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This smug bizarrely annunciating pain in the gonads has been riding the BBC gravy train for years. The egocentric economics commentator cunt is currently stamping his little piggy trotters trying to hissy fit his employers in to paying him loads more moolah (a very good reason not to pay the licence fee) and threatening to take his talents elsewhere. Well fuck orf Peston I say and let us take a look at what the cunt has to offer.

The ugly tosser’s ego is legendary and precisely complemented by a scruffy and poorly dyed barnet. His mangling orf the Queen’s English is a crime against humanity so naturally the BBC PC Brigade has the cunt popping up all over the place. Had an ancient 2CV on the farm that would stutter to a halt like that in the rain then suddenly shoot forward full power without warning. Got £40 scrap for it. Peston’s manufactured pauses and strangulated vowels are the egocunt’s attempts to mask the simple fact that he does not know what the fuck he is talking about.

Pay the man another £Mill a year.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

22 thoughts on “Robert Peston [4]

  1. Nice cunting Limpy, robert “cunthead” peston is a piss taking cunt of epic proportions he deserves to be sent to the gulags for being a talentless douchebag who believes his opinions actually matter. When his wife died his friends told him to get a LIFE! not another wife he misheard of course.

  2. Bizarre enunciation is due to trying to control a stammer, which, to be fair, is not the cunt’s fault. Jonathan Miller has the same strange rhythm of speech which is also due to trying to control a stammer – I think he once described it as “trying to surprise yourself with your own choice of words” in order that the stammer doesn’t have time to kick in.

    That said, there’s another mighty good reason to cunt The Honourable Robert James Kenneth Peston. Can you spot it?

    • you show muck knowledge about peston and stammers and the titled-that was interesting thanks .
      even a witty little sting in the tail too .
      I find the more I hear peston and his ultra snobby voice-similar to anne robinson and sandy tostig -the more he grates on me-now we can all add to that his obviously proudly displayed love of the Westminster bubble and the champagne socialists and the London elite and anything snobby and London centric -he would get on great with Toynbee harmen hodge and the rest of them.
      the referendum has exposed just how corrupt and elitist most politicians and media folk are-they basically hate democracy and hate the English and hate working class folk-unless they are black or brown and preferably live in London and ideally are millionaires who had super subsidised educations or scholarships or private/public educated.
      soubry is a disgrace and so is over half the tory party -and I cant think of a labour mp I have any respect for now-maybe john mann ?
      the greens and liberals are all traitors-though I respect and like norman lamb [Norwich ] -I support green issues-all of them just about but hate elitists who despise the bulk of their electorate and hate democracy and working class people.
      Gideon osbourne is the guiltiest of all the politicians-evil lying cunt-I am not surprised he has been hiding for the last 3 days-he should have been lynched by now for threatening all the nasty punishments he did to the bulk of the electorate -beyond belief unforgivable and unforgettable .
      plyd and the snp are obvious parasites and traitors -but most welsh aren’t and even 38 % of scots are reasonable and 45 % of northern irish too .

      labour are polled as having lost 33% of their voters -mostly to ukip-great news and sooooo predictable-infact I said this to prof Minford about Tuesday -that labour are now extinct .
      we need to demand the new labour mps are pro democratic and pro English-picking them from the elite using all women short lists and token black and brown and muslim people -will never lead to mps who are democratic and pro English-of course being labour they should also be pro working class and poor-something labour hasn’t been for 40 years.
      ifind myself having voted ukip by default for 6 years -but I actually share all the green and labour values -just that I value democracy and anti-elitsm and anti-corruption higher than my political personal views -sadly you can count the number mps who think like me on your fingers -the country is more elitist and corrupt now than it has been for 40 years
      I fear the survival of the corrupt scum like Gideon osbourne and phillip Hammond and Teresa may and angela eagle and Dianne abbot -these people can never be trusted now [post-brexit] and soubry is campaigning to re-run the referendum right now today-she is a disgrace and an abomination .
      I keep thinking how funny labour are -they had a life long anti eu guy called corbyn -who shared the view of the vast bulk of the working class and they made him say he was pro eu and lie and he did as instructed and now his party have lost a third of their voters and a referendum and corbyn looks like a lying elitist cunt -the same as the rest of his gang.
      the labour party are un-reformable-just like the eu .

  3. I would like haribo sweets to get a good counting for these adds that have been earfucking me for the last year, you know the ones with the office meeting or the cinema where they have childish voices, so in my opinion haribo sweet company are cunts for dreaming up the adds, all the actors involved are cunts for agreeing to do it(may they never work again….cunts) and why the fuck is this shit on the Tele after kids are in bed, so they don’t have to put up with it, same with the fucking drug induced Ribena add, what the fuck is going on there so a cunting for Ribena as well cunts the lot of them, not to forget that fuckwit Nicole sharzinger for that yogurt add, we are sick of seeing her with it on her face clumsy fucktard…….treble cunting to the all

  4. Robert Peston, and every cunt at the BBC, exudes cuntitude to the nth degree.
    He knows as much about Economics as I know about 15th Century needlecraft.
    I fucking hate the BBC with a disdain only surpassed by Bono.
    The whole fucking lot of BBC stinking cunts with their snouts in the golden trough (license fee money), they are all encouraged by the BBC to be freelance and after getting their snouts on OUR money then then all funnel it through their various media companies to avoid paying ANY fucking tax.

    Joanna Gosling, Chris Moyles, Gabby Loagn are just 3 of the BBC cunts who pay no fucking tax from the publics license fee money and have been caught.

    I have never, and will never give a penny to the BBC, if Capita gestapo want to come to my house and check if I am watching ‘live’ TV they are welcome to, but when they start sending the letters AGAIN just 2 months later they will find they can indeed come back and ‘double check’ but they will be getting a bill for £5000 for my time and harassment.

    Fucking CUNTS

  5. Very happy to report that the recently cunted Bahar Mustafa, the “student diversity officer” at Goldsmiths University in London, has been charged with sending a threatening communication after originating the hashtag #killallwhitemen.

    • Ah, you got there before me Fred.

      In the papers it states that she is now the former divershitty officer at Goldsmiths. I take this to mean she is now unemployed and unemployable, just like the attention seeking cunts she claims to represent.

      Everything you ever needed to know about Bahar Mustafa can be found here.

    • That’s good..ish news. I’m somewhat sceptical at the moment as to whether she’ll actually be convicted. Still, at least the nasty little slag is getting a taste of what it’s like to be white.

      • The dozy, spoiled middle class bint will probably demand an Afro Caribbean, lesbian, single parent, transgender, queer, welfare recipient, jihadi interview her at the local nick.

        It will all fall apart from there.

        Wait for the ‘it was worse than rape’ entry on the pointless shitcunt nobody’s twitter account.

        Clueless cunt!

        • If she likes Muslims so much, can’t we send her to Iran, where hopefully they’ll stone her to death?

          The little fascist misandrist slapper will probably wriggle out of it… With all the PC/Guardian/Leftie gobshites batting for her..

    • I agree… Twitter and Facebook is for bellends and cunts… At least 80 odd% of people on there are loony…

  6. Peston – I didn’t know an awful lot about him as I avoid BBC news etc like the fucking plague. Did see him hosting Have I Got News For You a while back. I would now go into court and swear on the bible that he sure is a massive fucking cunt.

  7. Nominating Ronnie Pickering. Wadda cunt. Does bare knuckle fight challenges from inside his cunt wagon. Goes as red as his cunty cuntröen when insisting he is Ronnie Pickering. He stand out in the Cuntville that is Hull as being an idiot cunt. Has spawned more cunts to perpetuate his cuntishness, son of cunt is offering to let celebrities visit him at chez cunt. His one and only redeeming quality is that he wants to batter the living breath out of cunts who ride mopeds.

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