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Worth reminding ourselves who this rat faced oirish cunt is. Son of Gerry Adams Snr and has a son called Gerry Adams Jnr. Can you guess the name of his grandfather? Why Gerry Adams. Obviously not much imagination in the family or a lot of incest. Indeed our Gerry has shed tears on air when talking about the abuse he received from his paedo father.

Is it possible to question his loyalty to the Parliament in which he served until 2011 or at least claimed expenses? Well Adams Snr set a fine example during WWII by helping the Nazi war effort by taking part in IRA operations against British forces. We do not forget that Lord Haw Haw was a mick.

With a slippery Fenian cunt like Adams it is always important to listen to what he does not say rather than to what he does say. Remember “putting arms beyond use”. Did not mean they were being destroyed as part of the peace process, just hiding them in a hole somewhere in Donegal (bandit country). Likewise his statements about Jean McConville. He has said that he was not involved in her abduction and her murder. It may be strictly true that he did not get his own hands dirty but it is a coaches and horses statement which still allows him to have participated in the planning and sanctioning. Typical Adams speak.

Have knocked around Northern Oirland meself in the ’70s and ’80s and had me old Bentley driven orf the road in bandit country by some paedo provo cunt in a van just because I was sporting English number plates. No secret then that Adams was an IRA brigade commander who went on to become chief of the whole shooting match. Adams is a typical two faced IRA cunt with a vast catalogue of previous. He is as guilty as hell. If he becomes a further embarrassment to the IRA there are plenty of arms buried in Donegal that can be returned to use.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

( Is this the same guy that played with Gerry and the Peacemakers? Ed. )

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  1. Agreed, Sir. Whether he was (ahem!) ‘involved’ with Jean McConville’s murder or not, Adams has got up to all sorts of other nastiness and knows where a lot of other bodies are buried… It’s all well and good having a beef with the British government and the military over the occupation of Ireland. But bombing elderly World War II veterans who effectively saved Ireland from the Nazis invading…If the Nazis had got into Britain, they would have gone for Eire next: and Hitler would have wiped out every tinker in the place! Yet there were cunts in Ireland who were helping the Nazis! Including that cunt, Adams senior!

    Then there is killing little children in a place like Warrington. Butchering two off duty soldiers in their civvies. Killing so many innocent civilians who had nothing to do with their ‘war’. Murdering many people like the late Mrs. McConville: because they didn’t match up to the IRA’s ‘moral code’ (Moral code! Them! What a fucking joke!).There was also those scum bombing the shit out of my home city of Manchester (when a lot of the people who live there are of Irish descent). All this shows what murderous and malevolent cunts these bastards really were.

    • Agreed indeed old sport. How rapidly memories have faded about how psychotic and bestial their behaviour was towards British civilians. Plastic explosives (courtesy Gaddafi) laced with broken glass and nails. Deliberately misleading information given to police about locations and timings of bombs. Bombs timed to explode during city rush hours. One can imagine them watching the carnage from a safe distance and wanking over the blood and body parts.

      • Absolutely. There were no fatalities in Manchester in 1996, but there were plenty of horrific injuries and it was horrible to see….Of course the twsited cunts parked the biggest bomb to explode in mainland Britain right outisde a brand new Irish bar that had opened in town..

        What the cunts wanted to do was use the bomb to kill as many people as possible during that year’s Trooping The Colour (which was the same day the bomb in Manchester went off). But the police put a ring of steel around London, so the evil twats just dumped it in the middle of Manchester… Scum of the earth..

        That other IRA bastard, Martin ‘Clown without makeup’ McGuinness is now all over the tellybox: Accusing the coppers who nicked his partner in crime, Adams, of having a ‘dark side’….

        Those cunts accusing anyone of having a dark side is like Hitler saying to Stalin that he was a little too anti-Semitic..

    • And there are still many who are still free who should be doing time.

      That includes those responsible for the Birmingham Pub Bombings, in which 21 people were killed are still free. Amidst all the fuss around the wrongly convicted “Birmingham Six” the families of 21 innocent civilians are still waiting for justice.

      For many who had friends and family murdered by the IRA there is still no justice.

      • True enough. Nobody within the system gives a shit about the victims of IRA atrocities. Yet they spend millions on Bloody Sunday enquiries….

        The cunt who put the bomb in Manchester City Centre was never caught either…

  2. I remember being in O’Shea’s pub in town around 1999… I was with my mate (who is an ex-para) having a pint when this cunt from Northern Ireland came up to us, and he seemed alright at first. We got talking and then he said ‘What d’ ye think of the cause?’ My reply was ‘I don’t like their music, but I would shag their drummer (I thought he meant The Corrs!).

    The Irish person explained he meant cause as in the Republican terrorist cause and he made it clear he was pro provo… To which I replied ‘I don’t think fucking much of you bastards. Considering you bombed shit out of our city!’

    He snottily replied ‘If ye were in Belfast and ye said that, I could have ye shot!’
    My para mate then grabbed him and said ‘You’re not in Belfast, you cunt! You’re in fucking Manchester!’ He then nodded the mouthy cunt one: and he didn’t have much else to say with is nose all over the place…

  3. Why is it that they don’t get a referendum to opt out of control of westminster? Rven better idea is that we get a referendum where we vote on dumping the backwards God bothering idiots and leave the to kill each other over the right to walk down the other crowds’ street. They are the original crips and bloods, and our special friends from America fund them. It is a big cuntfest, and they should fuck off and sort it out themselves

    • I can vouch for that.many years ago, I worked in the states and one fine night ventured into a Philadelphia bar with two English mates to take in the local “folk nght”. Soon realised it was a funding drive by a couple of musician cunts called, as I recall “timlin and o,kane”. Loads of gobshite Americans, all teary eyed and drinking Guiness, celebrating their “oirish” heritage and tossing 20 dollar bills into the collection hat. There was as I recall a catholic sky pilot present, who gave a rousing speech about the brutality of the Brits. Cunts all of them.

  4. In case I wasn’t totally clear about my opinion, Fuck northern Ireland off out of it. Fucking stupid losers have nothing to offer. I have np Idea why they are still part of the united kingdom. They are no better than the muslims and Jews. We don’t need this historical shit. Get over it, or fuck off into the irish Sea

      • And I don’t disagree with your comment, but was hoping for a better constructed argument with which I could debate. So I concede. I am a cunt, and I nominate myself a cunt. Thanks

  5. The Prodies and The Provos. Sounds like a title of one of those God awful cheesy sweet oirish cuntry songs that one hears on the radio all over the south. The Phil Fuck Cuntry Show or whatever the wanker calls himself. The Provos are slippery catholic liars and the Prodies are intransigent protestant liars who a few generations back were fucking scots. Let the likes of the Paisley family fuck orf back to jockoland and grace the newly independent scotland with their compassion and brotherly love.

    My heart goes out to the poor young squaddies paid a pittance to keep the lid on the psychos for Queen and Country. Lads, many of them no more than eighteen or so, often with Manchester or Wakefield accents, taking the shite (literally) thrown at them from both sides and the petrol bombs and the oil drums packed with geli. When I was there during the troubles you could see the fear on their faces yet they still did their duty. Hats orf donchaknow.

    • Very true, Sir. And they are never the same when they return home, are they? It’s now common knowledge about veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan coming back as shells of men. But it’s been going on for years. The lads in Ulster went through the same thing…

  6. I once met Gerry Adams – hang on – no wait – it was Jimmy Savile fucking dead babies up the arse that he had picked out of the bins at the back of an abortion hospital.

    On reflection, and after second thoughts and much souls-searching – it was Gerry Adams after all.

    Talking of child-buggering bastards, what’s that fucking cunt Gordon Brown up these days. Look at the feet of the wife of the cunt with deformed toes and yellow syphilitic fungus nails:

    No wonder the children of Gordon Brown are deformed retarded shit-sacks. I have always wondered if Jimmy had a go on Jennifer Jane Brown while she was still warm.

    10% tax abolition – fuck you – you evil cunt Brown, and fuck all your cunt family.

    • It’s because of that miserable fuck up, Brown, and his incompetence that this wretched Coalition (ie: Tory) vermin are in power now…. It’s says a lot about Gordon Brown that people even prefer that posh Etonian twat, Cameron, to him…

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