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The BBC have enjoyed the luxury of being a great British institution for so long and having had a virtual monopoly for so long, refuse the listen to (or care) what the Public want. The man obliviously feels unassailable in his position and 50 million lost is somewhat small change in terms of the money that the lefties of the BBC squander. The Abandoned “Digital media initiative” (98 million). Tendering and relocation to Scotland (160 million) Then the 560 million paid to capita for TV licence enforcement (ending in a string of court cases and resulting in compensation payments).. Paid for of course by the British Public.

The BBC and its left wing homosexual mafia have failed to learn the lessons that saw the demise of British industries in the 1970’s and 1980’s, namely that the “family retainer” mentality cannot work in an increasingly competitive global media market.

it is time the whole cumbersome and profligate system was scrapped, along with the anachronistic TV licence. Ending the grip the BBC has on the public would at least open the doors for more innovative broadcasting.

None of which is a defence of Clarkson, sacking him will not make any difference, despite the fact the man is an arrogant and racist cunt of epic proportions (rather like HRH Prince Phillip), he is a valuable asset for any media company, if you look at it in financial terms.

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  1. The BBC is also worth cunting for their abject cowardice in failing to stand up to the bullying of Tory election strategist Lynton Crosby whose disingenuous assertion that anything critical of the Tories or any challenge to the barefaced lies of their candidates amounts to a “failure of impartiality”. Of course this threat is absolutely baseless, but the cowardly BBC has rolled over and let the lying, scaremongering Tories fuck them up the arse. Quite a volte-face for such an allegedly left-wing organisation.

  2. Please can we have an emergency cunting of Lutfur Rahman?

    This evil piece of illegal immigrant shit has been running Tower hamlets as his own personal fiefdom by threatening legitimate human voters with his gangs of illegal immigrant ISIS supporting fucktards.

    The muslim über cunt played the race and islamophobia card any time a member of the public or an opposing political party dared to mention massive irregularities in the local elections.

    Plod were of course worse than fucking useless when it came to investigating allegations of voter fraud so as not to upset what is basically an entire London borough of illegal muzrat filth.

    Visit Tower hamlets if you want to see what a corrupt third world shithole looks like and also what it felt like to be George Custer at the battle of little bighorn.

    Is he going to jail? Of course not, that would racist.

    • Had the misfortune to stay there briefly..
      Naturally the muzrats will take advantage of our pathetic liberal laws and exploit the system for all its worth. Read the Quran and its all fair game to shaft the unbelievers.
      you only have to look at that piece of shit Choudary or that scumbag Hamza to realise the depth to which these radical vermin have insinuated themselves in British society. On one hand the stupid left wing apologist fuckwits who squeal like butchered pigs whenever one of these Muslim gangsters gets bad press and on the other, a Government who lack any kind of balls in cracking down on these Islamic criminals.
      Much as I think Putin is a despot of the same ilk as Stalin, there is no denying that he knows how to deal with Islamic troublemakers.

      • To be fair, Teresa May has managed to get rid of a few of these cunts but I have the feeling she is being held back? What we need is Francis Urqhart running the country – that’d sort the fuckers out…

  3. BBC = Bully Bastard Cunts, BBC = Big Bollocky ChildAbusingCunts , BBC used to be decent now they are just pulling cats out of there ass like a gay magician . I sworn off tv for good aside from old tv shows and cartoons i just play games and listen to music, i no longer need cable tv maybe if more people do the same BBC might take notice and they will stop being egotistical irrelevant royalist cunts but i doubt it . They do content less but now do propaganda more. I think BBC likes Islamic radicals more then the public and their audience.

  4. Last BBC shows I watched were The League Of Gentleman and Life On Mars.. I watch MOTD but it is getting worse… If I do watch telly I also only watch old stuff like On The Buses (‘I fuckin ‘ate you, Butler!’) or Bodie and Doyle kicking shit out of terrorists in The Professionals..

  5. The BBC’s Holy Trinity:
    1/ Jock Nazis
    2/ Islamists
    3/ Scousers

    And its Unholy Trinity:
    1/ Jews, especially if they live in Israel,
    2/ White English people,
    3/ Anything even remotely right-wing (unless spouted by Islamist cunts, then the BBC goes into full “cultural understanding” mode).


    • Seems like they have declared war on the average white male, they chiefly employ Gays blacks transexuals pakis jews dykes aliens etc over an ordinary white man, you fucking cunts namely
      BRITISH BROADCASTING CUNTS – you are living on borrowed time because we straight ordinary whites are switching you off in droves you labourcentric shit stabber lovers
      soon you will be fucking disbanded nigger and faggot employing cunts

  6. Fucking Jews, whinging about the holocaust non stop even though the 6 million ‘allegedly’ killed were all killed from 1915-1935 (4 years before WWII started)
    Go check yourself, check the archive on The New York Times and see how many times ethnic cleansing of jews reported to be 6 million is mentioned from 1915-1935 – I bet you find more mentions of it than post 1939 – makes you wonder…..

    • and that I suppose takes away from the atrocities of the holocaust you fucking Nazi?

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