5 thoughts on “Jeremy Clarkson [2]

  1. This cunt has to be one of the biggest wankers walking the plant. I can accept that this cunt believes his own bullshit, but why the fuck does any other cunt? Top Gear would be a good show if they got rid of the three cunts who run it. Particularly that talentless little weasel faced cunt Richard Hammond.

  2. surely a candidate for the realms of high cuntitude? a cunt that is beyond the comprehention of what could possibly be a very big cunt?

  3. Clarkson is such a jumped up fucking asshole. A legend but only in his tiny mind. He loves the sound of his own voice speaking volumes of shit. What a coward taking advantage of his fame thinking he’s above and beyond, hitting that poor waiter. Fucking sack of shit I’d have pissed all over the prick!

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