Rolf Harris [3]


This an emergency cunting of Rolf Harris following his conviction on TWELVE counts of kiddy-fiddling.

We all know Harris did “Two Little Boys” in the 1960′s, but now it transpires the cunt also did two little girls in the 1970′s…

Not only a lying nonce, but a fucking Australian to boot. Behead the cunt immediately.

Nominated by : Fred West

Now we all know what his ‘extra leg (diddle diddle diddle dum)’ was… And I dread to think what he wanted to tie a kangaroo down (sport) for….

I always wondered why he made those funny panting noises he was so famous for… Dirty old Aussie cunt!

Nominated by : Norman Whiteside

Now we know what he made his didgerie do…

Nominated by : Dioclese

15 thoughts on “Rolf Harris [3]

  1. Just who else is guilty of these sort of crimes the insidious bunch of cunts.

  2. Rolf Harris, the aussie with the paedo beard. “Won’t you cum a waltzing Matilda with me?”

  3. The old paed is to be sent to some cushy cunt open prison to serve his sentence. Full of old nonces like himself so the ‘chiving’ risk is low. Fucking shame. Me, I’d tie the cunt to a didgeridoo, surround him with his paintings, and burn the cunt. While we are at it, throw in the other Aussie cunt, Germane Greer. Dry, husk of a cunt should burn a treat.

  4. They’ll probably put Harris in with Stuart Hall: and they’ll spend their evenings drinking sherry and reminiscing about the good old days in their luxury cell…

    Greer is a dried up old gobshite… Amazing how someone can get so far by talking so much shit….

  5. Oi! Look ‘here now. Leave orf about the Aussie cunts. The obnoxious cunting cunt Rolf Harris is not one of ours. His mammy and pappy hail from Wales. He moved to England 52 years ago for fuck sake. He’s one of yours … yes … one of yours after all them years.

  6. lets hope there,s a big hairy cellmate who wants to rolf his fucking harris whilst his doing bird .the perverted australian cunt

  7. I want that wank-stained cunt to die in prison. 10% of me hopes he hangs himself, like Fred West did, or feed him to rats. 90% of me wants him to rot there – fuckin tax payers money innit?

  8. I can’t follow any of those comments. So all I can say is, Rolf Harris you fucking four eyed, bearded, peado CUNT !!

  9. Just read that this bow-legged old nonce is being treated for Ebola. I hope the treatment involves a 30ft needle that’s about 8inches thick and it has to be inserted up his saggy wrinkly leathery old arse at least 300 times a day.

    • I don’t think he has ebola I think he has another highly contagious illness though, bastard will probably die in prison before his 2017 release. Don’t know how you’d catch ebola in prison but I suppose its possible.
      Is it me or is this the strangest story I have ever had the privilege to read its just mind baffling stupid a women with a protesthic penis tricks women thinking she is a man. FFS she got 8 years thats a bit steep even paedos usually get 5 years if that or a MBE if they are royalty or famous.

  10. Fucking hell, I laughed so fucking much I nearly pissed myself. How the fuck did this get to court? If I had been on jury service I would have been jailed for contempt.

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