ISIS Vandals

How can I shag this horse? Glorious Allah shows me the way. If I drill a hole for my cock here...

How can I shag this horse? Glorious Allah shows me the way. If I drill a hole for my cock here…

The swivel eyed ISIS wog camel shagging cunts have been hopping around and wanking orf while blowing to smithereens some orf the finest antiquities orf the ancient world, namely the temple orf Baal Shamin and other buildings at Palmyra dating back to the Bronze Age.

Extraordinary place. Got to saunter around it a bit during the desert campaign under that lanky cunt Archie Wavell v the Frogs. Correct cunts. Frogs fighting for Hitler. The Libya/Syria campaign was a particularly vicious show against the Vichy Frogs. Not much publicised at the time so not to antagonise our glorious Free Frog allies. Slap bang in the middle orf Syria and now surrounded by aforementioned ISIS wog cunts who use it to finance their scummy little schemes, genocide/world domination ect ect by flogging orf treasures piecemeal. Poor old Khaled Asaad, now Head(less) orf Antiquities at Palmyra having lorst his loaf after refusing to reveal after a month orf torture where the prize pieces were hidden.

In truth these ISIS cunts give our honourable calling a bad name. “How unfortunate, crimes against humanity ect ect, but we are powerless to do anything” bleat the limp listless liberal EU/ UN inbreeds like the Dutch, the Irish and the Dagos. Type orf cunt that will make a risk assessment before taking a piss in the desert. These cunts admit this is where huge chunks orf ISIS cashola is coming from aided and abetted by the world wide black market in antiquities fuelled by Chinko and Russkie money. Simple answer stop wasting time attempting to protect wog civilian cunts various and erect a ring orf steel around the ancient sites instead. Cut orf their money supply. You know it makes sense.

Be oit there meself quick as a wog up a camel’s arse if only I could find condoms big enough (for me shotgun cunts – keeps the sand oit me barrels).

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

52 thoughts on “ISIS Vandals

  1. Already these cunts have destroyed prophet jonah’s tomb , prophet daniel and prophet george. Also destroyed sufi shrines, ancient tombs and cultural landmarks wonder if we get enough of the cunts they will destroy stonehedge and other pagan artifacts.

  2. I thought the ISIS cunts were funded through the British welfare system in general and the the population of Tower hamlets, Luton and Bradford specifically.

    I hope that one day the Camels will turn the tables and take their revenge.

  3. If I may be so bold as to suggest to the cunt(s) who runs this website that I have noticed there are some distinguished cunters on here who have put in a lot of service over time to enable people from all over the world to recognise cuntitude and cunts. As a new cunter I have to acknowledge the fine work some of these cunts have done. I am sure that many a person through visiting this website has realised and learnt to recognise the sheer volume of cunts, cuntishness and cuntitude there is in the world. I suggest next to a cunters name there is a title or star rating to recognise their service to cunting.

    Distinguished Cunter (5 stars)

    Grand cunter (4 stars)

    Master cunter (3 stars)

    Skilled cunter (2 stars)

    New cunter (1 star)

    It will give us new cunts something to aspire to and you could even have an annual recognition day where you can see if you’ve been promoted.

    • I hate needy cunts who like pats on the back and promotions.
      You sir, are already a master cunt!
      Regards x

      • Well it would have to be you King Cnut who gets my vote for a distinguished cunt. King Cnut had a son His name was Harthacnut. He obviously realised his son being half himself was half a cunt so called him Harth a Cnut. You obviously knew you were a cunt back then you old cunt.

      • Give a cunt credit where credit is due that is a good one. How about a Knighthood King Cnut?

      • You probably have a distant claim to the thrones of England, Denmark and Norway. I am gonna fuck off on a Scandinavian tour soon the women are fucking lovely. Wont hang about in Norway too long though £10 a pint!

    • An excellent suggestion, but unless the Eye knows different, it’s technically difficult to implement and certainly beyond my capabilities. I know other sites do something like this but usually it’s in a forum style or using a different comment system…

      • Really your a distant cousin to king cunt cnut the great ?and you moderate is a cunt website I’m sure there is a joke in there some where but can’t figure in out oh well. Does that mean you get to sleep in any of his castles? That would be pretty sweet its always been a dream of mine to live in a castle filled with maidens wine and hash.

      • Also direct descendant from Earl of Chester, so Chester Castle is one of ours as is Framlingham in Suffolk…

        Mrs D is a Plantagenet.

      • Just read up on keeping castle’s up to date the constant cleaning of a even a small castle would probably drive you mad. Maybe not…. the maintenance costs alone would cost a large fortune maybe just rent for a week or something. Maybe if I ask the german.. oh i mean british queen definitely english. If I could stay in one of the castles she owns. By the way isn’t the queen the most unhappiest person I ever saw every picture I’ve seen she looks like she’s always a bitter cunt, is she ever happy. I envision shes only happy when she see’s a peasant die a horribly painful death.

    • And sadly anything innocent there now will either be beheaded, raped or eaten by these cunts anyway so it would be a more dignified way to exit. I know which I would rather.

    • The fused Cunt glass could then be cut up and sold as paper weights to off set the cost of the nuke.

      I wonder if the Cunts at Cunters Den would be up for a slice of the action.

  4. Frankly though, ‘wogs, dagos, chinko’s’, not the kind of language I would endorse in any form/forum.
    The easiest cunt to be is a racist cunt, nationalistic, patriotic, call it what YOU will. I call it cuntism.
    Put on your jack boots and march the fuck back to WWII where those jingoistic beliefs should have died.
    The next easiest cunt to be is a moaning cunt who does nothing but whinge on about what it ‘reads’ or see’s on the News. Meanwhile everything of real value is stripped away by the BANKING CUNTS, leaving you with precious little else than bitterness, self pity and Starbucks………
    This is not to say, these are the worst type of cunt. No, the worst type of cunt is the THICK CUNT. The kind of cunt who always knows better, but actually knows fuck all, other than how to string a basic sentance together, if you’re lucky.
    Whilst I’m at it… Friends, fucking hell, what a complete, to a man, bunch of back stabbing, money grabbing, wife shagging, bunch of fucking cunts they are. Fuck me who needs enemies, the cunts…..

    • The onset was them shitskins rocketing the bhudda carvings and Israel is going to up the ante in a minuite 800,000 refugees alone in Germany this year and mostly men and the fucks are getting 150 euros pocket money every month ,free digs with every mod con (all brand new)and the cunts bring deseases to basket
      1)arrogant muscle bound fucking turks who are proud of the ottaman empire and the ugly offspring that shag fat ugly jeremy kyle fat fucking ugly dumb council estate kippersbut they hold their own as above and untouchable smack dealers
      2(albainian (norman Wisdom)The most evil merciless cunts in europe,pure criminals and you name it the Albanians do it (mr Grimsdales family does not exist anymore) and all for under a pound you know
      3)sooties make jamacans upperclass
      these fucking things are like pigeons and rats
      I took the wife out for a walk and they cannot differenciate between normal and a junkie cunt RATS
      dope smoking ,chinless (with a after a forethought small goatie)beard and che fans
      and you cannot argue with them and the sad cunts have no women and non jobs and are fucking drama queens and the worst lefty is a 68er hippy cunt who demonstrated and you have to hear their shit stories lazy cunts one and all lol
      Very humble men until it rains and pubtime

      • What do you expect to find on a website called “ a cunt” anyway? Social Workers? Amnesty International? An instructional seminar on “Group Hugs” perhaps….

      • Guilty M’Lord.
        She was a rampant little slut too, as soon as I had shot my muck up her capacious cunt she demand I put it in her bumhole,
        It was like fucking the top of a wellington boot!

      • eh poo pants i probably know your mother (bleached blond hair,mini skirt and low cut top )waiting outside burger king for a turn for a nifty fifty twat

    • Cunt Smasher, if you spent less time wringing your hands over horrible internet language maybe your wife wouldn’t have had to go to literally anyone to fill her cunt. Also, don’t start calling people thick if you can’t get punctuation right. Twat.

      • The PC is phrase is “cuntaral erichment”

        Let’s embrace the diversity that has drained their ballbag

  5. To be honest, most of the posters on here are not all that bothered about political correctness

  6. Harvey Proctor is a cunt…. I remember the dirty old bastard and his antics in the 80s…
    Wouldn’t surprise me if he’s got up to even nastier shit….

    • I recall allegations orf Proctor being rather notorious and part of a pooftah arty/ballet set that shagged anything under age and same sex.

  7. Me old cunt sniffer is getting a distinct whiff orf a troll…..Dave Rebooted…..right down to the absurd number orf self likes.

    • According to the OED the collective noun for “cunts” is “cunts”. I think we at ISAC should invent a better term.

      Any suggestions?

  8. Killing these vile vandal Muslim ISIS or ISIL fuckers is not enough. Unlike the majority of humankind these murderous jihadist Muslims have a mindset that welcomes death over life. For everyone killed, ten will take their place. The only way to deal with these fuckers is to cull their women and children; take away their land and property and deny them all access and resource to obtain living needs and weapons. And don’t say we need Middle Eastern Muslim Arab oil or African Muslim minerals to survive and have good standard of living. We don’t.

    We can easily do our our bit at home to support eradication of the evil Muslim terrorist cunts. Avoid all trade with Muslims. Don’t do business with them, buying from or selling to. Yes, we cannot avoid them in our neighbourhoods, in the work place or whilst shopping on the high street. (we are forced, by cunt government, to interact with them in the public service sectors). But try. Do not tolerate their life over death mindset or their barbaric religion. Refuse to socialise with any of them, in any situation. By doing so you send a clear message directly to our government and indirectly to the Muslim fucker jihadists: Change your ways or suffer the consequences.

    • Bollocks typo error. (Not, as I wrote in my article, “life over death” ). I should have typed: Do not tolerate their “death over life” mindset or their barbaric religion.

      • You have the right end of the stick because ISIL and ISIS are both good as arse wipes to clean off excess shit.

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