Pudsey [3]

knitted rudolp

knitted chugger cunt

Yes it’s time to welcome the Prince of Chuggers, the legalised Robin Hood of BBC TV, the cunt of cunts – Pudsey the fucking bear!

Every year the Beeb roll out their pre-Christmas ‘charitee’ bash to raise millions from gormless pricks who donate money to watch the mind bogglingly tedious load of absolute shite that is Children in Need.

When my wife was deserted by her ex and left with a 18 month old child they were definitely in need. Nobody gave them fuck all for nothing and she had to work her arse off in some totally shitty jobs to put food on the table. That’s life. If you can’t support your kids, you shouldn’t be a parent – but then why bother when cunts like Pudsey give you money for fuck all – after deducting expenses of course.

I was once stopped going into work by a bloke with a bucket who said I couldn’t go in until I give Pudsey some of my hard earned. He needed to borrow that fucking eye bandage shortly afterwards…

Fuck Pudsey. Fuck Children in Need. Fuck the BBC. Put some decent programmes on, you lazy parasitic cunts!

Still, this year it’s on Friday 13th so with a bit of luck something will drop on Pudsey from a great height and rid us of the little turd!

Nominated by: Dioclese

21 thoughts on “Pudsey [3]

  1. Yet another huge charity scheme that in itself has generated a large cottage industry workforce so smug cunts can say they work for a charity but leave out the fact they’re getting well paid for doing it. I wouldn’t donate a penny to that injured bear because it is the trendy thing to do and there’s a good chance my money would go towards their ‘wages’!

    The only charity I gave to on a regular basis was Barnardo’s, the money was taken by directly from my wages monthly, how much of my money Barnardo’s actually got fuck knows.

  2. Oh yes!

    It’s not Pudsey per se rather the fact that there is a need to beg for alms to care for our own. We found £trillion to bail out the banks, we find £billions to send to third world corrupt dictators we can find £millions to help some bloody wog escape from Asia and we can find £thousands to paint one of the elite’s duck house, but there is a need to beg for our kid’s futures. Why? It’s not just that that gets my goat it’s the fekin Bolshevik Broadkasting Korporation who make a twenty-four hour grief jack-a-thon out of it. It’s a god given chance for the pointless luvvies to show just how good and caring they are. You don’t fool the Cunts. I fear for our safety this weekend what with the -now named (there’s a cunting in the making)- Atlantic storm to add to the deluge of crocodile tears it could all go pear shaped rather rapidly. Now fuck off and leave me in peace; I have a whloe weekend appointment with some Gopher wood in the sanctuary of my shed -sans telly.

    • Agree wholeheartedly – apart from the notion that the BBC is Bolshie.

      BBC News is so unashamedly pro-Tory it’s a fucking joke..

      Neither John Major’s Hinton Lecture where he attacked inequality, nor Gordon Brown’s speech to the Child Poverty Action Group where he demolished the so-called “eight lies peddled by the government about poverty”, nor the exchange of letters between Cameron and the leader of Oxfordshire County Council in which the PM revealed himself to be competely out of touch with the effects of so-called “austerity” were reported on BBC TV News bulletins. Gordon Brown’s speech was reported on the BBC News website – but mischaracterised as “a veiled attack on Corbyn” even though Corbyn was not mentioned by name and the Labour party mentioned only once in a brief aside; the substance of the speech – the Tories’ “eight lies” – were not mentioned at all. Two former PMs, one Tory, one Labour (admittedly both cunts) attack government policy on the same day and the BBC doesn’t consider this at all newsworthy.

      Could it be because the BBC’s Head of News is a former Murdoch editor and old habits die hard? Or could it be because the BBC dare not upset the government before the Charter renewal? Whatever the reason, this pro-government BBC is a fucking disgrace.

      • BBC News I’ll give you Fred, but the rest of the BBC’s output is so wanky it makes The Guardian look like Der Sturmer. Even Dr Who was used to push the BBC’s pro-refugee agenda; poor little Zygons being “radicalised” if UNIT bombed the fuck out of their compatriots; the Doctor saying people were worried about Zygons stealing their benefits. Back in the 70s, UNIT used to shoot invaders, not worry about “alien rights.”

        And whilst we’re slagging off “news” outlets, swap the words “climate change” for “asylum seekers” and The Daily Mail becomes The Guardian.

        • At least the Zygons had been trying to blend in, most of the 3rd world immigrants we import have not attempted to fit in with our culture and hate the west anyway.

  3. The government seems to take a load of my money every month and spunk it on charidee causes that I wouldn’t piss on if they were on fire…..unless I could piss petrol.

  4. Cue that gurning cunt Lenny Henry in a bath of baked beans…Or some other detestable has-been-that-never-was imploring us to send them our hard earned whilst they live in mansions and earn stupid amounts of money for advertising Travelodge…Fuck the lot o ’em I say. CUNTS!

  5. The thing with Children In Need is it’s always the same old shite…. Wogan wheeled out in a new wig, some dizzy tart of the moment (Holly Willoughby, Davina McCall etc), fucking irritating BBC newsreaders doing ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ or some other dreadful routine (ripped off from Morecambe & Wise anyway!), those miserable gorblimey NeverEnders cunts trying to be funny (and the Corrie lot from the other side making a better effort!), and some boyband or X-Factor spaz singing a load of crap…. It will be exactly the same as the one last year…

    And does anyone wonder why (as he was widely seen then) that paragon of kiddies charities, that mister fix it, Jimmy Savile, never once presented Children In Need? Some top bollocks at the BBC said Savile was ‘too creepy’ to appear on the show… Yet they let him present TOTP and Jim’ll Fix It?! Maybe the BBC’S philosophy was keep the dirty old nonce sweet by ‘feeding’ him TOTP and Fix It and he wouldn’t make a fuss over Children In Need… Disgusting, when you think about it… And these cunts expect people to trust them n give them money? The BBC didn’t know, my arse… Fucking cunts….

    • whoa fucking sore point you just raised there!
      We foolishly accepted a charity sweet dispenser on our premises, childline, (Esther Ranzen) so one day I chose a tube of jelly beans, it cost a pound and on receipt of the sweets I noticed the tube 1/3 full! 3/4 of the tube covered in lable masking the fact that there was fuck all in it!
      You remember that Esther Ranzen was also the consumers champion, well she sevearly pulled my pants down on that one! eight pence retails worth of jelly bean with 3 pence worth of plastic for a pound! what a rip off!
      Double standard Bitch!

      • That pales into insignificance when you consider that the ‘child line’ founder worked at paedo central and kept shtoom for the sake of her career.

  6. And I thought it couldn’t get any worse… That total cunt trumpet, Dermot O’ Leary, is replacing Wogan for Children In Need…

    Come back, Tez… All is forgiven….

  7. At least Wogan knows its all shite and takes the piss accordingly, like he used to do with eurovision. I suppose it could be worse, they could have given it to that mincing little cunt Graham Norton.

    Why does it have to be a bog hopper anyway? Don’t we have enough cunts of our own?

    • I’m sure Norton did it one year. At the very least, he was allowed to do some kind of presenting for it. I remember it because all he did was shout: “FUCKING…BRILLIANT! FUCKING…BRILLIANT”! Which wouldn’t have been so bad, if it actually had been fucking brilliant.

  8. It was worth Wogan cancelling just to hear Sky news announce “Terry Wogan has pulled out of children in need”

  9. “And now, the newsreaders are going to perform a song from The Rocky Horror Show!”. Oh Christ Jesus no. Christ Jesus no.

  10. Tax dodging millionaire cunts appearing on telly to tell ‘ordinary folk’ to ‘give what they can….’
    Get to fuck, yer celebrity showbiz cunts…..

  11. How fucking ironic, the BBC collecting money for children in need, yet the BBC were complicit in Savile fucking children!

    That should be the Oxford English Dictionaries definition of: Oxymoron

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