American justice protestors


I’ll tell you who are cunts; those dopey fuckers chucking bricks at the ‘Po Po’ because a jury found a Mexican not guilty of clipping a nasty little street thug after said thug started beating the wet-back and got the good news delivered with a Glock, with their justification being that ‘Crackers be rasiss ‘n’ sheeit, innit?’

The whole trial was a travesty, with the fact that this jig was pot head with a violent, gang cultured character witheld from the Jury.

Are these cunts the same cunts who celebrated when psycho OJ got a pass for hacking his wife and lover to death?

That’ll be ‘yes’ then.

He must be innocent because he’s black? Cunts.

Nominated by: Termujin

5 thoughts on “American justice protestors

  1. Excellent cunting.

    I’d like to cunt the dumb motherfucker who thought switching off the analogue television signal in favour of an all digital system would be a great idea. Because it fucking wasn’t. In fact, it was the shittest idea in the sad, shitty, history of shite ideas. As I write this, I find myself staring at a blue television screen because the weather is so bad that the satellite dish on the side of my house can’t pick up the signal from the fucking satellite in a geo-stationary orbit above the UK. Yes, I know big words.

    Now I’m sure said motherfucker thought making the UK the first country (or should that be cuntry?) in the world to have a completely digital television system would be cool and prestigious, or some bullshit like that. In truth though, the thick fucking cunt forgot that
    (a) Most satellite signals don’t like really bad weather, such as heavy rain and thunderstorms, both of which my part of the UK is experiencing. And
    (b) Bad weather is a very common occurrence in the UK.

    I’m currently considering stealing the dish from the Lithuanian family that live a couple of doors down from me. That fucker’s as big as Jodrell Bank, and I’m pretty sure they’re sat there at this moment watching Tattooine’s got Talent. Seriously, it’s big. In fact, they’re probably the only people in Manchester right now who are watching television. Even if it is a live broadcast from the Curiosity rover on Mars. Frankly, I’m surprised their fucking house hasn’t collapsed from the weight of the thing.

  2. I nominate Termujin for the ultimate cunt award. You’ve shown yourself to be a nasty, STD-ridden, little shit faced, racist cunt. Hope you & every memeber of your family get gang-raped by the wetbacks & niggers you so despise.

    • Well a nomination is a nomination. I myself have, indeed, been nominated. Hard to believe, I know…

      Want to reply and I’ll post that as well?

    • Seems a bit harsh Dino. I have been reading Termujin’s postings with avid attention and all his arguments seem balanced and well considered. And to be fair, no one likes wetbacks and niggers. Oh yes, and let’s not forget gypos and other associated untermensch..

      • I’d like to nominate Bollock Obama for trying to whip up a race war to distract the public from drone strikes on civillians, NSA spying and fuck knows what other shit. This cunt is preaching about racial equality yet thinks nothing of killing innocent kids in Iraq, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan or wherever else the cunt feels like bombing. No morals and no empathy just another politico psychopath. Syria next is it bollock? Get to fuck.

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