Heston Bluementhal


Snail porridge; Mock Turtle Soup, Pocket Watch and Toast Sandwich; Pommery Grain Mustard Ice Cream

“The tasting menu – please allow 3½ hours – £195 per person”

The Tracey Emin unmade bed school of cookery served with maximum bullshit at “The Fat Cunt” restaurant in Bray.

Heston Bluementhal….a cunt wot cooks.


Nominated by : Dioclese

4 thoughts on “Heston Bluementhal

  1. A topical nomination

    Mick Philpott and the five rent a minge slappers that let the depraved clap faced goat turd shag them and produce 17 kids are beyond cunts. As the mouthy fuckprick Cuntpott sees it he does actually have a job and gets paid per pint of spunk produced. To the tune of sixty shagging grand a year. Not unlike the Royal Family really. Arise Sir Cuntpott.

    Like a bit of domestic violence Mr Cuntpott? Your family life entitlement. Have another ten grand in benefits sir.

    Time to apply sharia law and castrate the cunt.

  2. On Blumencunt I would recommend his signature dish of Cunt Pate garnished a la francaise with gallic pissoir pubic hair.

  3. I would force feed him a bowl of freshly collected putrid festering vaginal discharge that drips out my itchy syphilis infested cunt by the gallon.

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