The Police


The cunts give corruption a bad name. Ever thus of course. I recall the Soho Met scandals in the ‘60s and the “one bad apple” saga of our friends up North in the 70s. Every decade brings its signature scams as one generation sets the example for the next. And the cunts get to retire on full pension at 50 then straight on to double bubble and re-employment in another fat police job or consultancy.

Catch a villain? They would not know how. Too busy going on a course (but not on catching villains), taking a sabbatical or going sick and pulling a health and safety scam. Oh they can pull over my old Bentley after I’ve had a few sherberts just because the cunts don’t like the colour of my nose yet merrily wave past yahoo fuckcunts up to the eyeballs on chemicals. Or carloads of Romanian cuntbeggarthieves full of underage prostitutes. Their human rights be fucked.

Thing is old Gussie, the black sheep of the family, has never had an easier time of it. Can inject what he likes, can shag what he likes, can embezzle what he likes. His human rights donchaknow. Thinking about it Stoke family buggery has gone out of fashion rather. No need to pay off plod anymore. Family rights and all that. Bit of a bore.

The cunts have corrupted corruption.

Nominated by : Sir Limply Stoke

6 thoughts on “The Police

  1. I am going to nominate that cunt Arthur Askey, for being an utter and total cuntybollocks.

    Hello Play Cunts!

    Now I’ve nominated this cunt before. But the cunts that administer this blog decided that ‘Arthur Askey da Cunt’ wasn’t cunty enough. Cunts. I freely admit that Arthur is no evil cunt, a paedophile cunt or a cunt’s cunt. But yet his crimes against comedy, perpetuated over many years, have led me to believe that Arthur is a big hearted cunt. Not only was he a short cunt but he got a lot shorter when they cut off his legs. A runty, sawn off cunt; a very short and unfunny cunt- what more do you need? ‘Busy bee, busy bee, sting all the cunts and sting me as well, cos I’m a cunt’. What a total cunt. Did I forgot to mention that Arthur is a cunt?

    • Alright, alright – I give in!!!! Just don’t play that fucking YouTube busy bee bollocks again or it’s Flaxen Saxon is a cunt, you cunt!!

      But you’re not having him in the Dead Cunt Pool ‘cos the cunt’s already dead. Our blog, our rules!!

      • Ayyeee thang you….Before your very eyes…Playmates. The little cunt relied on unfunny cuntphrases. And there are lots of web rumours that he liked his playmates to be under age. A big hearted paedo. A cunt certainly but maybe best forgotten. Unless anyone out there has some dodgy pics of the little fucker….

      • Askey was about as funny as the clap. But George Formby was a bigger cunt by far…

  2. These deeply corrupt lower than vermin need to go for a shower and up the chimney and straight to HELL! These insidious liars are the pits of all humanity!! Come one you muslims eradicate the British police force on sight ! Ah like Derek Bird (the twat who killed all those innocent people up Cumbria) the British Police will hide and go in the opposite direction the cowardly lower than vermin! These CUNTS are the lowest of the low!!! Thank fuck for Peter Medlicot, Dale Cregan and Harry Roberts!

    • The Police have their faults and you’re welcome to cunt them, but siting these three fuckers just brands you as a cunt too.

      You clearly hate Jews and Muslims. That’s your right – but I need to politely remind you that enciting racial hatred is a criminal offence in the UK and I think you’ve made your point.

      I also note that you’re not brave enough to include your email address in the comment feed.

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