4 thoughts on “Bashar Al-Assad

  1. We cannot have one cunt without the other so I give you:

    Maher al Assad

    Crippled cunt and younger brother of Dictator Bashar al Assad.

    The sadist straight man in the double act. A Dr Strangelove without the personality. Survived an asassination attempt which crippled his left arm and blew his left leg orf and by all accounts his bollocks with it. What the yanks would call “one mean maher”. A tosser that can’t toss himself. Time to blow his other leg orf.

    The smart money has this crippled cunt behind the sarin gas attack which killed 1500 people in Damascus.

    Video floating around from 2008 shows him filming dismembered corpses for his viewing pleasure after a prison riot was put down.

    Has extensive dodgy business operations based in Lebanon.

    Commander of the Republican Guard and 4th Armoured Division he is principle muscle man and enforcer for the regime. Rarely seen and works the dark shadows controlling the psycho squads responsible for the worst atrocities. Has HATE tatooed across the knuckles of both hands (but only one hand works now).

    Crippled Corrupt Commander Cunt

  2. What is it about power mad, psychopathic dictators and strange shaped heads? Worst case of plagiocephaly I’ve ever seen. I’d like to take a mallet to his bonce and rearrange it for him. Then I’d burn the cunt.

  3. The cunt looks like he’s just come back from a fucking Herman Munster convention.

    Tached fucking chinky.

  4. A bastard whose father was also a bastard is a git, what’s the term for a cunt (Bashar al-Assad) whose father (Hafez al-Assad) was also a cunt, a cunt-ox? the son,it turns out is an even bigger cunt than the hydrocephalic father.

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