I would like to cunt tailgaters.

The particular cunts in audis or golfs and are usually greasy large sunglass wearing bling looking spivs. An Isis looking cunt can put his bumper on yours at top speed but to then chin the cunt you’re the one on charges of danger.

Nominated by: King Cunt

4 thoughts on “Tailgaters

  1. It’s called German Car Syndrome, where the Audi/Merc/VW driver is under the deluded impression that he is Jason Statham or Reischmarshall Goering, rather than a rep for a printer ink company.

    • Also known as the Moronic Teutonic.

      I have seen some absolutely spectacular crashes involving Krautmobiles, up to and including fatalities caused by cunts who’s driving skills are just not up to piloting a rear wheel drive car in adverse weather conditions. Or indeed any weather conditions. Particularly as German motors seem to get delivered from the factory without mirrors or indicators and with the accelerator welded to the floor pan.

      Best one ever, seeing a pair of Turkish muslims decapitated by a road sign after they lost control of an aggressively driven 3 series in the wet on a Danish motorway.

      I still laugh at that over a decade later.

  2. There was a local arsehole in our town who drove like a right fuckwitted cunt. A proper dangerous bastard. His luck ran out one day and he deaded himself off the road and into a tree. I raised a glass in celebration as he was going kill someone eventually.

  3. Volvos however are generally driven by nice people. Or at least they were until I got my hands on one….

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