Flies are cunts. No matter how little you open a window, a fly will always fly in. No matter how wide you open it, it will never fly out again. Cunts.

Nominated by : Yootha Joyce

My cats catch most of the little buggers. Trouble is they eat them, then I have to clean the puke off the carpet when they fetch-up an hour later.

Nominated by : Termujin

2 thoughts on “Flies

  1. Indeed. They are dirty cunts – one minute they’re eating dog shit, the next they get into your home, check out any food on display, then puke on it. Animal rights, my arse, kill the fuckers.
    Ere, aside from that – please write a piece on Madonna – I fuckin hate that haggered, old scrubber.

    • You write it, we’ll publish it. Brief and to the point with a touch of humour is usually best, but feel free to just let it all out if you like!

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