Crisis Actors


I witnessed a fight in our town last night on my way home from the pub, the usual drunks fighting over a taxi or a kebab, or some slag, I know not.

But it turns out they were all crisis actors,

The council want to pedestrianize the main high street but there is huge opposition from the local shops who fear that business will be affected. So the council have hired in some crisis actors, as David Icke calls it “Problem, reaction, solution” alas, like 99% of Icke’s theories they are stolen from other people, it is historically known as the hegelian dialect.

Cause a problem to get a reaction and offer the solution. So the council hire in crisis actors to create a problem (social disorder) this causes the reaction (outrage by local residents) and the council offer the solution (pedestrianizing the local high street)

So it appears Spivey is correct, or he is just a delusional, fantasy living, adsense generating cunt?

Nominated by: Spivey the divy

21 thoughts on “Crisis Actors

  1. i have been following the glasgow bin lorry crash enquiry. i have also been logging into spivey expecting to see an admission from him that he got this totally wrong. errrrrrr…….. nothing yet.

    • I’m sure the driver was a drunk or probably a heroin addict what a cunt though . The fact that there are no charges is sicking he just killed 6 people, injured15 and was let off with no penalty wtf? The justice system are cunts that henry clake cunt wouldn’t even answer the families questions, guess just avoid bin lorry cause there is no liability apparently. Your right spivey did get this wrong how could it be a hoax? although I can’t find his article on the bin lorry cause the formatting is so shitty it’s fucking impossible to sort through at his site to find a certain article and he has weird titles for his articles so its impossible to look for. Employ a search box spive The comment section is packed with comments as well how hard is that just install a search engine ?. You dull yob

      • he did use to have a search window, it seems to have disappeared. i just tried to find his glasgow articles, no luck.i wouldnt be surprised if he’s actually seen sense and deleted them. perhaps woolfie and dogman could post here and tell us how to access them if they are still there?

  2. am also waiting for him to put us all right on the amsterdam – paris train incident. any fool can see that that the people who apprehended the gunman were ‘crisis actors’ it’s bleedin obvious innit. and the gunman was as well. but what we need to confirm it is spiveys forensic dissection of the photographs as only he is able to do. there are lots of investigative journalists in this country but its only him who can do this sort of work, all the others are either a bit thick or are working for ‘them’.
    but he better do it by thursday , nudge nudge wink wink.

  3. That plane crash on the A27. Crisis actors.
    WWI & WWII. Crisis actors.
    The holocaust. Crisis actors.
    The Vietnam war? You guessed it. Crisis actors.

    Chris Spivey is a fucking retarded cunt, who does dogshit tattoos on other likeminded fucking retarded cunts.

  4. He actually called out the Alton Towers Roller Coaster accident as a false flag with crisis actors. I mean for fucks sake !!!

    • But it’s all working. The sheeple, sorry, non thinking garbage are kept in a constant state of confusion and fear. The problem is it becomes harder to sort the shite from the half truth, let alone the truth. My old mentors advice:
      Believe nothing of what you read. Nothing of what you hear and half of what you see.

    • dont forget the car showroom in Milton Keynes where some cars crashed through the roof. he had that sussed straightaway. all joking aside, i am baffled by his ‘followers’ , why can’t they see the bleeding obvious?

      • I haven’t forgot it, I just never mention it as I am in fear of my life for discovering the awful truth of this incident.

  5. Let’s hope the cunt gets a custodial sentence on Thursday and that the real Spivey, not a crisis actor, gets sent down. Fucking ignorant cunt.

  6. I went to put the bins out just now and saw a fox in the back garden, Imagine my surprise to find out it was a crisis actor.
    Apparently the council have hired Warrick Davis and dressed him up in a fox costume so he can terrorize the locals bins, all so the council can cut back to a single collection every two weeks.

    A shrewd use of tax payers money!

  7. Wayne Rooney hasn’t turned shit… It is in fact a crisis actor, who is only pretending to be a freeloading useless in front of goal grannyshagging scouse cunt with a bad hairpiece…

  8. Btw where do you apply to become a cris actor as they appear to be getting plenty of work. In fact I’m sure some of them have appeared more often than Samuel L fucking Jackson.

  9. Has he called out the Shoreham Air Show crash yet…? Obviously all the victims of that were crisis actors – and, logically, all their family and friends and everyone who knows their family friends must also be crisis actors in order to maintain the charade.

    Interestingly, Spivey’s most recent post links to some bizarre “official data” which claims that the UK population will shrink from 64 million to 23 million in 2025.

    Naturally Spivey and his fuckwit followers see this as “proof” of some forthcoming atrocity sanctioned by “the evil cunts running this world”, but I think there may be a simpler explanation: in 2025 all the crisis actors are due to retire.

  10. you do realise that they will be reading these comments and quietly tut- tutting to themselves as to how fucking deluded we all are? we are asleep.’ comfortably numb’ is one of their favourites, we are all obsessed with soaps and BGT. only people like them are ‘in the know’, spivey is fond of quoting the DM but he chooses to ignore the many stories that don’t suit his agenda. no mention of an editorial this week calling for all Afghan interpreters to be allowed into the UK. no mention of a story about the head of the armed forces who is one of the many holding up the publication of the Chilcott report into the Iraq war, no they suit his contention that the DM is merely a mouthpiece for TBTB whoever the fuck they are
    btw, i don’t think he will go to jail and i think he’ll actually be quite disappointed if he doesnt.

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