Sebastian Coe [4]

Sebastian Coe exchanging fluids and bribes up the arse with Lamine Diack

Sebastian Coe exchanging fluids and bribes up the arse with Lamine Diack

The cunt Coe reminds me orf a dodgy little batman we had in camp in Germany just after the war. Could get antibiotics, cigars, whiskey, nylons or an arse for hire within the day. Same cropped hair and mouth like a piranha fish.Useful but ruthless little cunt. Also takes me back to me time in East Germany. Many a hairy chested fraulein mixing testosterone and alcohol. Hazardous times.

The story so far. A kraut journalist name orf Hajo Seppelt first broke the story orf Olympian corruption a few years back but it did not get much traction with the FIFA shenanigans going on. See [here]. Now following a report from WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) we hear allegations against the Ruskies viz state sponsored doping programmes and wholesale corruption and Ruskie goons intimidating left right and centre. All this was known, it is alleged, to Coe while he was vice president of IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations) and hands on involved in getting the Olympics to London. Have always wondered how London landed the Olympics when usually these fair lands get sweet FA. Snouts in troughs? London officialdom looking the other way while Ivan and Ludmilla inject in the khazi?

Other items of interest. Coe was promoted as first chairman orf the FIFA Ethics Committee by our old friend and paragon orf probity, Sepp Blatter. Left that fat little job to become Vice President orf IAFF, later to take over the top job from the white as snow president orf sixteen years, Lamine Diack. Mr Diack is now apparantly in a spot orf bother regarding allegations of corruption, bribery and running a personal slush fund orf a million+ euros obtained from payments to cover up chemically enhanced athletes results. Churlish to add perhaps that Mr Coe has been in a spot orf the old soup himself regarding his six figure salary from the American sportswear company Nike which is itself linked to Mr Blatter and our friends at FIFA by allegations orf dodgy “sponsorship” deals orf various national teams and individuals in order to obtain certain lucrative World Cup rights.

Difficult to choose a cunt in such a rich field but on balance I will stick with Mr Coe if only because anyone named Sebastian sounds like he should be playing a rather sordid little pooftah in a black and white early 60s British film.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

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  1. Coe is a venomous little Tory cunt, he oozes spite from every pore and orifice. Solid article.

    I’d like to nominate toilet water and Nick Grimshaw please

    • I saw a clip advertising the X Factor and that fucking twat Nick Grimshaw was dancing like a prick with Cheryl and Rita Ora to some shit rendition of a One Direction tune. I thought you fucking money grabbing prick, I guess Nick is ‘cool’ at the moment hence why Simon got him on the show, same as Rita Ora. What the fuck Cheryl is on there for I don’t know, when was her last ‘Hit’ record? I would bang her up the ass though. As for Rita Ora saw her near Portobello Road a while ago and I would definitely fuck her as well. X Factor has to be on its last legs now, none of the winners last more than a year its a joke.

        • X Factor has always been a joke, I bet the jokers at the beginning of the show who are shit aren’t funny anymore. When I see that queue of thousands of wannabe famous cunts and 95% of them are shit I think “what the fuck has happened to society? A lot of cunts want to be famous for anything. Twitter, Facebook etc all prey on a lot of these cunts craving for fame by giving the cunts their own little ego fucking page. The Cunts.

          • Not a new thing unfortunately. Andy Warholl coined his “15 minutes of fame” phrase in 1968.

            plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

          • Dont watch that X factor but that cocksucker Ora would have shit in her fingernails she is that filthy

    • I think your cunt has to be longer then 1 sentence Ford Cuntina ,it probably has to specify why they are a cunt as well. There has been enough rules broken today I won’t stand for it. I mean while we’re at it we should just put all the ketchup in the mustard bottle and put the mustard in the ketchup bottle. Is that what you want? you sick bastard who doesn’t want to follow rules. We do that and all hell will break loose.

        • All right fine break the rules then see if I care but next time you use ketchup and you instead get mustard don’t come crying to me. I mean really who needs rules . BTW I use to work in a condiment factory I will let you guess how that turned out.

  2. Coe is a politician and that’s why no-one can trust him. Everybody will be watching to see how he handles this situation.
    My first reaction was to say ban the cheating Russian cunts. But thinking about it, what have those athletes actually done? They’ve taken substances to improve their performance, but isn’t that what they all do? They take vitamins and supplements for the same reason. If these aren’t made by the body in a natural way, why are they allowed when other substances aren’t.

    • I thought one minute a substance is legal then its not legal. If tuts the case its ridiculous to try and say who is clean and who isn’t. At the end of the day cheating has always been there and probably always will be.

  3. Pffft I could never stand the cunt! The epitome of boredom in my youth was listening to cunts in pubs enjoying the rivalry between seb cunt and steve ovary (part of a cunt) light on their loafers middle distance running zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  4. Coe is the dribbling über cunt that spent £24Bn of our cash on the olympics.

    What a total bellend.

  5. Helmut Schmidt is dead. Im sure someone had him in the dead pool so can I have me usual.
    Chuck Berry
    Little Richard
    Debbie Reynolds
    Sir Bernard Ingham
    Norman Tebitt

  6. I understand he was (is) know in the US as the ‘flying faggot’. These days It looks like his lips have nearly been worn away from sucking cock, and you can see he desperately trying to curtail his gay mincing ways. I bet when not in public he’s like Quentin Crisp.

    I wonder who is pushing the shit back up his arse these days.

  7. According to Sebastian Coe, “There is no greater feeling than representing your country at the Olympics.”

    Really? Surely having Angelina Jolie sitting on your cock, whilst you snort coke off Jessica Alba’s tits would feel greater?

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