Gabby Logan

Gabby Logan

Gabby Logan is a cunt. How this woman gets to present a football programme, I will never know. It is just wrong.

Logan is diabolical, and she gives Lineker a run for his money in the ‘Football Presenter Cunt Of The Year’ competition. Logan is also yet another tax dodging cunt (with other knobheads like Jimmy Carr and Gary ‘Royalist Tory Cunt’ Barlow etc).

Nominated by : Norman Whiteside

6 thoughts on “Gabby Logan

  1. Logan only got into football broadcasting because her dad, Terry Yorath, played for those dirty Leeds bastards in the 70s… Fucking nepotism…

    I also nominate Plastic Paddies…

    The Ireland team of the 70s and 80s was shit, and nobody (especially in Ireland itself) gave a fuck… Then that ex-Leeds cunt, Jack Charlton, ropes in a load of Englishmen (and the mighty Paul McGrath) to play for the Irish and they get to the 1990 World Cup. Astonishingly they get to the quarter finals and these Irish ‘fans’ come crawling out of the woodwork… Then four years later (USA 94) the whole world is infested with these ‘lifelong’ Irish fans who think football started in1990. They were all over the place: Celebrities, journos, comedians, members of U2 and so on… None of them ever showing any interest in football, but all of a sudden part of Big Jack’s green and white army Seriously: in the mid 90s you couldn’t move for the bastards…. Fast forward to 2014: The Irish team is shite again, once more nobody gives a fuck and all their showbiz arselicking Plastic Paddy lifelong fans are nowhere to be seen… Gloryhunting, bandwagon jumping Plastic Paddy cunts!

  2. I would like to nominate Joey Barton as a cunt. He is a multi channel world class cunt who has outlets on twitter, red tops, internet sports sites, and now available on tv via question time. If you have never heard of him, then lucky you, and search his name online, for the lifetime of cuntery that he has dedicated himself to. He is the triple threat of thuggery, espousing ill conceived opinions, and mediocrity in his chosen career

    • I’m afraid you’ve missed the most significant aspect of Barton’s cuntery = the nauseating mutual admiration between him and Morrissey.

  3. The deformed tranny Gabby Logan used to take up the arse in pub toilets for cigs when he was 13. Don’t believe me – ask Cliff Richard.

  4. Joey Barton is indeed a cunt… Why he thinks that people are interested in anything he says, that he has anything interesting to say at all and that he thinks he is actually intelligent is anyone’s guess….

    A horrible, whining little gobsgite and a substandard footballer: Barton has the nerve to call Ryan Giggs a “wrong’un”… OK Giggsy has got up to some extra-curricular shagging, but Barton (when at Man City) stubbed a cigar out in the face of a City youth team player.
    And that’s not the only bit of nastiness Barton has got up to.

    As for his Question Time appearance, firstly: What the fuck was he doing on it in the first place? Has the BBC sunk that low?! Second: Joey Barton calling anyone ugly is like Oasis telling another band that they shouldn’t rip off other acts too much…

  5. Withe respect, you cunts don’t know what the fuck ‘yer on about.

    Gabby knows loads about balls. She’s fucking had more than enough of ’em buried deep in her arsehole in her time!


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