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  1. Watery voiced, unfunny, whining, self congratulating cunt wipe. I watch the Last leg under sufferance and feel like booting the telly box in when he starts having one of his cod-political socialist bollocks whinges.

    I would happily choke him with his prosthetic foot. Cunt.

    • And why the fuck is that scissor-handed cunt Alex Brooker on the show, bbc policy? He’s about as entertaining as cancer the spac hand-waving imbecile. If handicapped ppl are to be represented, judge them by TALENT. Please don’t tell me he was on some z-list celebrity show or I’ll puke up my spleen!

    • Bastard! Sorry forgetting my manners: Bastard Cunt!

      You are Sir Limply Stoke and I claim my fiver.

      Why does the mind’s eye have to have a twelve hour persistence of vision? Don’t look Cunters.

    • Thanks! I am on my 3rd wank already, as Lord Flash Heart so famously said:
      “I like it firm & fruity”

      • Can we put that in goal for the upcoming Manchester Derby game?
        Then City will have no chance whatsoever of scoring… More frightening than Keane, Schmichel, Stam, Robson and Nobby Stiles combined…

  2. I assume that he’s working over here because Aussies audiences didn’t find him even slightly funny. So, knowing that the BBC would give airtime to a pile of donkey shit, he moved to the UK.

  3. Adam Hills, the bloke with one joke. the chunder from down under.

    Yes, we know you have a prosthetic foot, stop fucking going on about it, you antipodean cunt.
    I would love to beat the cunt to death, with his prosthetic foot, now that would be satirical comedy and get more viewers than ‘the last leg’

    • The Aussie spunkbubble would have no gimmick without his false foot… A bit like Jack Carroll and his ‘Oooh! I’m on the telly, they’ll tek me benefits off me!” bollocks… I know I’ve mentioned Carroll before, but he really is a cunt…

  4. These self-disparaging comedians are a sly bunch of cunts. They know all about ‘diversity and inclusion’ and use it to get cheap laughs and ‘win’ an audience that basically has no other choice – ie, you MUST laugh at a man who was born without a foot, because if you don’t you’re a mean cunt. It’s all about ‘protected characteristics’ in society such as race, gender, age, disability, religion, etc… pretty all the things you’re not allowed to take the piss out of.

    So, these fakers take the piss out of their own ‘characteristic’ so they come across as being selflessly brave and hilariously amusing, whilst knowing that the crowd has a moral obligation to be nice to them. But the minute I take the piss out of their ‘characteristic’ then I’ll be labelled a bully – and you can’t even heckle somebody who mocks their own disability, no matter how unfunny their jokes are, because society demands that you are on their side. Imagine Sarah Millican cracking yet another one about how what a lard-arse she is, and somebody shouts out “Yeah, now tell us a joke!” – you’d be booed out of the arena!

    Remember when fat boy James Corden got an on-stage dressing down from Patrick Stewart for his lack of talent and the unacceptable size of his belly, nobody laughed. But when the fat cunt actually exposed his pale, flabby gut to the crowd they all went wild – how brave of him, facing down the bully like that… Corden immediately had the moral high-ground. And the audience… yeah, we’re all on your side mate, (but only because we have to be and we’re secretly glad that we’re not at fat as you). Obviously, Picard was pissed out of his baldy head, but that shouldn’t be held against him.

    And the cunts who laugh at these sly cunts are even bigger cunts because they can’t even control their own fucking gobs. They’ll laugh at anything, no matter how fucking repetitively turgid and unfunny it is. I have to laugh; I’ve paid to laugh; It’s safe to laugh ‘cos everyone else is laughing; If I don’t laugh I must be a miserable cunt.

    Well join the crowd and laugh until you cry at these unfunny cunts, and join the great mass of mindless imbeciles that occupy the comic no-man’s land of middle England.


  5. I was indifferent about Adam “My act revolves around my missing foot” Hills until I saw him screeching about some perceived slight or other on his show. He wasn’t funny, just a twat. Fuck the cunt.

  6. Oh dear. Titslapper that link of dianne abbott was most disturbing. How would you gents begin to circumvent that lady. My dear hubby told me he would advise saying “Fart love and give us a clue.“

    • I’m glad you hated it, That bloody thing is retarded! if she was ever elected it would be thatcher all over again but this time it would be a hypocritical tubby retarded bint who hates britain(Not much has changed then?). Here she is being a hypocritical cunt of epic proportions with andrew neil showing the cunts true colors. https://youtu.be/LxRqMJHG56A she says andrew 13 times like a nagging bitch

  7. “Let’s run, fight & shoot together.”
    said Jurgen Klopp yesterday, excited about his first Liverpool match…..

    Last Kraut to say “Let’s run, fight & shoot together” was Adolf Hitler the day before he invaded Poland….

  8. Adam Hills and his plastic foot,fucking spaz your as funny as cancer,you and that other circus freak with the lobster claws,think its Charlie Brookers brother….as an earlier poster said,look at us we are a pair off mongs so you WILL laigh at us or everybody will hate you…..Cunts

  9. he is a total woman’s private part – we have to put up with two or three shows from the sanctimonious shithead on Aussie TV – i cannot fucken believe how this unfunny turd gets a run – i reckon he has polariods of the ABC director rooting something – he only appears on ABC (Aussie BBC) – he is probably pulling 300-400k out of the fucken public purse for not being funny – you cunts have far too many really good comics – you can carry one fraudulent arsewipe from downunder – if he wasn’t there the dip shit would be here more often – he is a national disgrace

  10. Australian cocky cunt. Sod off back to Australia with the rest of the toss pot Australians and there irritating fucking accents

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