Cunts on bikes


If it’s not bad enough having cunts with footballs, now we have cunts on bikes. Literally.

Today we are blessed with the Women’s Tour fucking up our town. It was a pain on the arse last year, and it’s going to be a pain in the arse again this year. Mind you, I might be persuaded to take a gander if they were more like the picture rather than a load of over muscled sporty tarts in lycra. Lycra. On bikes. Never a good look when the bird in question has legs like a weightlifter.

Thankfully I’m on holiday so I’ll miss the whole shooting match. Excellent. Must make a note to go away the same time next year as well!

Nominate by: Dioclese

15 thoughts on “Cunts on bikes

  1. Is the bint with the arse facing the camera thinking “fuck this fishfest, I’m going to cycle downwind”

  2. I dunno this nude bike festival looks pretty awesome but is it another country that this photo is taken from maybe spain or france? either way I agree bikers who hold up traffic, are cunts.

    • If it were down town UK it would be the birka bike. There are also no whales with tats and one tooth anywhere to be seen – it would be a hard hunt to find that many bints fit enough and prepared to get their gear off. Unless they are all Pikeys.

      • If they were pikeys there would be more leopard skin print seats and fairground tiaras. Their shoes would have splash stains where they had been squatting outside the caravan as well. You are right about the tats though, it can’t be taken in Britain……

  3. Tit Slapper. You need spell checker, those two dago locations are cuntries….. Split-arse cycle racing is all the rage in French France. Take the Tour de France for instance, it’s full of cunts, particularly when it’s in the land of rocks, pit-bull terriers and bow-legs, fucking Yorkshire.

    • Sorry Dear Boy I didn’t realise I was being graded on my spelling I’ll try harder next time promise …maybe. As for “cuntries” it’s countries maybe try spell checker.

      • Er, that was the joke. It was ironic…….’cunt’ries. There aren’t any spelling errors in your post……….Chill!

        • Oh a ironic joke , You know communists love ironic jokes you wouldn’t happen to be a commie pinko scum now would you ? Just screwing with you man it’s cool.

  4. Last week in Brighton was the nude bike ride from the town to the nudist beach at Black Rock. Got caught up in a slow moving line of traffic unaware of what was going on and was cussin’ like the Pope until I got to the front of the queue. Then it became apparent why all the cars were slowing down to pass by…A very tidy young lady with a splendid of knockers was cycling at no great speed, and every car was slowing down to cop as much of an eyeful as poss. God I love Brighton.

    • Shame Brighton is the capital of ‘Mincing’ in the UK, I heard every public toilet in the town has a gloryhole and unless you want 14 dicks up your ass you should never walk the dog on the promenade after 10pm

      • Wouldn’t be surprised if our Green council didn’t start charging for glory-holes soon. Thieving bastards grab cash of us every other friggin’ way. The cunts.

  5. An Open Letter To Cycling Cunts

    Dear Fuckwits,
    In case the penny hasn’t dropped yet,here’s why EVERYBODY despises you;

    You ride around on your pathetic toys, dressed in your faggot outfits, in the mistaken belief that you are somehow “saving the planet” in fact all you do is add significantly to the sum of human misery.
    You continually complain about road safety every time some cunt on a bike gets crushed under the wheels of an H.G.V. (I laugh my cock off every time!) In fact, if you just followed the accepted rules of the road like normal people, we would all be safer – you ignore traffic lights, one-way road signs, other road users, pedestrians and simple common sense.
    You don’t have to pay road tax, pay insurance or even pass a test.
    You get very sweaty and smelly and normally sport cunt beards.
    It’s a child’s toy, you fucking moronic cunts, not a fucking sport.
    You’re too fucking mean to buy a car.
    It’s in the interest of your own safety to keep off the roads and pavements before the Great Backlash sees you all beaten to a bloody pulp, Cunts !

  6. I take my hat off to the comment above I would like to have the law amended so that cyclists who fail to use cycle tracks become legal fair game to other road users, like wise another paragraph legalising damage to vehicles badly parked or on double yellows should be added.

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