David Cameron [11]

David Cameron is a cunt’s cunt – a reptile with a suit on.

This cunt could not be trusted to look after the contents of an empty fridge, let alone running the country.

Also cunts are the arseholes who voted him in.

I spit in your specific direction, hopefully with some shit from a recent chesty cough thrown in. Cunts

Nominated by Anonymous

David Cameron is sleazy, public school, silver shovel up his bleached, waxed, and totally perfect ass, kind of complete cunt.
HOWEVER he is the kind of British Cunt who tells the Fourth Reich to shove their bullshit Euro right back up their Franco-Germanic collective arse.
That is quality Cuntitude.

Seconded by peter

53 thoughts on “David Cameron [11]

  1. QVC are a right bunch of tat flogging cunts, targeting our vulnerable and impressionable OAPs, disabled and workshy, tempting them to part with their hard earned (!!) pension, DLA, income support etc. Using silver tongued smarm merchants/salespeople to ramble endlessly about how this or that piece of tat is absolutely essential, what incredible value it is, how much you deserve it; think of the thrill when you hear the creak of the gate, the tip tap of the postman’s feet as he wends his way up your path, the sheer orgasmic moment as that parcel plops onto your dormat!!!!!! (pause to pant….). But hurry, stocks are already limited…..there’s a 10 minute queue on the phones…..if you don’t want to wait you can use Q-Cunt……have your payment method at the ready…..have your credit card ready……..QUICK, YOU OLD BAG, WE WANT YOUR FUCKING CARD DETAILS!!!!!!!!…..what’s that? Only size 22 left in puce, and I wanted a 12? I’ll have it!!! And relax……..

  2. Please Eye and Twat, you must cunt Sue Barker – dedicated cunters are losing the will to live!!! If you don’t we might have to consider the possibility of you being her love children(twins??? – who was the daddy??? St Cliff??).

  3. Ian Duncan Smith is one quarter cunt – a grandparent of his was Japanese, and think what those cunts did to our boys in the war, the cunts.

    • You missed a little out old chum, he is total a Scotch cunt,a shitbag,, O dear I think I’m going to have an orgasm over this, I’ll cool down a little, ah yes Ken cunting Clark fucking traitor, trying to bury “Common Law”, because I love shit I will fuck his wife. sorry dribbling in my knickers.

  4. Bob Diamond is a greedy utter cunt. Does he think he is 400 times more productive than the average worker? I hope the cunt chokes on it.


  6. It would appear that Cameron has decided to dump Scunt-land out of the UK. Why else would he have put George Osbourne in charge of the campaign to save the union. One word from Mr wet lips, I enjoyed fagging at my Public School, Osbourne and all the scunts will say “Fuck off” to the UK and all the Tory Bastards within it.
    That is a very clever way to cunt off the scunts.

  7. Chris Huhne is a cunt. But, knowing the modest fellow he is, he will probably let his wife have the accolade.

    • Good cunting. The sooner that cunt in incarcerated, at her majesty’s pleasure, for being a lying cunt, the better. Regarding his new woman: her cunt is her arse because she is a Tranny Dill Mistress who gives him one in his arse cunt as he squeals like a piggy.

  8. Anyone who comments on this site using Anonymous is a Cunt. They are a lazy, yellow bellied, cunt. No one is christened Anonymous, so if you cannot think of a name, try using you own. Unless of course you are such a retarded cunt, that you cannot remember your cunting name.
    Only cunts try to be anonymous. Thus anonymous is a cunt.

  9. Chris Huhne, MP for the cuntish town of Eastleigh (the abscess on the arse of the gorgeous county of Hampshire) is, indeed, a cunt. A shitehole of a town, perfect for a cunt called Chris.

    • From HurlingDervish

      Huhne has already been cunted, but he’s still a fucking snide cunt. Any abuse of this brillo haired liberal arsewipe is a good thing in my book!

  10. Vernon Kay is a smug, highly irritating, patronising Cunt. A shite host of numerous wank programmes featuring various fuckwitted Cretins have given this Cunty wankstain far too much airtime.
    A Cheesy fucking grin and wankers haircut have propelled this vacuous Cunt onto our TV screens. The Greedy Cunt now even does puke making fucking adverts with his dozy Mother. Best known for All Star Family Fuckwitts and being a DJ on Radio fucking One he is indeed a proper talentless arsehole and utter Cunt.

  11. From HurlingDervish

    Diane Abbott is a racist non appologising, patronizing, condescending fat old useless cunt of a human stooge who licks Ed Millibands crack on a daily basis.
    She’s like a fucking fat marshmallow and I particularly like the way that Andrew ‘brillo’ O’Neil kicked her a new cunt on that lunchtime politics programme when he ambushed her about her first about the fact she hauls her fucking enormous fat black arsehole around in taxis costing us cunts a fortune then twatted her about sending her kid to a fucking private school. what a fucking hypocritical two faced fat cunt.
    She tried bullshitting and bluffing her way out of it, but ended up looking like the thick as two fucking dog turds cunt that she is. Have a look here at the smug cunt, it’s a fucking doozie!-

    That cunt Portillo is fucking grinning his socks off!! classic.

  12. From HurlingDervish

    While I’m here on the same topic, Lee Jasper is another fiddling possibly fraudulent racist northern cunt.
    Having been kicked out of politics for accusations of embezzlement and fraud, the cunt props up twats like Abbott and prances around defending her type while spouting third hand Hitler esque shit about white people, and their genitalia.
    What the fcuk happened to our society that these possibly criminal cunts have such a huge engorged mouthpiece in which to proclaim their vile thoughts.
    If there were a Twitter specially devoted to cunts like Jasper and his mouldy teeth it would possibly be called ‘Twatter’
    What a horrible bald cunt.
    Fuck off Jasper you ugly pencil dicked little cunt.

  13. The Multi Hunters of the game Planetarion are a sad bunch of no life Victorian minded Cunts
    They must all be jobsworth fucking Parking Wardens in real life, thats if they actually have a real life. Most probably they are glued to there computors 24/7 pausing only to order sign on and spend there benefits on shit from Lidl and Aldi. No wonder hardly any fucker is playing the game any more.
    Total fucking wankers and utter cunts.

  14. Bishops in the House of Lords.

    The Church of England Bishops who sit in the House of Lords, and who reckon that feckless, sponging, layabout cunts can have as many little cuntlings as they want, at Tax-payers expense, are utter, utter cunts. They think that benefits should not be capped at £26K, but pay their vicars £23k a year. What kind of palace living, child abusing, amoral, hypocritical, Antichrist Cunters are these frock wearing cunts. I suggest that we take these heretics out of their fucking Palaces and burn them at the Stake. Church of England, no, Church of Utter Cunts.

    • Yes, Jesus was not a Christian, but a Rabbi and a Essene Healer and a man Holy before God,,, The dregs of humanity the, Priestly classes, corrupt poisonous filth: the anti Christ, castrating children, perverts of every description. Want saving? try reading the “Truth of The Essenes”

  15. The Scunt Vote for Independence is an utter Cunt. The English need to have a vote on whether or not they wish to continue to subsidise those cunts. The union will collapse if the English have a vote. Alex Slime-ond is shit scared of hearing what the English want . He wants to call the shots. Fuck Slime-ond, don’t give the Scunts a chance. Let’s have a referendum in England in 2012 and fuck those scunts into permanent poverty.

  16. President Cristina Kirchner of Argentina is a scraggy old munter and a jingoistic Argie Cunt.
    Like fuck are the Falklands yours you tart; after the Oil now Eh? Away and fuck you sad witch, piss off back to your plastic surgeon and get a fucking refund your skanky Harridan. Your Tits are fucking wonky as well Bitch!

    • She is a leathery old Latino cunt. She looks like a slag, dresses like a slag, and has shit dripping from her lips every time she speaks. President Cunt-Tina Cunt-leather is diseased horrendous creature of doom. Truly a total cunt

  17. Has John cunting Stapleton been cunted? What a fucking po faced, holier than thou, know all, sanctimonious, judgemental, Just For Men enthusiast cunt. That cunt was irritating me bleeding decades ago – why is the cunt still besmirching our screens? Fuck off and let some younger irritating cunt have a pop at riling us to buggery. Fuck off cunt (before you go I’d like you to have a twat-off with David Dickinson).

  18. I keep getting cuntfused between John Stapleton and John fucking Craven, are they the same cunting person from the same bygone age of childrens television? Oh FFS now I cant get the theme tune to News cunting round out my head.
    Doo doo doo do do do, do do do do do do ! Fuck !

    • I can understand your cuntfusion CKCC, they are both cunts. In the event of a cunt-off though, I think Stapleton could outcunt almost anycunt.

    • @stressed to fkn haemorrhage point

      A “Cunt-Off”, I like that idea, a concept new to …isacunt?

      Perhaps …isacunt Mods might like to expand on it.

  19. I must cunt that drab, dreary whimsicunt Victoria Wood, if only for her fucking flapping mouse hands.

  20. If you have 2 working legs & are fit & healthy & you ride a Quad Bike you are a CUNT infact you are a useless CUNT that has no right to exist or breathe the air that real people breathe, there is only 3 excuses for riding a Quad Bike No1 you are a child under 10, No2 you own a farm & No3 you have lost the use of your legs so there you have it if you ride a Quad bike & none of those excuses apply to you then you are a useless Cunt that needs to take off that skirt & man up & get on a real Motorcross bike you bunch of CUNT FAGS!

  21. Rio Ferdinand is a disloyal, traitorous cunt. He is not interested in being appointed the Captain of England, because he wants to concentrate on earning obscene amounts of money playing for his club. That is why England fail to win major championships because greedy, lazy fuckers like him show no respect for their country. I think it is time to convict the entire England team of Treason. Then we can put them in stocks to allow us to show our utter contempt for these overpaid cunts, by pissing on them. Meantime, Rio Ferdinand should be dragged through the streets so we can shit on him, just like he has shat on his country. What a contemptible cunt he is.

  22. English football supporters are under the ludicrous belief that their team should be at footballs top table when there is absolutely no fucking evidence to warrant this belief. Other than a home win in 1966 they have won fuck all of note before or since. The true top table teams such as Brazil, Argemtina, Germany, Italy, France etc have won numerous world cups and european championships and thats the fucking difference. To think otherwise makes you a deluded cunt and worthy of a good cunting on here. So it makes no difference which overated twat captains the team they will still be strictly second division. Overpaid cunts at that.

  23. That Fuckin’ lying bastard of a cunt Chris Huhne must be on here if not I want to nominate him, as a dirty lying cunt that even dragged his missus into his fucking evil web of lies !… I hope the lying dirty bastard get’s his just desserts when he goes in front of a jury….these fuckers are supposed to lead by example…..shoot the lot of them and let’s make an’ example of them and have a fresh start !!!

    • Before it escapes your notice, his arsehole wife is as guilty as him but perhaps even stupid as fuck thicker than that cunt. And to think some folk think her views on tne economy are worth a fuck. Jesus H christ !!!!

  24. Bleedin’ hell!!!!!! I’ve just seen some fucker in skates flinging his nan about!!!!oh, it’s only Rosemary Conley on Pish On Ice. I hope her Tena Lady’s firmly in place, and she’s remembered to charge her mobility scooter. Bint.



  26. He is a pubic school cunt, and his mother’s midwife is a cunt for throwing away the baby and keeping the afterbirth

  27. That slippery cunt was my fag at Eton, many a time I’ve thrashed his pink bottom getting him over my knee was easy but getting him off was difficult as he clung on to my nudger for dear life, O those were the cunting days.

  28. I nominate : George Osborne, the sociopath cunt, educated at the home of sociopaths, psychopaths and other ponerogenic deviant snot nosed cunts of Eton.

    • Grateful for your correction, but if I say that cunt went Eton he fucking well did, anyway he has a sweet bottom.

  29. When I made my speech to become leader of the Conservative Party, I did not know at the time that that oily cunt Cameron had me drugged so I sounded like some cunt from a council house in Brixton ( which I was), this made me a laughing stock amongst the Tory Grandees, One day I’m going to get even by fucking his Home -Secretary.

  30. Dear D D, fuck his home secretary? don’t bother, she has a cunt like a horse collar, try Cameron’s wife she spends most of her time sitting on a Alum pot

  31. Cameron NWO cunt, is such a fucking liar there has not been a terrorist attack in Britain, there was a false flag op see “7/7 Ripple Effect” and get the truth, and Teresa May would suck Camerons cock for a month of Sunday’s and swallow the virus laden shite that would issue forth for a pat on the cunt, Yea, they spooks have been reading all the E-mails of every MP and anyone of interest, they just want to cover their arses.. the snakey CUNTS

  32. Fuck your freedom, freedom its a myth see, you only have the freedom to choose your soap and socks, your a slave see ,,, I have done my bit to fuck you over, you cunts,,and Sheik Khaled Bin Laden did 911? put him on Trial in the Hague, like fuck they will.

  33. See Ginger minge taking the piss out super cunt cameron, LOL can you believe it she dont give a fuck for all those shitheads in Parliament, I’d use her shit for toothpaste.

  34. Cameron is an uber cunt, and is the worst PM since Maggie. All this current coalition of cunts are botty bashing, caviar scoffing, bubbly quaffing Etonian cunt trumpets. A pity the IRA won’t do a 30th anniversary do for Brighton 84, and bomb the shit out of these posho Tory vermin….

    That said though, although Cameron’s missus is also a posh Tory cunt, she looks well saucy… I must not have naughty thoughts about Sam Cameron, a maid’s uniform (well, sort of a maid’s uniform!), and a feather duster…

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