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Like Clarkson or not, I think whiney cunts like that Oisin Tymon deserve a bit of a cunting.

Its an endemic problem in this country. Clearly production crew know the schedule and how long filming etc is going to take so if the ruckus was all over a hot meal at the end of the day, then some cunt deserves a fucking good kicking for failing to get even the simplest arrangement (nobody really knows what happened, so I’m only going by whats reported), that is to provide a hot meal at the end of the day. I can only surmise the ‘well thats all their is’ response was enough to tip Clarkson over the edge.

I did a pretty old school apprenticeship, and it was hard going. You had be aware of what was going on at all times and persistent mistakes that affected others meant that you would be ‘checked back into line’. Im not talking some Dickensian work place scenario, and fuckers that go on about bullying in the work place need a reality check, that seldom happens these days, unless of course being asked to do something not in your job description constitutes bullying and harassment. What we do have is the touchy feely, social, PC bullshit that leads the majority of the workforce to a massive sense of entitlement, not yet earned.

This is the reason fat Maureen down the council offices acts with impunity, because she does not have any fear of loosing her job, being disciplined or even actually having to do the job. We have a nation of fireproof cunts who can do and say whatever they like without fear.

I think more people should start kicking fuck out of frontline services staff and jobsworth cunts when they start to cop a shit attitude, because it might make the whole country a little more pleasant. I am still wary of my work impeding someone else’s and the prospect of getting a kicking for it focus’ the mind a bit better.

Clarkson maybe a loud mouth cunt, but in this instance he appears to have responded to cuntishness in general. Call me a cunt for defending him. But I’m tired of dealing with smug cunts telling me ‘thats just how it is’.

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  1. “Clearly production crew know the schedule and how long filming etc is going to take so if the ruckus was all over a hot meal at the end of the day, then some cunt deserves a fucking good kicking for failing to get even the simplest arrangement (nobody really knows what happened, so I’m only going by whats reported), that is to provide a hot meal at the end of the day”

    – my pal at the BBC tells me that hot meals were provided for everyone (as they always were) and the time that meal times were clearly marked on the production crew call sheet. Clarkson though arrived for dinner several hours late, having got pissed at the previous location and missed his flight. Hardly think that makes it Tymon’s fault. I’d gladly cunt Tymon though for not punching Clarkson back and, ideally, kicking the cunt to death.

  2. Danny Cohen had a large part to play in this. Cohen had looked at Top Gear and saw that it had three white, heterosexual, non-conformist males, and decided they had to go. Too, white, too heterosexual, and definitely too unwilling to blindly accept the left wing bollocks that the BBC regularly spews out. The problem that Cohen had, was that he didn’t have a reason to get rid. Unfortunately, Clarkson let his temper get the better of him, as we all do from time to time, and that gave Cohen his excuse. What followed was typical BBC incompetence, liberally mixed with bullshit.

    • A nice theory, but not the case apparently.

      Cohen (for all his numerous faults) had stuck by Clarkson through numerous scandals (including the ‘N’ word film – it was actually Cohen who had batted that one away as a storm in a teacup). But when a producer got punched in the workplace, it became a whole different issue. If you got punched in the workplace, I’m sure you’d want action taken against the perpetrator regardless of their age, class, race or sexuality.

  3. Shame Top Gear as we know it is gone, I think the trio are irreplaceable and I love the non PC things they have said. I can’t stand the PC bollocks we have today, I am mixed race and I don’t give a fuck if people take the piss out of white or black people. The thing is every different ‘Culture’ has something you can take the piss out of like Paki’s stinking out the tube in East London (fuckin hell it stinks). Anyways gone off the subject but whoever they get to be the new Top Gear team it will be shit.

    PS That Oisin Cunt looks like someone you would definitely punch if you were hungry.

  4. I couldn’t give a fuck about Top Gear, I find Clarkson quite amusing, but I bet that Tymon cunt wouldn’t have got a job at the BBC if he hadn’t got an Irish (“ooohhh, WB Yeats, they’re so spirited and we’re so sorry for everything”) name like Oisin.

    • I once got bollocked at school because I made a big fuss over the Irish spelling of Shawn.
      There was a lad in our class called Sean McGuiness.
      In Ireland it is spelled SEAN, when I pointed out to my teacher that it should be pronounced SEEN I was bollocked, I then argued there is no H so how the hell can it be pronounced SHORN.

      Needless to say I was removed from the lesson for disruptive behavoiur!

      Teachers, now theres a group who need a good cunting

  5. After the scuffle Oisin Tymon went to hospital complaining of ‘feeling dizzy” and apparently did a bit of lip biting to get some blood dribbling from his gob.

    The A&E staff told the pikey to fuck off and stop wasting their time (as they had immigrants with all manner of pox to treat) but by then the Tymon pantomime was a matter a record at the hospital (to boost the compo).

    Next was a trip to engage Employment Lawyer, Paul Daniels of Slater and Gordon on Paddy McGinty’s goat, to negotiate the lottery win amount.

    The agreed amount was handed over, the gagging orders handed out, and faux praise for the grubby Oyrish chiseler was spewed out by uncle Tom Cobbly and all.

    Word up in the toilets of gay clubs of London, where BBC sinecures get shit shoved back up their bums, is he got £750,000 + all his costs (10% for lawyer cunt etc.)

  6. This may be a bit unkind but whenever I see Oisin Tymon I immediately think what a cunt. It is just the look of him I don`t like. Looks like a smug overrated jobsworth to me.I am not defending Clarkson he deserved the sack even though from a selfish point of view I wish he could have stayed on. I kind of think people are a little too high and mighty.For example at my job there are many cunts I would love to punch but I just calm down and count the hours until I can go home. When you are in hotels and have to put up with a jobs worth 24/7 I see how in some cases the desire could get overwhelming without some respite from it.

  7. Oison Tymon is a typical BBC employed media studies cunt.
    He looks about 14, probably why he got a job at the BBC, they love young boys!
    How can that cunt be a producer at the BBC? I have porn mags in my shed older than him.
    He must have sucked some BBC Trust cock or maybe he was Clarksons fag-hag. Guess we will never know, but we can all agree he is a BBC CUNT

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