyone who implies that they are a serving plod, neglects to mention that the person they’re speaking to has the right to consult a lawyer and threatens them with arrest for refusing to answer questions there and then, is a cunt.

    The actions of these cunts is reprehensible. They are basically pissing on the basic tenets of the British justice system; the right to silence and the right to legal representation. If they are behaving in such a way, they are morally bankrupt. And you have to wonder what kind of plod they were. A poor one in my opinion.

    One of the more ridiculous stories emerged this week. An experienced Army sniper, one of our best by all accounts, is being investigated because he killed an Iraqi insurgent carrying an RPG, without shouting a warning. WHAT…THE…FUCK? It was war for Christ’s sake, not an episode of Blue Bloods. Shouting a warning to an enemy combatant usually results in a hail of gunfire. The thing is though, we have so many left wing judges in this country, that I wouldn’t be surprised if that sniper was successfully sued.

    This is fucking wrong. It’s bad enough that cock sucking, money grubbing parasites like Leigh, Day & Co and Shiner and his Public Interest Lawyers are allowed to make millions abusing (in my opinion) the legal aid system and tout for business among lying fucking camel shaggers. Now we have our government creating IHAT.

    This has the potential to cause the deaths of British service personnel. In war, we have enough to deal without wondering if shooting dead the prick who’s trying to kill us, will lead to his family suing us for murder. This whole business has to be ended now. And this fucked up country needs to find its sanity.

    • Well cunted sir.

      My son in law, all 6’6″ of him is really looking forward to being doorstepped by these fucking parasites.

      He is no fool, legally savvy and more than capable of finding room under the patio for some cunt that thinks its going to threaten him on behalf of a goat rapist.

      • I’m waiting for them myself OB. I’m particularly hoping one of those fake plods turns up. I’ll ask to see their warrant card, which they’re legally obliged to do, and when they can’t do that, I will call the real police. They probably won’t do much, but it’ll at least put a smile on my face. I will also inform them that my lawyer will be in touch with regards to possible legal action against them. Let’s see how those fuckers like it.

      • Make sure he gets corroborative evidence of one of these parasitical fuckers claiming to be Police officers then report them for impersonation. Cunts.

    • The first thing we’ve got to do is kill all the lawyers. And then all the bankstas (this includes auditors who turn blind eyes). And then all the politicians who’ve taken bungs and/or lied to their electorate.

  3. I misread this, thinking we were giving Geoff Boycott some awards. As he’s a plain-speaking chap from the t’north maybe he can have all these fucking oscars instead of this bunch of attention seeking grovellers. It’s been a long day, auntie’s funeral and yes it is what she would have wanted.
    Time for a few jars.

  4. It is bad enough that current or former servicemen are being harassed by these parasites for trumped up charges, but what is unbelievable is that this government actually sets up a department specifically that allows this to happen. So our government quite happily sends troops into conflicts that we should really keep our fucking noses out of, singing their praises, and when it’s over any many of our servicemen and women are killed this spineless shit heap of a government are proactive in allowing survivors to be harassed, probably under the guise of human rights. God knows how much it costs to run this quango but we could certainly save public funds by closing it down. Then there’s the legal profession, the vultures circling for a nice large payout, the shitehawks who have over the years manipulated, twisted and bastardised human rights legislation to their favour and financial gain.

    • Yes but note, none of the lying politician scum who lied about the need to go to war in the first place are never harassed and prosecuted. That is the biggest crime of all and they get away with it. Oh the fucking irony. CUNTS .

  5. These blacks (especially rappers) call each other niggas 20 times in a bloody sentence but someone white says it and all fucking hell breaks loose. Although its fair game for niggas to call us honkys, cracker,whiteboy, white trash all because 4% of the white population(mostly rich politicians and farmers) at one time in history 150 yrs ago had slaves I’m tired of feeling guilty for something I didn’t fucking do FUCK ‘EM.

  6. Shows how thick these hip-hop shithouses are… So they call themselves a name that the Klu Klux Klan used when they used to hang people… That’s really showing respect to their heritage and those who suffered, isn’t it? Fucking pig ignorant cunts…

  7. Hello Is a Cunt. My grandmother used to say God sprayed them black to identify reject and danger. God bless her.

    • My granny was probably more racist then hitler himself(couldn’t swat a fly tho) the ironic thing is she fought in the 2nd WW lol. She called blacks darkies sometimes double darkies if they are extra black lol, sometimes golliwog bastards. Beaners for mexicans, meatballs for italians. She made jeremy clarkson look weak in comparison,mind you she was born in the fucking dark ages yet she loved nat king cole go figure.

      • I had a neighbour who was incredibly racist, yet he loved listening to UB40 and Tina Turner… He also had bad breath, wore a toupee, and he was a complete cunt…

        My mother wasn’t racist, nothing against black people at all… Yet she really disliked gays… As someone once said: ‘I hate racists… I hate racists almost as much as I hate homosexuals…’

  8. What a fucking joke, so these ‘actors’ are boycotting an awards ceremony, I bet once a producer sends them a script and a few million for the role they will accept it straightaway.

    How about boycotting Hollywood? NO, they wont do that will they.

    hypocritical cunts

  9. You can’t do night shots with blacks because all the audience see is a pair of peepy eyes raping a dog.

  10. Not enough blacks on the telly? Is that these cunts problem? Easily solved. Put Crimewatch on 3 times a week.

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