The Oirish


I remember talking to a bloke in a pub in Northern Ireland.

After a while the conversation turned to religion. I mentioned that I was an atheist, to which he replied: ‘Ay, but are you a protestant or a catholic atheist’.

I rest my case.

Nominated by: Flaxen Saxon

2 thoughts on “The Oirish

  1. I re-nominate Boris Johnson.

    He’s a fat-faced, ugly, bumbling, rich-kid, lazy cunt who needs to be run over by one of his stupid fucking money-wasting buses. Does fuck all for London except show up to cut the ribbon for the cameras and claim all the glory in his personal power-trip of becoming prime minister. Surrounds himself by people who do all the work and then shows up for the plaudits, usually uttering some totally unfunny drivel to amuse the thick plebs. He has his name added to whatever scheme he’s stealing the glory for, in his usual personal-brand obsessed, cult-of-personality, Boris Boris Boris, power hungry cunt odyssey. Claims to hate lefties but doesn’t seem to be any different from those cunts and has all the same attributes as a totalitarian, self-obsessed prick. He’s a total fucking cunt and the only people impressed by him are those thick cunts who believe his rhetorical, faux-right-wing, politician-speak, bullshit. Him or Ken? No fucking difference, apart from Kunt Livingstone doesn’t insist on plastering his name on everything. Total CUNT.

  2. To get back on topic:

    An Irish priest went into a sex shop to buy a three hole doll. The cunt behind the counter asked him “Do you want a catholic, a protestant or a muslim three hole doll?”
    “What’s the difference?” asked the priest.
    “The catholic doll is made to take a cock in the arse. The protestant doll is made to take a cock in the mouth but you are welcome to try before you buy” the cunt replied.
    “And what about this doll – I can’t seem to get inside its mouth or its feckin arse.”
    “Sorry sir you are trying to toss the muslim doll. It blows itself up.”

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