David Icke


David Icke is a make believe, bollocks spouting, conning, conniving, make-it-up-as-I-go-along, shite spewing, lizard spotting, WTF?ing, either loony or conman, wanky, turquoise wearing, son-of-god-my-arseing, weirdo, freaky, attention-seeking, philandering, shit-at-football-so-make-up-fucking-fairy-tales cunt .

Makes me wish that lizard aliens did secretly run the world, coz then they might eat the dickhead.

He really is like having sex with Aretha Franklin when her vagina has been filled with fibreglass i.e. fucking massive irritating cunt.

Actually, fuck this, I nominate all the cunts who believe this cunt and buy his shit, thereby being guilty of funding fundamentalist cuntiness around the globe and allowing this fucking dildo to jism his bizarre brand of bollocks all over the place.

Fucking fucktards.

Nominated by : Vat of Custard

2 thoughts on “David Icke

  1. Deluded idiot cunt or a genius? You decide. Double cunt as he’s a friend of that prize cunt Uri Geller cunt.

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