Dozey WAGs


I’d like to nominate ‘female cuntishness’ or more accurately the perpetrators thereof………

I’m sure they do it to wind us up and they do it on purpose, that, or they are in league with the purveyors of blood pressure medicants.

Allow me to illustrate:

Sunday afternoon, Biggin Hill Air-show on the goggle box; the surround sound is wound up and flexing the windows. Enter honeybunch
“Loud isn’t it!” Strike one. That’s why I turned it on you dozy cunt, is what I wanted to say, but I let it slide.
“Now listen; this is what it’s about lass: a Spitfire.”
“Sounds just like any other engine to me.” Strike two. You fucking soulless harridan!

Michael Clarke announces his retirement and gets emotional:
“Aw.” She says “I feel sorry for him, don’t you?”
“No!” “He’s a baggy green Aussie bastard, which is as hateful a frenchman (No! Fuck off spell-checker he’s not having a capital F) without an English arrow sticking out of his chest. I hate the bloody convicts; they hate us so why should I feel pity for him”
“But it’s only a game and you shouldn’t get so angry, it can’t be good for you.” Strike three through twenty-three.

See what I mean. They can never attain cuntitude, but by the fuck the know about cuntishness and how to twist it when it’s in up to the hilt.

Of course you could never trump Cuntishness with Cuntitude or you’d never get your shirts ironed.

Sneaky vindictive cunning Cunts.

Nominated by: King Cnut

26 thoughts on “Dozey WAGs

  1. Women are absolute cunts ruined my life, with their wicked hearts and money driven cunts but there is a kind that has never broken my heart or abandoned me…. my pet pig. Oh god this porcine beauty makes me happier then a pig in shite , I just want to shove my cock up its tight pink piggy arsehole. I’ve tried to deny it for years but I’m finally coming out.

  2. i have £10 here. who wants to bet that the Coventry bus crash won’t shortly be exposed as a hoax by Mr Spivey. i really don’t know what we’d do without him. most people would rather naively just assume it was a very unfortunate accident but he has the forensic capabilities to cut through the crap and enlighten us all to precisely what happened. whats even more amazing is he is the ONLY person who seems to have this ability. i mean no proper journalist saw through the farce that was the Alton Towers ‘accident’ did they?
    of course there might be a good reason for that.

    • According to Spivey have there ever been any genuine accidents? I do not count his tattoos.

      • Spivey’s tattoos are the work of a autistic retard(no offense to autistics) your better off without one or slap yourself in the face and save a few pounds.

      • Spiveys tattoos have been photoshopped and he is a cris actor called Neville Bodmin from Halifax.

      • I cut myself shaving last week, I have not cut myself shaving since I was 17
        I asked over at Spivey’s website if anyone could explain it, turns out it was a Zionist using mind-control located on the dark side of the Moon


  3. And to go back on topic I am sorry you did not get your proper surround sound experience on the Spitfires Cnutty. Used to go regularly with me old oppo (died recently) one orf the last orf the few, a Spit pilot based at Hornchurch, to RAF commemoratives to listen to that thrilling/nostalgic sound orf Merlin engines in the air. Heard them again doin orn the South Coast a couple of months ago as the flights were heading over to the Isle of Wight and back. The unmistakable roar above clouds. That was the 75 years show at Biggin Hill. Could not stand going by myself. Tempus fugit. Bless them all.

  4. There are 2 ways of resolving the issue of annoying other halves. One of them involves a lump hammer and a long stay in an all male environment. The other, simpler method is to divorce/dump the irritating bitch.

    On the other hand you could always continue being a wimp and attempt to resolve your issues by whinging about them.

    • Well spotted Norman.

      We all know this goes on all over the place on a regular basis.

      The cultural marxist cunts in the main stream media try and keep a lid on it to prevent a civil war that will see all of the Muslims forced off the White cliffs of Dover at pitch fork point and told to fucking swim for it.

      Still, nice to see a libtard getting what they wished for. Up close, personal and chock full of AIDS.

  5. As bad as any thicko WAG, Callum Best deserves a good cunting….
    A ‘professional celebrity’ (ie: a media whore), Callum will put his name to anything if the price or publicity is right… Nothing is too low for this cunt… Celebrity Big Brother being just one example… The cunt has also (yet again!) cashed in on his famous and far more talented late father… Callum has put a book out called ‘Second Best…’ Obviously ghostwritten (the thick twat couldn’t write a shopping list!) and obviously done for the money (as always)… In it he comes out with ‘revelations’ that his dad, George, ‘physically assaulted’ him… Which basically means the little bastard got a slap when he acted up… If I wrote a book about the times my mum or dad gave me a crack for cheek or antics it would be 20 volumes long… This little shit will cash in on his father’s name until the day he dies (soon, I hope?)… He is also a tasteless little cunt… On the very day of the 50th anniversary of the Munich Air Crash this little twat held a lavish, tacky birthday bash for himself in some garish nighspot… And this says it all: a few years ago he was asked about China and Darfur… Callum Best replied, ‘I think Darfur is great… He does some really cool designs…’ No joke, he thought Darfur was a fashion designer… What a little fucktard of a cunt…

    • I second that nomination, Calum Best is a fucking shit stain on humanity.
      The epitome of living off Daddy’s money and fame, hopefully the cunt will get AIDS or cancer of the arsehole.

      Calum Best – The arsehole with cancer of the arsehole, has a nice ring to it don’t ya think?

  6. I went to get a paper this morning and whilst not paying attention stood in a pile of dogshit, I was fucking livid.
    Not because I had shit on my brogues but because I had squashed something with a higher IQ than any of these WAG’s.

    Fake tanned, tramp-stamped, botox filled cum buckets the lot of ’em

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